Pray for Clayton County Schools

These bozos had 5 YEARS to clean up their act. Now it’s the children that suffer. Since when does a Board of Education need to worry itself about the students of their district? In Clayton, that’s business as usual. SACS revoked the system’s accreditation yesterday. As a proud alum of a once fine school system, I am appalled.

Low points of the whole sordid affair:

The commission cited Clayton’s dysfunctional school board as the school system’s main problem.

The governance issues hampered everything from teaching and learning to staffing and allocation of resources, accreditors said.

“It affected the entire school system,” said Mark A. Elgart, president and chief executive officer of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. “Today, the students’ education in this particular district is being compromised.”

The loss of accreditation means students could have trouble getting into some colleges and universities, or receiving scholarship money. Georgia’s public colleges have promised to accept Clayton students. Students who graduate before 2010 will still receive their HOPE scholarships, thanks to new legislation signed by Perdue this year.

Clayton can regain accreditation if it shows before Sept. 1, 2009, that all the nine mandates have been met.

If successful, accreditation would be restored, retroactive to Sept. 1, 2008. If it is not successful, the school system would have to start the accreditation process from the beginning, which likely would take about three years.

On Thursday, SACS said the school system had fulfilled only one mandate: to assure that every board member lives in the county.

“There’s positive intent in some cases, but there is no result in some cases,” Elgart said.

Accreditors were particularly concerned that the board surrendered its governing authority to Thompson, Elgart said. In April, the board signed a contract that allowed Thompson as the new superintendent to violate policies and circumvent the board.

“The current contract cedes authority to the superintendent,” Elgart said. “It not only violates standards for accreditation, but board policy and violates state law.”

The accreditation loss doesn’t just affect students, but every resident and business owner in Clayton.

Real estate agents have estimated the county has lost almost $550 million in housing equity since the school system was placed on probation in 2003.

Clayton County Sue-A-Rama Continues

The Clayton County Commissioners are no fools. They can see where the cesspool is heading.

Attorneys for Clayton County commissioners filed a claim Thursday in Atlanta Federal Court seeking protection from legal liability arising from the actions of Sheriff Victor Hill.

[…] The filing alleges that Hill’s “objectionable actions, policies and practices concerning management of the county jail and sheriff’s office personnel negatively impact Clayton County’s reputation and endanger the citizens of Clayton County and the State of Georgia.”

[…] Since that time, Thursday’s filing alleges, “sheriff’s personnel have filed more than 67 appeals and grievances with the county’s civil service board alleging illegal, improper and unethical employment policies and actions.”

My, my…Victor has been busy. And don’t forget he’s running for reelection. I wonder if he will try to strong-arm the results of this election, in typical thug fashion.

What I wonder is at what point does the DOJ (or even DHS) get involved? What a fabulous place for a terrorist sleeper cell to set up its nest…close to the interstate, close to the airport, close to a base, incompetent/uncooperative law enforcement, declining home values/schools/job opportunities (plenty of raw materials for recruitement), the list goes on and on. Victor must be very proud of what he has wrought.

Clayton County Down the Tubes

Who needs to watch the national news for stories of greed and avarice when all you need to do is google “Clayton County, GA”? The latest in the horrific decline of the once lovely county on the southside is this:

District Attorney, husband sued for $1 billion

Got that? Ohhhhh, it gets better….

Clayton County District Attorney Jewel Scott and her husband, candidate for the County Commission Chairman’s seat, Lee Scott, are being sued for more than $1 billion.

Earl Randall, a candidate for the chairmanship, who used to work as the district attorney’s chief of staff, filed the law suit on Monday afternoon, alleging he was fired from his job in an act of political retaliation and suppression.

Randall was fired right before Christmas. Jewel Scott reportedly said he was campaigning while on the job, but Randall maintains he was fired because he was running against Lee Scott in the 2008 election.

“Within days of filing his Declaration of Intent [to run for county chairman], Randall learned that Lee Scott was very angry,” according to the suit. “Lee Scott was observed slamming his fist into a table at Fridays Restaurant while eating lunch with Jewel Scott and several employees of the CCDA. Lee Scott was heard screaming at Jewel Scott that the CCDA was his house and he ran his house. He paid $250,000 for Jewel Scott’s election.

PAID for her election? A-huh. This is the one same “DA” who pushed a fine man to such despair that he took his own life.

The attorney representing Randall has previously battled the district attorney and her husband. Atkins represented Donald Hood, the former director of the county’s maintenance department, who was charged with stealing an American flag intended for the memorial of a fallen police officer.

In that case, Atkins alleged the district attorney’s office was prosecuting — and not prosecuting — cases based on political considerations. Atkins accused the district attorney of making up the charges against Hood in an attempt to gain information that would be helpful in going after political rivals. Jewel Scott responded with allegations Hood had carried out a sustained campaign of graft and threatened to take away his retirement benefits.

Hood killed himself on Feb. 29.

In the weeks following his death, both Jewel Scott and Atkins accused each other of pushing the 62-year-old to the point of suicide.

This is the same county with the crooked, dictatorial Sheriff, the imploding school system and the BOE hell-bent on losing accreditation. One of the ripple effects is that property values are dropping. Is that a surprise? Who would want to live in such a quagmire? Surely there is some obscure law somewhere what allows the Governor or other state agency to step in and stop the madness.

Not only have these bald-faced crooks and liars effected the lives of those that work under them, through intimidation and purposeful mistreatment, but they are altering the future of THOUSANDS of children. Power grabs and graduation rates should be mutually exclusive. Arrests should be based on the crime and evidence, not on whether TV cameras are close by. Bills should be paid. Promotions should be honored. Retirements should be funded. Basic county services should function for the citizens, not for lining the pockets of favored-status contractors.

Build a fence around Clayton County to keep the government thugs in and let them just gnaw each other to death. Just let my parents and their sweet neighbors out first.

Previous rants: Narcissism, The Tie that Binds; The Abyss of Clayton County Corruption; Now I Know How Mimi Felt (about half-way down the round-up); Another Claytonian Moron Gets Media Face Time; The Dog Ate My Homework (another round-up).

The Abyss of Clayton County Corruption

Peach Pundit notes that Clayton County is becoming more and more like Louisiana every day. Then he follows up on the circus that the Board of Education has become.

Those who live and work around the Atlanta metro area are all too familiar with Clayton County making the news every morning, noon and night. While this soap opera of greed, avarice, entitlement and blatant stupidity swirls the entire county toward the abyss – who suffers?

Anyone remember the children? There are approximately 53,000 students in the Clayton school district. Approximately 3,400 of those are rising seniors. Faced with a senior year in a newly discredited school district; they are watching their college prospects, HOPE scholarship eligibility and literal FUTURE drying up before their eyes. All because of the selfish actions of nine adults and their posse of lackey administrators.

Is it any wonder that so many teachers are leaving for other systems?

Anyone remember the citizens? My family goes back at least five generations in Clayton County. The founders of churches and post offices and schools. The judges and teachers and farmers and businessmen and writers. Those who doggedly rebuilt after Sherman’s visitation. The men and women who built Clayton by the sweat of their brows, on their knees daily entreating Divine Intervention for the small rural county just south of Atlanta. I remember riding my bike for miles, the old houses in Jonesboro, the huge, old trees, digging up mini-balls in my front yard, the slow pace of the Deep South in the grip of summer. The swimming holes, the teas, the old ladies in their gloves and hats on Sunday, the smell of talcum powder following them as they moved like a herd down the pews.

Is it any wonder that property values are dropping?

Did the quick decline begin with the snipers on the jail roof? The election of the current District Attorney? How many others face the wrath of her personal politics? If this is the face of the New New South, then “No Thanks”. It’s like the script of a bad gangsta’ movie. The only people who enjoy watching it, are the people that were in it.

All I know is that the jewel that was once Clayton County is declining fast.

Sorry if the post seems disjointed – the whole situation just makes me madder than hell.

UPDATE: The Other Athens looks at the accreditation issue from a different perspective. Mind-boggling.

Clayton News

Check out my latest post on Clayton County at Atlanta Politics Online.

Another Claytonian Moron gets media face-time

I have a Global Warming post rolling around in my head, but it will have to wait. This is unbelievable!

Oh, Pu-leeze. Another fine example of a logic-challenged elected official from Clayton County.

A state lawmaker angrily lashed out at a legislative committee this morning after it rejected her request to hang a portrait of Coretta Scott King in the state Capitol, saying the committee’s action was comparable to calling King an N-word.

Rep. Roberta Abdul-Salaam (D-Riverdale) also asserted that the House Special Rules Committee’s action was worse than radio shock jock Don Imus calling the Rutgers University women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos.”

“It is just like calling Mrs. King a nappy-headed (N-word),” Abdul-Salaam told reporters after the committee rejected House Resolution 376, killing it for this legislative session.

Rather than listen to the logical, even-handed explanations…

Committee chairman Calvin Hill (R-Canton) said race had nothing to do with his panel’s decision, calling King a “wonderful humanitarian.”

“Mrs. King was a wonderful person and has done a lot of wonderful things but the (Capitol) venue is designed for people that are involved in the government of the state of Georgia primarily,” Hill said. “And there are a few exceptions, but very few and those were made a long time ago.”

…she stoops to race-baiting with outrageous comments. Evidently, she went to the Al-Sharpton-School-of-Racial-Hate-Mongoring and minored in Idiotic Displacement Victimization Communication. OOOOO. There’s a controversy brewing….I’ll repeat the nasty words and get lots of media attention! OOOO! OOOO!

Mrs. King was an exemplary woman. I wrote my first post about her, right after her “funeral” (which the media and her own children ruined). If Rep. Abdul-Salaam was serious about furthering black interests in her district and in the state, she’d stand up and work out some legislation about this kind of trash. Removing the influence of this p_rn and filth that damages children and teens and women of all colors – that’s something Mrs. King would have stood behind.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Coming up for air…HornGirlGradStudent’s move to NY went off without a hitch. Now she’s home again for final goodbyes and end-of-work related stuff. All I got was a lousy T-shirt.

Truly amazing things happen when you go out of town and unhook the news feed.

VP Joe Biden plays the race card. The WH is in disaster recovery mode. And his Secret Service posse seems to be really sick of him.

The Farce known as the Clayton County Sheriff campaign continues unabated. Surely a better candidate can be found in that sad little county.

The tree-huggers are unhappy. Because they are wrong. Again.

What’s up with the ASO? Were local high choruses disinvited to the annual Holiday Concert due to their lack of pigmentation? Or do you believe the PC spin from the ASO? Considering that the leadership of ASO, including that on the podium, is some of the most liberally indoctrinated in the country, I side with the schools. Diversity trumps performance excellence.

The Cheesehead Prognosticator is at it again.

Olympic Women’s Fencing. Yawn. Hey, this makes it better.

Well Doesn’t This Give You a Big, Warm Fuzzy

45 members of a Mexican drug cartel were arrested in ATLANTA today.

From CNN:

The arrests were made by members of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office and other law enforcement agencies, the DEA said. The investigation, called Operation Choke Hold, started in May 2009.

[…] During the arrests, the DEA said in a release, authorities seized 46 pounds of methamphetamine, a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory, nearly 95 pounds (43 kilograms) of cocaine, 4,120 pounds of marijuana, 20 firearms and $2.349 million [in cash].

According to the AJC, the operation began in Gwinnett County, then moved to Spalding, then finally Clayton. There were also cells in Cobb and Henry counties.

Atlanta Politics Online

Yours truly is now a contributor at Atlanta Politics Online, Clayton County Bureau.

Check out my first post, for Mary Jo, who was from Pennsylvania via New Jersey, not Clayton County. According to Stacy, she’d seen the Sunny South:

Mary Jo had gone to Alabama during the civil rights era, having the courage to live out her own convictions.

Imagine the life she might have had.

First Saturday Georgia Round-up

Woke up to MORE RAIN and thunder this morning! At this point, even the mushrooms from Wednesday’s monsoon are growing mushrooms.

Georgia News and Info that caught my eye:

Mark Richt tweets like a man. Woof! Woof!

The Atlanta Tea Party just got bigger. Much bigger. For more information, see The Atlanta Tea Party, Atlanta Tax Protest and SmartGirlPolitics.

“Isakson just became more beatable.”

The Earth Hour Pledge with Georgian Style. I hope that Google satellite will be able to see my house! Besides, I don’t want to miss Ian McKellen in King Lear on GPB.

For all the problems they have down in Clayton County, it’s good to see this is such a priority, especially when “… city council members argue that the new ordinance is necessary to maintain the city’s quality of life…”. If the new ordinance truly drives these types of establishments out of business and keeps new ones from sprouting up, then kudos! But I fear it will only drag Clayton down into more and more litigation.

Georgia blogger Deanna Berry gives a cliff-notes version of the Obama Presidency thus far. Pretty frightening, isn’t it, when you can see your children’s future slipping away? All that, and more, in a handy list.

How about a treasure hunt in hip-deep mud? A meteorite hit landed stuck near Augusta on March 20. There’s a reward to find it. Be sure to take your pot holders.

Update: Instapundit notes a new Georgia law that has resulted in more safety at intersections than increasing said intersection’s revenue stream.

From the mouth of babes…

Just Another Corrupt Democrat

Surprise! Victor Hill, the defeated ex-sheriff of Clayton County, loses a lawsuit filed against him for false arrest and malicious prosecution. Must be the last judge left on the planet not on the Democrat’s payroll.

Mark Tuggle was arrested in January 2005 after calling and leaving angry messages for Hill following the sheriff’s firing of 27 employees. Tuggle, who was jailed 30 hours, sued for false arrest and malicious prosecution.

The jury awarded Tuggle $250,000 in compensatory damages and $225,000 in punitive damages. U.S. District Court Judge Orinda Evans will decide how much in attorneys’ fees and expenses will be paid Tuggle’s lawyers.

“Dissent is the hallmark of a free society,” said Tuggle’s lawyer, Bill Atkins. “You’re not very free if you’re not free to voice your dissent without fear of going jail. That’s what this case was about. This jury spoke the truth to Victor Hill.”

Since his defeat in the primary, Hill has also been scarce around the Clayton County Courthouse, so scarce in fact, that the Governor has opened an investigation into his abandonment of office. The County Commissioners discussed his absence at this month’s Commissioner’s meeting on 9/4/08 (skip to page 4).

In yet another stain on Clayton County, now there’s a fight as to WHO pays the almost half-million dollar judgment.

When Hill succeeded Stanley Tuggle in January 2005, he fired 27 deputies the first day. Those workers were reinstated within days but sued Hill for wrongful termination. That suit was settled last summer for about $7 million.

Bell said the settlement exhausted the county’s insurance coverage.

“The taxpayers have suffered extensively, given these 2005 activities that were created by the sheriff,” Bell said. “We are totally out of insurance money. All monies paid out in this case will have to come from the general fund. We’re going to search very carefully to see where and how to protect our taxpayers.”

Hill’s term ends Dec. 31, but there are several federal lawsuits still pending against him.

Let’s see…. he ruined the county’s reputation, tanked property values, allowed crime to increase, looted accounts, put snipers on the roof, ordered illegal terminations, attempted hostile take-overs, held inmates double hostage – for paperwork, barred the press from public meetings, allowed 17000+ unserved warrants to pile up… had enough yet? What a clown.

Next thing you know, he’ll be running for Congress. He’ll fit right in.

Queue The Hallelujah Chorus

Queue the singing angels. Queue the ticker tape parade. Queue the marching bands and twirlers and dancing clowns. Clayton County takes Step One of their Twelve Step Program.

Victor Hill is defeated.

Jewel Scott is defeated.

Lee Scott’s attempt to unseat Eldrin Bell and solidify the Lee family dictatorship is defeated.

Mike Edmundson, another commissioner celebrated.

He said the victories of Lawson, Kimbrough and County Chairman Eldrin Bell would “really be a stake in the heart” of the spirit that’s been attacking Clayton County.

“I feel great,” he said, “because these are people who really want the best for Clayton County. That’s better than working with people who have private agendas.”

The people of Clayton County have spoken. There will a mountain of work to do, to clean up the mess of the last four years. These folks want what’s best for the county, not for themselves. For the first time in years, it’s a bright and hopeful morning on the southside.

But best of all, they are finally rid of Victor.

Hill, the controversial figure who has compared himself to Christopher Columbus, Muhammad Ali, Batman and Jesus, boasted he’d be sheriff for 20 years, but ended up losing with 48 percent of the vote.

The left out Napoleon. In the days to come, county officials would be advised nail down everything in that courthouse so that it doesn’t disappear ala the Clinton looting of “exit” from the White House.

Victor Hill’s Money Pit

This, via the Clayton County News-Daily, should come as no surprise to anyone following the debacle on the southside.

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill looted money from a drug forfeiture fund and a vending machine fund, spending it wildly, according to a suit filed by the Sheriff’s Office’s former accountant.

Let’s review, shall we? Snipers on the roof, illegal terminations, hostile take-over attempts, holding inmates double hostage – for paperwork, barring the press from public meetings, 17000 unserved warrants… shall I go on? (Whew! I need to take a little breather here.) He’s a busy fellow alright, especially when it comes to NOT doing the job he was elected for. Destruction seems to be right up his alley – of the rule of law, the citizen’s trust, public safety, accountability, respect, integrity – just pick one. Now Walking Small is running for a second term.

[Pam] Blasingim claims that when she and the legal advisor told the sheriff his spending was inappropriate, he would ask, “Can I go to jail?” When she told him she couldn’t justify expenses, in case of an audit, he allegedly said he wasn’t worried about an audit and she shouldn’t be either — she should just do what she was told.

My hope and prayer for Clayton County is that he loses in the primary. TOMORROW, TOMORROW, the primary’s TOMORROW, it’s only a DAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAYYYY!!

UPDATE: At least he’s in a run-off. Unbelievable!

“I have done nothing wrong…”

So says Chandhry Rashid, the Clayton County man who strangled his daughter with a bungee cord after she filed for divorce. After all, he was only protecting his family’s honor.

Horse Hockey. I don’t care how much the No-More-Truth-News whitewashes it, it is sharia law being practiced in our backyards.

But…get this…in between sobs…he tells the judge wants Muslim food while in jail. Good luck with that. Sounds like another lawsuit just waiting to happen. CAIR must have whispered some pointers in his ear before he made his purp-walk. Considering the complete ineptitude and corruption that infects the entire Clayton County government, this should be an interesting case to watch. The defense attorney, Tammi Long, pleaded for privacy,

“This is a difficult time for him and his family,” she said. “He is holding up the best he can. We’d just ask that the family’s time and privacy be respected.”

In court, Rashid made guttural noises and cried. He rocked back and forth and appeared to be talking to himself before the hearing started. Through Farhat, Rashid told Walker he was mourning the loss of his daughter.

“My daughter just died and I am not in a state of mind to ask any questions,” he said.

“Mourning the lost of his daughter.” The LOSS that he single-handedly CAUSED. Under the jail is not good enough for this guy.

UPDATE: Now Robert Spenser is weighing in. The media seems to be comparing Islamic “arranged marriages” with those of European royalty, in a pathetic attempt to look as far the other way as possible. What nitwits! Be sure to read all the comments as well.

Sadly, since the case is in Clayton County, that sinkhole of incompetence, I’ll put down even money it doesn’t even make it to trial.

When you have a District Attorney who has never handled a criminal matter, never been in court, and only knows real estate law…this is what you get.

Yikes! Not Again!

Yeppers, another honor killing in Georgia. This time in Clayton County, home of Georgia’s most famous moron.

Pam at Atlas Shrugs wonders,

how many Muslim girls have died under the age of 25 in the US and what was the cause of death. Anything that says domestic abuse or some such nonsense would be a red flag. How can I get this info? How? The media and law enforcement are always making excuses for the barbarity.

“He seemed like a real nice fellow. A good neighbor, definitely.”

“Things like that don’t happen in this neighborhood”

When will people wake up to the danger that lurks in our midst? How many young women must die before America sees the evil living next door?

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