Does My Vote Even Count Anymore?

Yesterday was the Georgia Presidential Primary. After a great deal of prayer and soul/google searching, I voted for Ted Cruz.

This campaign cycle has grated on my nerves to such a point I’m considering abandoning Facebook and Twitter until 2017, at least. Just because I disagree with your candidate du jour’s position/statement/hair style doesn’t mean you have to scream that I’m a hater/bigot/racist/closet Lutheran and you’re going to get me blocked from whatever social media platform you prefer. Just because I voted for one guy doesn’t mean I hate all the others. Get a grip, people.

I’m listening to my buddy on the radio today. He’s slowly unraveling a debrief of why Georgians voted the way they did. But the callers don’t want to hear facts; they want to bash him for saying he’d never vote for Trump.

Well, cranky callers, I won’t vote for Trump, either. Besides not putting out any coherent policy points, and making up words; he just flat gives me the creeps. Max Lucado said it best.  Be a decent human being. You want the President to be someone you can respect and teach your grandchildren to respect while you’re trying to sneak in a little citizenship lesson. Someone who will project strength to our enemies (who have multiplied greatly under the current regime) and trust with our allies. Not someone who threatens to sue everyone out of one side of their mouth and call the rest ugly names out of the other.  No art of the deal for me.

Somehow, instead of voting, it feels like a lousy participation trophy.  Bleh.




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