The Tarnish on the Lombardi Award

College football continues it’s downward spiral to something more resembling the NBA.

Nick Fairley, dirty player and Cheat #2 at Abuurn, wins the Rotary Lombardi Award.

He doesn’t deserve to be in the same room with the 2004 winner, David Pollack. Boy, talk about a contrast in character.

You may have noticed we are quite fond of Dimples at our house. There’s a reason.

Happy Birthday, Dimples

Via Bernie’s Dawg Blawg.

I bet David Pollack could clean up the Gulf oil spill, with one hand tied behind his back.

The Bitter with the Sweet

Well, not much has changed in too-much-work-land. First the SWEET.

Smoltzy gets his 3000th strike out.

Only five pitchers got to 3,000 strikeouts faster than Smoltz – Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Nolan Ryan, Curt Schilling and Roger Clemens – though it probably hasn’t felt that way to Smoltz. He got there after four elbow surgeries and a move from the rotation to the bullpen and back.

The Braves have a great tribute page up.

Now for the BITTER. David Pollack, all time favorite Bulldawg and the owner of the World’s Most Adorable Dimples, is considering retirement after a neck injury suffered two seasons ago with the Cinncinnati Bengals. According to the Bengal site, it is official now.

Oh. And The Circus continues

The People of the Dawg’s Biennial Migration to Parts North

Yea, in the many years past, there lived a hermit in a cave. Lo, the Mighty OOGA, who came forth and prognosticated Bulldawg victories for many years. Then his voice fell silent (maybe he graduated).

Forsooth and fear not! The Good Dawgs at The Anti-Orange Page (aka Dawgtoons) have recovered and saved for the sake of Bulldawg posterity the utterings and prophecies of the Great and Mighty OOGA.

In years past the mighty prophet had this to say about the Hill People of the North Suburb of Atlanta; yea, verily, the Tennessee Volunteers.

Behold the carcasses of the Elephant Men. Do they not rot in yonder Tuskcameloosa, on the field of Dawgly Conquest, at the hindward, liquidly leg-marked path of they whom are manly, they whom bring merciless chaos in the stadiums of their foes, they whom are the Rampaging Road Warriors, yea, the PEOPLE OF THE DAWG? And the grimacing grog-guzzling pie-hole of Dithering Dye the Debunked, hath not that oozing orifice been shut forth? And the nattering naysayers of the reeking hordes of the Scribe Nation, have they not been reduced to gigglesome geeklords? The People of the Dawgs, the Manly Maulmeisters, came, they saw, they exacted forth the whoopfest of the wailing whooparama.

But lo, what heareth the ears of the prophet from the rocky places where dwell the Hickolian Hill People, the minions of the wallowsome whalish warlords Lulu and Junior? The prophet heareth the wheezy, whinesome, whimpers of they whom plead for mercy, unworthy of the Dawgs of War! Sir Casey of Malibu, he of the hair as spiked as Ooga’s club, yet fashioned of mousse rather than steel–does he not moan about his sissified shoulder? And King Kelley the Konceited, does he not groan about his nebulous knee? And the girlish minions of the battle-scarred bench, do they not cower in their womanly whirlpools just in time to AVOID THE WRATH OF THE RAMPAGING DAWGS? Come forth, Prissy and Panicking Poltroons! Art thou Vols MANLY? Come forth if thou have Volleyballs! Cower not beneath thy blubbersome coach’s pumpkinish parka!

Behold, it mattereth not who dresseth out among thy Crop of Craven Creamsicles. Bringeth forth Peyton the Heismanless, or Jamal the Jerkly. Bringeth forth thy decade of dundering defenders. Buyeth some new warriors and taketh forth thy best shot. The People of the Dawg have smote thee TWICE, with fewer warriors from the zone of blue-chipperliness. The People of the Dawg have smote thee with Rage of the Rising Richtian Rampagers. The People of the Dawg have smote thee with the Hellish Havoc of the Hobnailed Boot. And the People of the Dawg just getteth warmed up.

Come taste the Pounding of Pollack the Pulverizer. Come see thy orificial orange ooze beneath the blistering blades of the Greene Machine. Come feel the cleats of Musa the Merciless, of Sullivan the Sackmeister, of Itty Bitty Billy Bennett the Bootmaster, of Damien the Demon and Terrence the Terrible. Surely the reeking orange entrails of the vanquished shall seep from sanctuary of Sacred Sanford, and clog the outgoing highways upon which thy mooing minions shall flee in chaos. And Fulmer the Foul shall blame forth the referees, and blame forth the players, and blame forth the circus tent canvas manufacturers which provideth his pumpkinish parka. And the People of the Dawg will stand forth upon the high and rocky places, howling at the moon, crying forth, “Is there no more worthy challenger, no reeking horde manly enough to stand proudly before the Dawgly Decimators?”

And the People of the Dawg shall rule the regions of the Southeastern Kingdoms forever and ever.


The relic is an archeologist’s dream – Player’s names and former coach’s names are still intact!

Hobnail boots at the ready, watch out Knoxville, here come the Dawgs!


Help Wanted – Projectionist Apply Within

You knew it was only a matter of time.

Cynthia McKinney Sues the AJC:

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has filed a lawsuit against The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, claiming the paper libeled her in at least two editorials and a news article.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Fulton County State Court against the newspaper, its parent company, Cox Enterprises, as well as its publisher, managing editor and editorial page editor Cynthia Tucker.

Among other allegations, the lawsuit alleges the paper contained libelous and defamatory statements in two of Tucker’s 2006 columns, including one about the congresswoman’s altercation with a Capitol Hill police officer in a Washington office building.

Rather than learn adult lessons from her mistakes, she has to find someone to blame. And she can’t blame the Jews, since she blamed them for her previous defeat. Poor, deluded woman. She needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror. And find a good shrink. Or two. Or three. They all are well-versed in diagnosing PROJECTION and the wealth of enfantile delusions that support it.

It amazes me that with good news begging to be told, this is what we get out of the media.

A little Anti-Grinchiness…UPDATED

Two things that make me VERY happy….See the dimples?

Dimples (AKA David Pollack) is now out of his halo. For those not BullDawg-aware, David Pollack is the former UGA All-American and Lombardi winner who went on to play for the Cincinnati Bengals. Since breaking his neck in his second pro season, he’s been the focus of heaps of prayers by the BullDawg nation for his safe and speedy recovery. Looks like things are moving along a little ahead of schedule! Go Dawgs!

Alexandra of AllThingsBeautiful is back in the saddle after an extended absence. “TypePad is on [her] fatwa list”…kinda like Cingular is on mine. 6 weeks until my contract expires with those dastardly cheats and I’m free! But I digress…the universe is safe again with Alexandra out there tellin’ it like it is!

UPDATE:  Found out today that David needs surgery on his neck to repair the injury.  The surgery will be in the next few weeks.

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