Which Is Worse?

Giving a reigning monarch an iPod full of your speeches or talking over her own personal anthem? Could it be that he’s jealous? Where’s that court composer when you need him?

What type of host leaves while there’s a guest in the house? Granted, the WH didn’t give the Israeli Prime Minister the Dalai Lama treatment, but Obama was obviously less than pleased that Bibi didn’t just roll over and take the slap he landed for his BFFs, Hamas. But Netanyahu managed something that His Wonness doesn’t seem to be able to attain – a connection and the ability to remind America who we are, where we came from, who our friends are. Maybe it’s because Obama runs with a different crowd. Even his own party is beginning to turn on him. This “new” Israel policy foolishness may be the change of the tide, where those who drank the kool-aid begin to see what we’ve seen all along.

Yesterday was the perfect juxtaposition of two leaders – one a studied statesman, one a vain politician.

Add to that the high marks received by Bibi Netanyahu for his speech to Congress, WrongDateGate and The Obumbler has had a less than stellar week. Or as Gerard quips, “Now the scar on the side of his head begins to make sense.”

Red Shirt on the Away Team?

Please? Via Le Trog

Elliot Stearns:

The way President Obama talks…with all the…pauses…and weird…emphasises…sometimes makes me – – – wonder – – – if he took diction lessons…from William Shatner.

Taking an idea from the comments over there: I wonder what would happen if somebody snuck the word “Khaaaaaaaaaan” onto his teleprompter?

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