East Coast Earthquake

Yet another metaphor lurking in the continental plates.

A 5.8 earthquake shook most of the East Coast yesterday.

An earthquake relief fund has been set up for Maryland victims. Please find it in your heart to contribute.

UPDATE: All jostling aside, the National Cathedral has sustained significant damage.

A Disturbance in The Force

One of my favorite “Friends I Haven’t Meet Yet” is closing her blog. No Sheeples Here is no more.

We are diminished, but resilient, and will continue to fight until we have our country back.

Good luck and Godspeed, Dear Friend!

Fashionably Late, As Usual

I got the email over the weekend. I knew it was going to happen. If you haven’t stopped by the site in a while, well, work is consuming my bandwidth to such a point that my blog-fu now resembles Anakin crawling out of the lava on Mustafar, nubbed, scorched and gooey.

Joy McCann, aka Little Miss Attila and short-lister CPAC partner-in-crime and Dan Collins of POWIP have launched a cool new web gathering place for conservatives. Check out The Conservatory.

It Would’ve Been a Trifecta, But There Was More Than Three

Friday was a busy, busy day.

The government didn’t shutdown after all. Dems blinked, but only nanoseconds before the GOP did. And we get to do all this again in September, when Congress has to pass a budget for 2012. What fun. Can’t wait.

After a shaky start, the Braves won their home opener against the Phillies. In a sweet ‘passing the torch’ moment before the game, former skipper Bobby Cox threw out the first pitch to Fredi Gonzalez, the new coach. Boy, does he have some big shoes to fill.

Elizabeth Scalia, The Anchoress, sent a belated bloggibirthday shout-out to yours truly. For newer readers, I claim Elizabeth as my Blog Mother, since her blog inspired me to start my own. Just do a search here, you’ll see.

The Masters… ahhh… The Masters. Besides being one of the most breath-taking places on Earth, Friday was a banner day for 24 year old Australian Jason Day. He shot a course record low for second day play of 64, 8 under par. And it’s his first Masters. We’ll have to keep an eye on this boy.

Ryo Ishikawa also made a bit of buzz in Augusta due to his pledge to donate all his 2011 tour winning to the Japanese earthquake/tsunami relief, along with 100K yen for each birdie he makes. Last year he was third on the Japanese money list, winning 151 million yen. He will be in Group 12 today, teeing off at 12:25.

I won’t even mention the sock. See, I don’t have a problem.

And finally, the last business day before the project I’ve worked on for over two years goes “live” came and went with little fanfare. By the end of next week, I may have most of my life back.

Various and Sundry

Since the Anniversary Parade, I’ve kicked back a bit due to family stuff and work-bandwidth-suckage. Yes, that is an IT term. At least some people noticed. You know who you are, and your devotion has been duly noted.

Of course, there was the pilgrimage (parts I, II, III), plus a big party, being glued to the tube over the tragedy of Japan, then the pre-Easter musical* and mom’s birthday, the annual spring ritual of taxes and FAFSA, tons of bad weather, (literally) tons of pollen that drags you down like the chains of Davy Jones, a scary medical test that turned out okay and the never-ending project from H-E-doublehockeysticks that is supposed to go live in two weeks.

Not to mention distractions like this. Be quiet while I feed my addiction.

While I was gone, Trog got his million hits, a reporter got locked in a closet on purpose, Gerard wrote another required reading piece, the Big Brother crap became even more ridiculous, we got to see Smitty’s room at the Bagram Hilton, my 2011 brackets were an epic FAIL, Oregon State University proved that it is run by idiots, and Herman Cain showed why he’s Da Man.

And I got a new phone, which is vexing me greatly. So don’t call me or text me. Or email me or IM me. The thing beeps and chirps and carries on, and I just stare at it, mesmerized by the pretty screen and blinky lights. Yesterday, my friend poked fun saying, “But you’re in IT!’ I said, “Yeah, but I don’t do hardware.”

It may take several hours for a return anything, and that includes factoring in two Advil and another try in the morning.

*This year, Hubster scheduled his Easter musical early, since he had planned to be on a Far East musical tour in April that would have traveled through parts of China and Korea. We all watched as the hand of God protected these men earlier this year, causing the trip to the rescheduled in 2012.

Five Years In and Still Going Strong

Well, well. Today is my bloggy-bloggy-birthday. This little blog is FIVE years old today. It is merely a fluke of nature that the blog was birthed on Pi Day, but that always gives me something else to celebrate.

I deserve a parade, or something. That’s it – my very own float in the geek’s Pi Parade. Bring me my tiara and don’t forget a piece of pie!

What started as a rant about bad manners led to politics, of course. Duh. A year went by, and the blog got its sea-legs.. After two years, there were more readers, more commenters and I was venturing out to meet face to face some of the intertubez folks that were previously called “friends I haven’t met yet.” Year three showed even more growth, including the first picture of little ol’ me holding my favorite dessert. 2008 was my first CPAC, where I was indoctrinated in “The Rules” and met Erick the Giant Slayer and the neighbor I didn’t know I had. Then birthday number four rolled around. The blog was bursting at its seams with many friends, a few enemies (remember, Rule 4) and parsecs of snarkage. Just a few days after that celebration, I coined my favorite phrase of 2010, “Sometimes the stupidity of people just stupefies me.” During this past year, along with dishing out massive amounts of discontent on the powers that be and the media minions who lick their toes, I was also invited to join the blogging families of Potluck and PeachPundit. Happy, happy, happy – just spreading the joy, baby.

Pi, in and of itself, can make a political statement. Imagine these two having a discussion on the steps of the Wisconsin Capitol. There, I knew you’d get it. What a perfect illustration of the moronisphere of politics populated with your standard sleazy Democrats, standard sleazy Republicans, standard sleazy Independents, screaming Union goons, whining Presidents, scheming First Ladies, incompetent government officials. And I didn’t even mention Georgia, that bastion of gentility in government affairs. Sex, lobbyists, video tape. Oh wait, that was last session.

In searching for Pi-related party favors, I ran across this interesting cartoon where dinosaurs are discussing Pi Approximation Day at The World of Pi (no, it’s not a restaurant).

Oh, the horror! Pi approximation? Reducing the exactness of exquisite perfection to a mere approximation? Egad! That’s like saying a stick drawing is a suitable rendering of the Mona Lisa. What interested me the most is the what the T-Rex says in the last frame…“Failure is just success rounded down, my friend.”

If ever there was a motto for the Obama Legacy, that’s it. Bam. You’re welcome. I’m feeling very Maleficent today, so watch your step.

As always, I want to thank The Anchoress for providing the spark. See what you started?!?! 😉

UPDATE: I always knew that Albert Einstein was born today (how fittin’), but March 14 is also Truett Cathy’s birthday. (For you pesky non-natives, he is the inventor of my addiction, Chick-fil-A). He is 90 years young today. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha…now I have a reason to link to my favorite song.

UPDATE II: Instalanche! Thanks Professor Glenn for the birthday wishes. I was walking in the door of the PeachPundit Road Show when the ‘lanche hit, so I was a’schmoozin’ it up instead of sitting at home watching the sitemeter spin into the stratosphere. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

UPDATE III: And look! There was a Memorandum thread for little ol’ me, while I was a’schmoozin’, too! (Thanks Fausta!)

Farewell, Snaggletoothie

The blogosphere mourns the loss of snaggletoothie. Chris Monson passed away Friday, after complications following a seizure.

He called his blog “The Blog of NO”. The motto was:

Because someone must stand between civilization and chaos and say, “No more today, thanks.”

Indeed so. He will be missed.

Left Coast Rebel Hits the Big One

1 million hits, that is. Congrats!

Teh Awesome

Check out the A Lego a Day blog.

Nothin’ but awesome.

Lance will like this one.

Here’s College Boy and Sweet Girlfriend, sans the mangled ride.

Something Congress needs.

The weekend beckons. And thanks to numerous incidents of unplanned familial excitement, I am so far behind, I will never die.

Bleg for Jimmie

CPAC pal Jimmie of The Sundries Shack is blegging for a Thanksgiving miracle. He is in dire straits with a hefty car repair – click on over and hit his tip jar!

Expanding My Bloggy Territory

Today is a momentous day at the praxeum. Today I become a front page contributor at Peach Pundit.

Peach Pundit is all about Georgia politics. It was founded by Erick Erickson and Clayton Wagar back in 2005. I started Obi’s Sister in 2006. I joined Potluck this past spring. My bloggy territory is expanding.

Georgia related posts will be at PP now. Otherwise, nothing much will change around here. It will be like buckshot on Ritalin, just the way you like it!

UPDATE: Congrats from Da Man!

Which Big Right Sites Do You Read?

Dan Collins at POWIP wants to know. Don’t know why, maybe he’s just being nosy. Or maybe he is going to come up with some insightful analysis. Head on over and let him know.

The comments are especially interesting in that I thought it was just me not liking site with multiple jumpy things.

Best Wishes to Fishersville Mike

Happy Blogiversary!

Keep up the good work – the party starts next Tuesday!

I HEART P.J. O’Rourke

This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order.

Via P&P and Potluck.

Read the whole thing. And dance that the breakup is beginning!

While you’re over at Potluck, give some high-fives to our own Backyard Conservative. Anne Leary has been voted as one of the 30 Political Mom Bloggers Who Will Change Your Vote! Congrats!

Quote of the Day

Fuzzy, over at Potluck, on how progressives lose their argument on the Constitution and then attack attack attack!

…the founders were a bunch of dead white males who hated women, minorities, and . . .and puppies!

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