What a Busy Day. Or something.

So much to read, so little time.

We, meaning bitter-clingers good ol’ ordinary Americans, were right. We smelled a rat. A giant, rancid rat. Even his devotees are beginning to doubt.

Benghazi. So many links, so many lies. But not to worry; Susan Rice is in line for a promotion.

There’s more. The IRS is being sued for stealing tens of millions of health records. And Obamacare hasn’t even kicked in.

The press appears to e coming out of it’s six year coma. It still remains to be seen if they have retained any cognitive ability.

The IRS used audits and intimidation like a blunt weapon. Dr. Anne Hendershott. Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Samaritan’s Purse and the Biblical Recorder. Leaked IRS documents were used against Mitt Romney by the Obama campaign. The 500. They want it all. Even the names of students you mentored. Don’t even ask if the director got bonuses. You know the answer to that.

The White House pressured the WaPo to fire Dr. Milton Wolf. With family like that (Dr. Wolf is Obama’s second cousin), who needs enemies?

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