Super Committee Beclowns Itself Before the First Gavel Falls

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Breaking: Reid appoints John Kerry, Patty Murray, and Max Baucus to Super Committee

Honestly, folks, the jokes will write themselves.

(Here is where I pine inconsolably for No Sheeples Here, who is lost to the bloggysphere. She’d have a field day with this one.)

T. Boone Pickens is a Propeller Head

Dear Heavens above, do you need anymore proof that too much money can make you stupid? Tulsa World reports:

Boone Pickens already has a final score in mind for his favorite football team in its season opener: Oklahoma State 387, Georgia 24.

Like last season, when OSU ranked ninth in the country by averaging 40.7 points a game, the Cowboys are expected to again field one of the nation’s high-scoring offenses in 2009.

But putting up 387 points in one game might be too stiff a challenge even for OSU’s dynamic triplets — quarterback Zac Robinson, running back Kendall Hunter and wide receiver Dez Bryant.

To get this imperfect score, both teams would have to score 6.85 points per second minute (my notes were right, my typing was not! Ahem.).

Furthermore, to get this imperfect score, Oklahoma State would have to score a combination of 55 touchdowns, 54 extra points and 1 field goal in one hour’s official time.

See, I can do higher math.

Orson sees the utter hilarity of it all (language warning):

This will only occur if T. Boone decides to bribe the ever-loving sh*t out of every player on the Georgia roster, something he is capable of doing, and may very well attempt. Oklahoma State under Mike Gundy is 4-12 versus BCS teams; Mark Richt is 17-3, and has God’s phone number. (Though he loses it periodically, often around Halloween.) The worst blowout in history, in case you’re not fond of throwing out this $200 Jeopardy answer already, is the 220-0 blowout of Cumberland College by a John Heisman-coached Georgia Tech team.

Paul Westerdawg thanks Daddy Warbucks for providing the Dawgs with their pre-game focus:

Dear Mr. Pickens,

Thank you for making sure the Georgia football team will be 1000% focused on the season opener. Your help in motivating our players is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely – The Georgia Fans

Get The Picture also speaks of focus, or the lack thereof, and reminds Coach Gundy that massive pre-season hype can fold space and alter reality.

Womens. You can’t win with them…

Maybe we could get Stacy to order up some “distractions” for the Cowboys. I mean, this is serious stuff. Remember this is College Football we’re talkin’ ’bout here. Dawgly Honor and such.

15 days til kickoff.

The Empty Suit Club

Case in point: Back here I quoted Z.Dwight Billingsley on upcoming The Obama Presidential Magical Mystical Amateur Tour.

That’s not to say that Obama’s election doesn’t come with a couple of interesting side effects. For example, henceforth no black man in America may be called unqualified for any job that he might seek, no matter his prior education or experience level. Want to be a nuclear scientist but lack a Ph.D. in physics? If the applicant is a black man, it’s no problem. Just offer hope to the profession and promise change from all those stuffy theorems that have given the discipline its structure over the years, and you’re in.

Obama’s pick for CIA Director, Leon Panetta fits the bill perfectly with exception that he’s not black. Who needs experience in intelligence during war time (or any time, for that matter!)? Ed says

Barack Obama sent a message with the selection of Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff, but apparently didn’t think enough people understood it. He sent a stronger message yesterday with his choice of Leon Panetta for Director of CIA, and this time, it’s unmistakable. Political considerations will trump competence and experience, even in the most critical roles Obama has to fill…

Just another empty suit, but this time one who can be manipulated by the Empty Suit in Chief. A real-life Pinocchio, but I doubt he’ll ever have the opportunity to turn into a real boy.

Meanwhile, The Crooks & Liars Club is up to its own brand of mischief. I heard a sound byte of Pelosi this morning, pledging to work in a bipartisan manner with all members of Congress. Of course, she was talking out of the “press-side” of her mouth.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to re-write House rules today to ensure that the Republican minority is unable to have any influence on legislation. Pelosi’s proposals are so draconian, and will so polarize the Capitol, that any thought President-elect Obama has of bipartisan cooperation will be rendered impossible before he even takes office.

Pelosi’s rule changes — which may be voted on today — will reverse the fairness rules that were written around Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America.” (Connie Hair at Human Events)

Her sidekick down the hall is stirring up his own brand of constitutional crisis. Excuse me, when did the Constitution become just a organized grouping of parliamentary suggestions?

How is this “Day of Wrath” different from any other?

Still sick. Physically I’m dragging; the nagging cough saps my energy. The bowl games have buoyed my spirits, especially that spectacular win by LSU in the Chick-fil-a (Peach) Bowl. LSU, you ask? Obi’s Sister, I thought you were a big Dawgs fan. Yes I am. But any day Georgia Tech loses is a good day for America! The Dawg Nation salutes Les Miles.

A funny thing happened yesterday as we were sitting in the waiting room of the quick oil change shop, waiting on the X-Wing. CNN was on, but the sound was low. A reporter (can’t find a link – if you know who it was, leave a comment and I’ll credit) was in Israel, claiming to be taking cover from rockets. The funny thing was, he was on the ground behind an SUV, putting his head under the rear bumper. And the gas tank. If a rocket hit, it would be the least of his worries. That bit took about two minutes. Then CNN spent at least 15 minutes on the Muslim family removed from the AirTran flight. Media bias, yuck.

Fausta has a good round-up on the latest Gaza shenanigans. Maggie has an excellent history lesson on Israel’s borders. Pay special attention to the consistently inconsistent Islamist behavior over the years. Now compare what you just learned with this graphic at Gateway Pundit.

Hamas orders a Day of Wrath over Israel’s “disproportionate” response. How is this day any different than last Tuesday? Or next Wednesday?

“After the last crime, all options are open to counter this aggression, including martyr operations against Zionist targets everywhere,” Hamas official Ismail Radwan vowed after the attack.

[…] The Israeli military pounded the densely populated territory for a seventh day, carrying out some 20 strikes overnight, bombing rocket launching sites and Hamas buildings, the army said.

Among the targets was a mosque in the northern town of Jabaliya that the military said was a “terror hub,” used to stockpile weapons and as a Hamas operations centre.

After years and years of unprovoked attacks, self-emploding terrorists in markets, assassinations, manipulating the press against Israel – how would you respond?

(h/t Larwyn) Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of one of Hamas’ founding members, speaks out against the organization to Fox News.

Yousef, son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of the most influential leaders of the militant group, said the organization betrays the Palestinian cause and tortures its own members.

[…] Yousef said he was indoctrinated at an early age to use violence to challenge Israeli control in the region. As a teenager he moved up within the organization and became the leader of the radical Islamic Youth Movement that fought Israeli tanks and troops in the streets, celebrated suicide bombings and recruited young men to the cause.

Yousef, 30, said he realized the true nature of Hamas and radical Islam during a stint in an Israeli prison. He renounced his Muslim faith, left his family behind in Ramallah and converted to Christianity.

“Islam is not the word of God,” said Yousef. “If you want to be offended it’s your problem. But you know something? Go study. Think for a second that I might be right. So wake up, look at your path, see where you’re going. Are you really going to heaven with 72 virgins after you kill yourself and kill another 20 people?”

Pro-Hamas supporters in FLORIDA tell Jews to “Go Back to the Ovens”. Pam was there – see the pictures and video.

Typically, the rockets for media photo-ops are fake. But they are sure to separate their tomatoes and cucumbers. Why does the media continue to lap up this garbage?

Mark Steyn notes that it is acceptable for Hamas, and Islamists in general, to act like six year old anarchists but Israel is expected to turn the other cheek.

At a certain unspoken level, we understand that the [Samuel] Huntington thesis [from The Clash of Civilizations] is right, and the [Condi] Rice view is wishful thinking. After all, when French President Sarkozy and other European critics bemoan Israel’s “disproportionate” response, what really are they saying? That they expect better from the despised Jews than from Hamas. That they regard Israel as a Western society bound by civilized norms, whereas any old barbarism issuing forth from Gaza is to be excused on grounds of “desperation.”

The old double standard will eventually kill us all.

UPDATE: Phyllis Chester has more on the lynch-mob mentality that is sweeping the globe. Commenter Tom echoes my post from 2006. This global groundswell of hate bodes ill for America’s incoming, inexperienced President.

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