That’s Not How Any of This Works

I retired on December 31, 2020 with the hopes that 2021 would not suck nearly as much as 2020.

Bam. Mom was diagnosed with Covid. She is recovering slowly and, so far, doesn’t seem to have the nasty strain of the virus. Because of the Covid outbreak in her residence, we’ve not seen her in person since the Tuesday before Christmas. We covet your prayers for her recovery.

Bam. Saturday I woke up to find out four people I knew died on the same day. Three were from Covid. Please pray peace and comfort for their families.

Bam. The internet in general, and certain companies in particular, lost their ever-lovin’ minds. Pray for discernment in all corners.

Bam. The Ministry of Truth is in full voice, and there hasn’t even been a regime change yet. Pray for the safety of all, regardless of their political leanings.

Going forward, I’ll be leaning on prayer and Adminal Ackbar’s prophetic warning: “It’s a trap!”


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