Who Are These People?

I miss writing here.  I miss a lot of things these days. This little blog has been on hiatus because my mother’s dementia is advancing.  Only those who have witnessed this abomination will understand.

A bright, vibrant, strong Southern woman is now a shell of her former self.  The vacant stares, constant questions, lost bills, sleep problems, lost friends and decline in health are just the tip of the iceberg.

But Wednesday, I realized my prayers for More Time weren’t being answered.  I was sitting at her kitchen table, working on the computer when she wandered in waving a photograph.  She’s been going through old pictures.  Between the two of us, we identify the people and/or places and she writes the information on the back of the picture.

She shows me the latest picture, asking, “Who are these people?” My heart sank.  The people in the picture were her grandchildren.  It was taken sometime during the summer four years ago before my eldest went north, to start her graduate school in New York.  Gently, ever so gently, so as not to agitate her, I help her remember each one, their name, and what they are doing now.  Five minutes later, she’s off to some other distracted task.  I sit there, numb and sad.  So deeply sad.  The windows are closing.

Pray for us.  Pray for strength.  Pray for His Peace to cover us on the road ahead.

Everything happens according to God’s plan and in His time.

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