Lazy is to Saturday as…

Fifth Grade Geography is to Obama.

Sure, it’s just a goofy, clumsy mispeak that could happen to anyone. The sort of thing I ordinarily wouldn’t even write about because we all misspeak. It happens.

But…I dunno…I’m not a spiteful sort but it seems like there just needs to be some balance, doesn’t it? If Bush had talked about visiting “57 states” we’d see it run on every channel, in an endless loop, for days on end. We’d be hearing “moron, moron, moron,” etc.

Like The Anchoress, I’m not saying Obama is a moron by any stretch of the imagination , but could we just have a little balance here from the sycophant media? A little? Please?

Second Amendment Rights are to Democratic Vote Whores. (h/t InstaPundit)

Democrats have run away from gun control because they think it’s a major reason they lost swing states in the last two presidential elections.

“If it weren’t for guns, President-elect Kerry might now be conferring with incoming Senate Majority Leader Daschle,” wrote New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof in November 2004.

Hmmm… interesting angle here. The Dems aren’t against guns simply because someone might get hurt, but only because it cost them power?

GPS Units are to the GOP. Lieberman checked McCain’s bearings and they are fine.

Real questions are to Real Answers. As HotAir would say, “Nuance.”

Shameless Plugs are to DailyKos. Well, not really. Markos’ mother must be really proud. Well, probably not.

The Bitter with the Sweet

Well, not much has changed in too-much-work-land. First the SWEET.

Smoltzy gets his 3000th strike out.

Only five pitchers got to 3,000 strikeouts faster than Smoltz – Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Nolan Ryan, Curt Schilling and Roger Clemens – though it probably hasn’t felt that way to Smoltz. He got there after four elbow surgeries and a move from the rotation to the bullpen and back.

The Braves have a great tribute page up.

Now for the BITTER. David Pollack, all time favorite Bulldawg and the owner of the World’s Most Adorable Dimples, is considering retirement after a neck injury suffered two seasons ago with the Cinncinnati Bengals. According to the Bengal site, it is official now.

Oh. And The Circus continues

Power vs Principle

Way back, when I was a kid, there was this cheesy afternoon kid’s show called “UltraMan”. It was obviously Japanese, with bad over-dubbing and even worse added animation. But we loved it. Especially Obi. Every week the prerequisite giant rubber monster would materialize and terrorize some small coastal town. Zap! The UltraMan would appear, in his shiny silver suit and helmet; do battle with the beast, smashing buildings and houses and little rubber trees, generating lots of fake smoke and even more bad animation. But he’d save the day.

Believe it or not, Nancy Pelosi has annointed herself the new “UltraWoman” and plans to single-handedly save the galaxy.

After calling herself “the most powerful woman in America,” Mrs. Pelosi flexed her right muscle like a weight lifter to much applause at an event yesterday titled a “women’s tea.”

“All right, let’s hear it for the power,” she screamed as the jubilant applause continued.

When Mrs. Pelosi tried leaving the podium, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Connecticut Democrat, asked her to stay. “There is so much love and warmth that’s in this room today and that’s because of the new speaker,” Mrs. DeLauro said. “And that tells you about what the future is all about in the House of Representatives.”

Fausta wonders if she upped the Botox, just for the occasion. Hmph.

Another glossy Dem, rookie Congressman Keith Ellison, is planning to use Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Koran to be sworn in with. While the lefty blogs dance a jig, believing this is a slap in the face for most moderates/conservatives, they failed to dig a little deeper to see exactly WHY Jefferson obtained said Koran and what he used it FOR.

The reality is, as Allah now points out and I had planned to post via NRO, is that Jefferson waged war against Islam … long after having read their book. And he went against his prior beliefs of a small coastal-restricted Navy in doing so.

Isn’t it in The Art of War somewhere…about learning about your enemies? Jefferson was surely doing his homework …

At the dawn of a new century, a newly elected United States president was forced to confront a grave threat to the nation — an escalating series of unprovoked attacks on Americans by Muslim terrorists. Worse still, these Islamic partisans operated under the protection and sponsorship of rogue Arab states ruled by ruthless and cunning dictators.

Sluggish in recognizing the full nature of the threat, America entered the war well after the enemy’s call to arms. Poorly planned and feebly executed, the American effort proceeded badly and at great expense — resulting in a hastily negotiated peace and an equally hasty declaration of victory.

As timely and familiar as these events may seem, they occurred more than two centuries ago. The president was Thomas Jefferson, and the terrorists were the Barbary pirates. Unfortunately, many of the easy lessons to be plucked from this experience have yet to be fully learned.

The Baron at Gates of Vienna has the first victim of the freshly sworn-in Democrats clearly in his sights.

This [House Resolution 288 aka “the Koran gets the kid glove treatment resolution”) is a CAIR-sponsored Trojan horse, ready to be rolled through the gates into the First Amendment. And its sponsor is about to become chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

The media, of course, is just eating this up. Dah-ling, turn this way. Work it – Work it. Maaaahhhvalous! Once, a while back I wrote on the sick co-dependant relationship between politics and the press. The Anchoress, amazing as always, quotes Chesterton

“Modern man is staggering and losing his balance because he is being pelted with little pieces of alleged fact which are native to the newspapers; and, if they turn out not to be facts, that is still more native to newspapers.”
– G.K. Chesterton, GK’s Weekly, April 7, 1923

Notice the date? Yep…amazing..truly amazing, that things haven’t changed. In a separate post, she laments that only a few in the media notice how much has changed since Gerald Ford’s day. Dick Meyer realizes what the bloggers have been writing about for ages.

It’s not optimistic and hopeful anymore, it’s rather nihilistic (everything is bad) and the campaigns never wane.

No decorum, no professionalism, no “respect for all of God’s children” because, after all, we can’t mention God anymore without a horde of faith-o-phobes crawling out of the woodwork. The law of jungle is what reigns supreme in the halls of Congress, these days.

The Pelosizoid is touting “the first 100 hours” and the accomplishments she hopes for. George Will has a great outline about the minimum wage debate. My hope, now, is that America can survive the next two years.

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Barbara Boxer, Professor of Higher Math

Philip O’Connor over at TCSDaily has an interesting piece on war-time mortality rates that begs a full reading. It’s especially enlightening in the context of the latest flip-flop acts in the Democrat’s Circus since the election swung their way. In times past, you usually didn’t change your position until AFTER the oath of office was taken, and then you smugly would say “I misspoke” or “You didn’t understand my meaning”. Blah Blah Blah. But I digress…..

Rep. Boxer continues her cut-and-run chant and uses congressional calculus to back up her stance.

Following the Democratic mid-term triumph, California U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer told National Public Radio that the recent average daily loss of three military people in Iraq necessitated disengagement as soon as possible. Sen. Boxer has posed a fundamental question: What price in American lives are we prepared to pay for our national security policies?

Mr. O’Connor then cites statistics that put the WOT (especially in Irag) in perspective. Technology plays a big part in these numbers as well as the troops themselves. They’re not quite as ignorant as most Congress”people” would lead you to believe. And they are not in it for the money, either.

In the full sweep of U.S history, from the commencement of the Revolution on Lexington Green in April 1775, until the sunny morning of September 11, 2001, our average daily sacrifice has been between 14 and 15 military fatalities (1,217,000 fatalities/83,461 days = 14.6/day). Since 9/11, the average daily sacrifice has been 1.7 per day (3200/1900=1.68).

From the Revolutionary War until the American entry into World War I, the average daily rate was about 11 per day (578,000/52,231=11.07). From World War I through the break up of the Soviet Union, the rate was over 16 per day (636,000/38,811=16.39). Or in our long running confrontation with Soviet communism following World War II until the collapse of the Soviet empire, the rate was over between 6 and 7 per day (112,400/16,892=6.65).

Because of men like my uncles and my dad, and those before them, our liberty is the envy of the world. That’s why so many peoples and nations fight us so – unadulterated jealousy of an uncomprehendingly free way of life. That’s why the generation of these brave men is called The Greatest, in that they understood the price to be paid to defeat tyranny. And they were willing to do just that.

As things stand, the conflict with Islamic radicalism involves the lowest average daily military fatality rate of any long run national security era. It may worsen, it may improve. If Congress had been asked on September 12, 2001, to endorse a national defense posture against Islamic radicalism that traded up to 2 military fatalities per day over the subsequent five years in return for no additional homeland attacks, the deposing of terror friendly regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, the ending of Libya’s nuclear program, what would they have done? Would Congress accept that bargain today?

Tell me, Ms. Boxer, would you? If you knew the numbers would be SO LOW, would you? So you would have the right to impugn your President ad nauseum, to shop where you want, to worship (if you worship anything other than yourself) where and whom you want, to be able to speak freely without fear, to be able to bear arms, to be able to travel about freely (no papers?), to speak whatever language you want, to marry whom you want, to live where you want, to eat what you want, to wear what you want…shall I go on?

In light of the impending holiday (of which no Christmas music should ever blare over the airways BEFOREHAND)…tell me, Ms. Boxer…no…no…look at me now, are you THANKFUL for being born American?

I certainly am. And I won’t let you take that away from me.

In the meantime, while I rant, The Anchoress links to AJ Strata and muses on what’s to come for Bush Conservatives. Not just conservatives, or Republicans, or both or neither. AJ writes about many issues that define us (read the whole thing and bookmark it-it’s like a conservative manifesto of sorts), but in relation to this post, this one item alone sums it all up.

Bush Conservatives do not see failure in Iraq, they see the long hard, generational fight we were warned was coming. Bush conservatives will not ally with liberals to find an exit and let the terrorists follow our troops home. Bush Conservatives do not blame Bush for Al Qaeda’s tenacity. We salute Bush for his tenacity.

Did you get that Ms. Boxer? …”let the terrorist follow our troops home.” Your new neighbor or maybe next year’s Trick-or-Treater will blow you up without blinking an eye. Blow me up. Blow us all up. And then praise Allah for the victory against the infidel.

Coach Mark Richt of THE University of Georgia Bulldogs football team is a great man and only one of the few humans who are deemed worthy to succeed the esteemed Vince Dooley. From his first year as coach, he has instilled one tantamount principle in his players: FINISH THE DRILL. It’s painted above the team door they use to enter Sanford Stadium. The players reach up and touch it as they exit. It’s the last thing they see before they enter the field and face their opponents. That is the mentality that’s needed to defeat this threat to all that is good and right in this country and on this earth.

I’m glad we had this talk, Ms. Boxer. Maybe you’ve learned something…

I’mmmm Back….

At least for now, until the youngest calls and pleads “Come Check Me Out”. Little Sickie is now back at school; buried under a mountain of make-up homework. Block scheduling is the PITS.

After several days of enforced reflection and low band-width where even reading blogs is a torturous process, my outlook is not as glum. The leftie blogs are surprised that the conservatives aren’t yelling. None of the conservatives I know are moving to Canada, or the islands, to escape the coming “Oppression”. Like most educated (even moderately) folks with half a brain cell, we’ll observe and comment. And watch the liberals burn their own bridges. The days ahead will certainly be interesting.

The Anchoress, ailing herself, sees this election as a correction, but with higher stakes.

This election, in the end, is just a realignment, a correction. But unlike the small corrections that routinely occur in the stock market, this one is going to be a lengthy one, and a very important one – it’s going to be a correction that either pulls us together and makes us a stronger nation, or utterly sinks as we bog down in political payback and recrimination. The Dems are going to be accountable now, that’s going to change things.

She points to an excellent article by Alicia Colon at the NYSun. Read the whole thing! While the post has a definite New Englandy slant to it, there are some points that apply even down here in The South. She briefly compares W to Clinton and then wryly notes that if Billy Boy had done everything President Bush has accomplished in his two terms he would have been crowned Caesar. Race issues (always a favorite theme, especially in The South, to trot out at election time) have become the latest bait-and-switch tactics used by liberals (not just Democrats – though they seem to be the slimiest and most well-versed in that area) to cast fear in the electorate. Adding to that fear is the label of being “evangelical”. While Mr.-Average-Joe-on-the-Street may not be able to give you Mr. Webster’s definition of the term, he knows by YEARS of indoctrination by the MSM, that it’s a trait he should be afraid of and definitely vote against, especially if he wants his property taxes to stay low and to be able to collect his Social Security in his dotage.

The Liberal religion of “Do as I say, not as I do” is best illustrated by Ms. Colon’s observation

Would a moral country have reelected so many times Senator Kennedy, who left Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in Chappaquiddick while he sought a cover story before reporting the accident? I don’t think so. A former Klansman, Senator Byrd, was just re-elected in West Virginia and is free to use the “n” word on network television because he puts the word “white” in front of it. Look at our culture, which revels in the profane and the licentious, and then you’ll understand why a political party that adopts an overtly religious façade will be targeted so viciously by the hedonists who rule our society.

She is cynical, as am I, about the liberal’s motives, regardless of their party dujour.

Also, most Americans don’t want politicians to tell them how to live their lives. They have their rabbis, priests, and ministers to help guide them. Republicans need to get back to the core principles of their party….. Most blacks today have no idea about the racist origins of the Democratic Party, and that’s our fault for ignoring this community. The GOP is up against the most powerful ally of the Democrats — liberal journalists who engineered this coup to get their left-wingers, Marxists, and socialists back in power. Their influence will wane when the public stops supporting them.

This should be an exciting, not gloomy, time for the Republicans, as the culling of its party has begun. Byebye, Republicans in name only.

Politics have never been for the faint of heart. Mr. Smith would hardly recognise what the process has become. And this past cycle seems to be the ugliest yet. But there is always hope for those that look for it…

Mr. Bush was always able to work with decent Democrats when he was a Texas governor. Hopefully, a rare breed, the conservative Democrat, has been widely elected and we’ll finally see bipartisan legislation.

Now that the Democrats are in charge, the voters will finally get to see the emperor in his new clothes. Hee, hee, hee.

Now there’s an oxymoron – decent Democrats. We’ll have to see how many of those actually show up. Hopefully this guy will be one of them.

Speaking of hope, The Anchoress in the same post states

Good always overcomes evil…we just don’t always understand what that looks like while we’re in the thick of things, or recognise it when it comes our way. But the Holy Spirit has a way of working with things that look like disasters, and making them work for the best. Remember when Rudy Giuliani had to bow out of the senate race from the prostate cancer? Everyone mourned, we know only he could beat Hillary and we thought, “what a freaking disaster…”

But because he bowed out of that race, he was the mayor of NYC when 9/11 happened…and he was exactly the man that needed to be there. Had he been a senator, the truly goofy and uninspiring Mark Greene would have been mayor and he would have terrified us even more.

I heard a rumor about America’s mayor… please, please, please let it come true!

And So It Begins…..

Drudge is blaring – Rumsfield to face charges in Germany.

UPDATE:  Michelle Malkin reports that the Times (who scooped the story) is now pulling an Emily Latella.

Al Qaeda is gloating – threaten to blow up The White House.

The Middle East is (delinked) one massive tailgate party – the Dems won! Down with the Evil Bush Empire!

France rejoices while Paris burns!

Michelle Malkin says “The Impeachment Drumbeat Begins”.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We’re so glad you could attend
Come inside! Come inside!

America, the Beautiful. Catch it quick, before it’s gone.

Plan B

Dig in.

ATB has an excellent, excellent assessment of what’s next for the RNC. She links, thru Michelle Malkin, to Diane West and her excellent “What Bush should have said…” speech…

With their devotion to Islamic tradition, then, these new democracies have, in effect, peacefully voted themselves into the same doctrinal camp as the many terror groups that violently strike at the non-Muslim world in the name of jihad for the sake of a caliphate — a Muslim world government ruled according to sharia.

So be it. What I mean by that is, it is neither in the national interest nor in the national will for the United States of America to attempt to reshape such a culture to conform to our notions of liberty and justice for all. It is neither in the national interest nor in the national will to attempt to reform a belief system that animates this culture to conform to our notions of freedom of worship. It is, however, in our national interest, and must become a part of our national will, to ensure that Islamic law does not come to our own shores, whether by means of violent jihad terrorism as practiced by the likes of Al Qaeda or Hezbollah, or through peaceful patterns of migration, such as those that have already Islamized large parts of Europe.

The shift I am describing — from a pro-democracy offensive to an anti-sharia defensive — means a national course correction. Rather than continuing to emphasize the democratization of the Muslim Middle East as our key tool in the war on terror, I will henceforth emphasize the prevention of sharia from reaching the West as our key tool in the war on terror.

War on Terror. National Security. Strengthen our Borders. Whatever you call it, keeping Islamic law from springing up in America should now be our highest priority. Like a cancer, once it stops, it’s hard to stop without radical and heroic measures. Look at Europe. Their “let’s all be friends” P.C. policies on immigration and spineless leadership for the last 20-30 years have gotten them into quite a pickle. Look at Paris, London, Copenhagen. Once proud cities with historic significance, so steeped in heritage you felt like you were bathing in it just by walking the streets, they are now hot-beds for terrorist sleeper cells. In Paris, injuring police officers has become a sport. Without our due diligence, the same could happen here.

America was built by those escaping oppression. Sharia legislates it. Dissension is met with punishment or death. Basic freedoms outlined by the American Bill of Rights are practiced only behind closed doors and under a shadow of fear. The good doctor, Siggy, has a great read on being American in a world being taken over by the European mindset. And it has nothing to do with how smelly the cheese is.

Have we forgotten who we are and where we came from? Have we forgotten that our greatness as a nation has been derived from the ideas and ideals of those ‘wretched refuse’- and not from European cultural elitism? Why are so many so willing to go back to the house that shunned them and would not allow them to eat at the same table as they? May will say that Europe is no longer influenced by the cultural elites, but that is poppycock. This incarnation of cultural elites like to paint themselves as voices ‘of the people’- and like their communist and Nazi predecessors, dissent and disagreement will not be tolerated.

MaxedOutMama notes the enemy is emboldened by the election results. But what will really steer the future of this nation is what happens in the next few months. The Iraqi perspective alone is worth the read!

We don’t have much time – things are going to start moving fast and hard. The election decided nothing, but what’s going to happen in the next month will decide a great deal. Our enemies will greet this election with joy, no doubt about it. They will believe they have the initiative because of it.

This is not a slam against anyone who voted Dem, btw. I agree that the GOP deserved to lose, but we will now see whether the Dems deserved to win.

What’s going to have to happen is that the congressional Republicans and Democrats have to make a united stance and present a united front against our enemy, and I’m not sure that either side is up to it. Regardless of how each person voted, we all need to press our representatives and senators to put the national interest first in at least one area, and that’s the position of our deployed military forces.

So with the Democrats now in control of Congress and Rumsfield thrown under the bus, I fear the good progress (yes, PROGRESS) in the WOT will begin to slowly unravel. As they bicker amongst themselves and snipe at the Republicans whose committee chairs they now covet, more terrorists will sneak over the border. And will wait like spiders in a little hole.

Sweet Dreams are Made of This

I think The Anchoress should run for public office, something big and visible, like President of the Federation or something, regardless of what she thinks. 🙂 Boy, she’d kick some a$$ and take some names, wouldn’t she?

Her post today is outstanding in that it weaves in not only issues about today’s elections, but values and ideals that have driven previous votes. Put all that in the pot, and you have the rue for today’s world. Read the whole thing. It’s a Voting-is-not-only-a-RIGHT-but-a-PRIVILEGE primer. She asks

If we pull out of Iraq, how do we remain the nation we have always been? How does America continue to stand for something great and unique and age-defining? How do we prevent ourselves from slipping into the same suicidal-and-cowardly mindset which is very quickly disabling France and Germany and Belgium and Spain and Italy?

[…]In pulling out we would indeed be losing. We would also be displaying feckless cowardice -a dishonorable unwillingness to keep our word and commitment. We would be showing to God and the whole world that America no longer believes in the allure of liberty over the clatter of jackboots, that she does not believe in the power of an idea to manifestly change things, that she does not believe in transcendence or hope, or in the change that can be effected through courage, selflessness, dogged determination, resolution and a firm vision.

What strikes me is that most of the MTV generation doesn’t have the ability to see how and even why intangible values are worthing fighting for. For their children and grandchildren. Their hyper-developed sense of ME and NOW overshadows every decision in their life – should I get the low-fat latte today? Which flat-screen TV should I buy? No wonder they cannot comprehend the levity of the electoral process.

I do say most – there are a few with dreams and visions for their future. They understand their voices need to be heard. They understand that freedom is NOT FREE. But the rest are just plain oblivious. Just look at the way many campaigns have been run this cycle. Mostly soundbites, mostly negative – all designed for the those with the short-attention-span.

How sad for those who can no longer dream – who can no longer look at America and imagine the greatness within, and how that greatness might be shared – how the visions of the founders might be spread. How sad it is to realize that some of the people currently in leadership positions in this nation would look at General Washington and Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, and they would say…”this was a bad idea…it’s getting difficult. We should just quit.”

Annie Lennox once sang:

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world
And the seven seas
Everybody’s looking for something.

Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused.

Anyway, I digress…..Back to the Anchoress

If you are suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome, you may not be able dream, or to be able to see the vision. Believing as you do, that the greatest threat to progress and peace on planet Earth is a swaggering Texan who is slow of tongue and unwilling to bend, you cannot – or will not -see the threat that is before you, that your daughters may no longer be free to fulfill their potentials, that they might be expendable if their hair is left uncovered, that your sons – gay or straight – may no longer be who they are, for fear of the noose. That your industry may simply dry up for lack of market and amenable associates, that your entertainments – to which you have given yourself over with inordinate passion – may be outlawed.

If you are suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome, you may be willing to throw away the greatness of America’s past and the promise of her future – and your children’s freedoms – all for the sake of slaking a lustful hate. You may think that by voting “against” the party and policies of a man who will only be in office for two more years and then will disappear, you are making a statement.

The Communists urge you to vote Democratic. The Europeans are cheering for the Democrats. We all know who the terrorists want to win. Orson Scott Card is one of my husband’s favorite sci-fi authors. He’s a Democrat, but of the Old School. You know, before the party lost it’s mind. MaxedOutMama has an excellent critique of his post calling out all Democrats to vote Republican this election. Read them both!

It’s not that Bush is stupid, but that we have all been dealt a bad hand. There never was any good way out of this, and anyone who pretends there is a simple or easy answer is deeply deluded, which phrase deftly describes the leadership of the current Democratic party.

In my mind, this may be very well be the first American election that effects the direction in which the rest of the world careens in the years to come. The liberties some of us hold so dear, could be decided today. So much is at stake. Cast your VOTE for whom you will serve.

UPDATE: William F. Buckley weighs in on the future of the Democratic party. A must read…

The important contention [today] doesn’t involve the Republican candidate. It is Lieberman vs. Ned Lamont, the other Democrat. And the political drama in Connecticut isn’t just among the candidates. It has to do with the future of the Democratic Party — and that future affects everyone.

What happened in this campaign was the materialization on August 8 of an ideological posse. Its mission was to punish a Democrat for the sin of backing President Bush in the Iraq war.

UPDATE II : Wow. Bill Whittle’s long but worth it read. Be sure to check out the flights annimation link (you have to read it to find it).

Siggy takes The Anchoress’ musings on Election Day another step further.

All these tragedies- and others like them- are allowed to continue unabated because we fail to distinguish our own morality from the morality of so many European or some Muslim nations, led by some of the most dysfunctional leaders in history. If Americans cannot distingush themselves from the actions or inactions of those nations, then America have indeed lost that most important moral compass.


Democratic Meltdown…T-minus One

For John Kerry, Everyday is Halloween. Somewhere, wherever in the Hamptons he is hiding, he has taken off his Snake Mask. Basking on someone else’s yacht or skiing down someone else’s mountain (where he NEVER falls), Kerry is forever the sow’s ear you could never make a silk purse out of. Or even a decent pair of snake-skin boots. Austin Bay nails it.

….a mediocre, arrogant politico in a world where the friendly political machine and a friendly media mask his foibles, incompetencies, and inadequacies.

The DNC is already hollering about voter fraud before the election has even taken place. In other words, if they don’t win, the Republicans cheated. As 762Justice says, they’re Already Warming Up The Lawyers!

That’s right folks, the Democrats are already preparing for a legal battle over votes that haven’t even been cast yet. This, my friends, is Al Gore’s legacy from the 2000 elections.

If you can’t win, scream fraud and try and beat the actual votes with a lawsuit.

Remember Al Gore? He invented the Internet.

It just creeps me out that terrorists abroad can ENDORSE a certain party (The Democrats, this time), all the time planning to blow our brains out.

by Aaron Kline, from Jerusalem: Everybody has an opinion about next Tuesday’s midterm congressional election in the U.S. – including senior terrorist leaders interviewed by WND who say they hope Americans sweep the Democrats into power because of the party’s position on withdrawing from Iraq, a move, as they see it, that ensures victory for the worldwide Islamic resistance.

And The Anchoress has a hilarious discussion that sounds like an Annie Hall voices-inside-their-head tete-a-tete of NYT editors after they realized they had just validated everything that President Bush had been saying about WMDs, Saddam’s evil plans, etc. etc. etc. Their Bush Derangement Syndrome has reached such dizzying heights that they were incapable of seeing that what the gigantic scoop they thought they were leaking was actually a HELP, not a hindrance to the WOT. And of course, the MSM immediately buried the story, like you hide your crazy aunt in the backroom when the pastor drops by for a social call.

The Old Gray Mare, she ain’t what she used to be… ain’t what she used to be… ain’t what she used to be. The Old Gray Mare, she ain’t what she used to be, many long years ago.

Dear Mr. President,

Right On!: An appeal of faith to President George W. Bush
By MICHAEL FREUND/Jerusalem Post
( h/t Not Ready for my Burqua )

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you because I am afraid. I have been closely following the rhetoric of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over the past few months, and I want you to know that I am gripped with a sense of fear.

I fear for the future of Israel and for that of the entire Jewish people, as the would-be Hitler of Persia readies to do battle against us with the most horrific of weapons.

I fear for the future of the West, because outside of Washington, few and far between are the leaders with the common sense and courage to stand up to the Tyrant of Teheran.

And I fear for the future of the world, because if Iran’s fundamentalists get their hands on a nuclear weapon, it will only be a matter of time before their extremist allies abroad become similarly armed.

Hence, I am writing to you because I am convinced that you alone understand and appreciate the gravity of the current situation, and I pray in my heart that you will not let it stand.

I appeal to you now, not as a political analyst nor as a newspaper columnist, but as one man of faith to another: Please strike Iran hard with military force, and dismantle its nuclear weapons program, before it is too late.

I know you believe, as I do, that God guides the destiny of men and of nations. And I know you believe, just as I do, that He raised you up to the helm of power precisely at this critical period, to serve as His agent and His instrument in this world.

The God of history has chosen you, Mr. President, just as He did Churchill, and He has entrusted you with a sacred mandate: to save the world from the designs of a madman.

I can tell you that in Israel, a sense of dread has slowly, but surely, begun to sink in. As the Sunday Times of London reported earlier this week, a growing number of my fellow Jews have begun to build underground nuclear shelters adjacent to their homes.

“The shelters,” says the Times, “are built to withstand radioactive fallout, have fortified walls and doors and generate their own electricity and decontaminated air.” Hundreds of such bunkers, reports the paper, have been built in recent months, and “demand is soaring.”

Mr. President, just the other night, I went out with my family for dinner to a restaurant in Herzliya, the city named after Zionist visionary Theodor Herzl, who foresaw the need to establish a safe haven for the Jewish people. Our waitress was an attractive and cheerful young lady who moved to Israel 16 years ago at the age of four from her native Lithuania, where her family had suffered anti-Semitism and persecution.

But when we asked her if she was happy living here in the Jewish state, the smile on her lips quickly faded. Glumly, she answered us with the following words: “That Ahmadinejad of Iran, he scares me. It is a very scary situation.” And indeed it is, Mr. President, because my people are in danger once again. It was just six decades ago that the Europeans tossed us into Hitler’s ovens and turned 6 million Jews into ashes. Now, with no shame, they stand by silently as Iran seeks to do the same.

The United Nations is a lost cause, and we have no faith in Russia, China or international institutions. The sad fact is that most of the world will not shed a tear if Mr. Ahmadinejad succeeds in achieving his dreadful aims.

Here in Israel, our own leadership is tired and weak. They have lost their way, and they are no longer anchored in faith. As we saw this past summer in the Lebanon war, they stumble about as though walking in darkness, oblivious to the danger that stalks us all.

There is only one person now, Mr. President, who can stop this terrifying scenario from coming to pass, and I believe that person is you.

I think of you often, and when I do, I am guided in faith to the fourth chapter of the Book of Esther in the Bible, where the evil Persian court officer Haman threatened the Jewish people with extinction. After Mordechai the Jew got wind of Haman’s plot, he passed along a message of great urgency to Queen Esther: “Who knows, perhaps it was precisely for a moment such as this that you have attained power?” Mr. President, that message was as compelling then as it is today, and I believe it is clearly directed to you too.

The decision you face is not an easy one, and I do not mean to suggest otherwise. But there are moments when a leader, like Joshua of old, must “be strong and of good courage” (Joshua Chapter 1), and not shy away from doing what must be done.
In the case of Iran, there can be no room for retreat or for shrinking back from the task at hand. The stakes are simply too great.

Iran can and must be stopped, and the only way to do so is through the use of military force.

Diplomacy and resolutions are a smoke screen, and you know as well as I do that they will not slow Iran’s steady drive toward obtaining a nuclear arsenal. Only the long and powerful arm of the United States, flexed with all its might, can and will be able to do the job.

Sure, the critics and the nay-sayers will try to tear you down, just as they have been doing since you the day you were elected. They will heap scorn on you, call you a warmonger and worse, and denigrate you and your family for many, many years to come.

But please don’t allow them to deter you or to drive you to despair. Don’t let them drown out that still, small voice within, the one that reaches into each of our hearts and calls out every day: “I am the Lord, and there is none else” (Isaiah Chapter 45).

Mr. President, you know as well as I do that history’s final verdict is not written by academics, nor is it determined by the opinion-mongers at The New York Times.
The one and only verdict, the one that really, truly counts, is the one that is penned in heaven, by He Who gave each of us life. It is to Him, and Him alone, that we will all have to answer.

In just over two years you will leave office. In the greater scheme of things, I am convinced that your legacy will depend largely on the decisions that you make in the coming few months about what to do with Iran.

I urge you, I plead with you: don’t walk out of the White House in January 2009 without having stopped Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Don’t leave the fate of Israel and the Jewish people hanging in the balance.

Remember the promise that God made to Abraham in Genesis Chapter 12: “I will bless those that bless you, and those that curse you I shall curse”.

Note that when it comes to standing by Israel and the Jewish people, there is no middle ground. God delineates two categories, and two categories only: those who bless Israel, and those who curse it.

You are in a unique position to bless Israel, and through it, all of humanity, by removing the nuclear sword from the hand of the Persian executioner.

The same God Who spoke, and said, “Let there be light”, and there was light, surely expects you to do nothing less.

I will be praying for you, as will many others, and I hope that you take this message to heart.
Be strong, be strong, Mr. President, and through you, may we all be strengthened.

Kerry’s Trick or Treat

Amazing. Just amazing.

There’s been plenty of coverage on what the man said and his refusal to apologize. Boortz quips…

If this is the way John Kerry feels about the military, why doesn’t he just throw away all those medals he has? Oh, wait. I forgot. Been there, done that.

Captain Ed, always spot on, reminds us that Kerry could have been the Commander-In-Chief.

Wow. Just wow. It’s worth recalling that Kerry at one time aspired to command these same men and women from the White House, and claims to still want to lead them. How would these people react to taking orders from a Commander-in-Chief who believes them to be uneducated, lazy losers?

But, wait, the best yet! The Anchoress just nails the snobby, elitist bastard to the wall. (Geeeee, that picture of Kerry at Yale looks alot like Herman Munster, don’t you think?)

In fact, he’s not worthy to shine the shoes of any of the men and women serving honorably in Iraq, regardless of whether they have an ivy league degree, or a simple GED diploma, because the ignorant crap that comes out of his mouth proves he is nothing but a flip-flopping knucklehead who seems to be too stupid, too caught up in his insecurities and his Beacon Hill pretensions, and just plain too dishonorable to even understand what our military men and women are doing…or that it takes some serious smarts to cover men from a crippled chopper and then land it safely (or to fly a fighter jet) and it takes enormous personal courage to put yourself at risk to save your platoon.

What stunning disrespect to our military men and women by a man who clearly has no regard for their service and too much regard (though little self-respect) for himself.

John Kerry is a counter to the argument that “the military instills discipline and makes you grow up.” He’s never managed it. All he is, is one more boomer who is nothing but a perpetual, petulant adolescent.

NO Democrats have apologized for his blunder. And yes, it’s a blunder. 7 days before a General Election? Yep, it’s a blunder alright. Some Democrats are distancing themselves and rightly so. He’s just hanging out there, with dwindling support. Even his speaking engagements are suddenly shrinking. If the Democrats lose ground next Tuesday, they will turn on him like a pack of dogs. You just watch.

The GOP couldn’t have asked for a better gift than this.

UPDATE: Neo-neocon has fun dissecting Kerry-speak and comparing him to an equally creepy former politician – Richard Nixon.

…leading me to believe that he might be a poster boy for the contention that to narcissistic people, bad attention is better than no attention at all.

Kerry is (and Nixon was) profoundly ill at ease within himself. With forced and awkward affect, it’s as though he’s studied what real people look and sound like, and is desperately trying to imitate it but can never get it quite right.

It’s as though Kerry’s a very bad actor playing the part of–himself.

Etc. Etc. A very good read.

Office of the Inquistor

Siggy had an excellent post yesterday covering a wide range of Islamic topics that I think boil down to just this:

In what is a strange turn of events, it is the radical Muslims and leftists that have become the Crusaders, using religion and culture as a justification for all kinds of evil perpetrated in the name of their beliefs. They have their own Office of the Inquisition, where all who do not agree are subject to all kinds of punishment. Disagree, hold to your own beliefs and you are subject to death.

Oh, and this too…

It is now radical Islam and the Left that have become repressive and oppressive. It is now radical Islam and the Left that demand uniformity and demand that self expression be expunged- unless it is approved self expression.

The god of radical Islam and the left refused to allow God to look out after his own interests. They, and they alone, would speak for God- as if He needed their help- and agenda, in defining what was moral and just.

And don’t forget this point…

In fact, radical Islam and the Left are bound and determined to kill God. They cannot be satisfied coexisting with believers, because believers will always challenge their moral emptiness. Unlike radical Muslims and Leftists, Christians, Jew and Buddhists do not lose any sleep because they worship differently.

Dammit, just read the whole thing. It’s outstanding and right on the nose!

WorldNetDaily has an article by Craige McMillan on a nationwide dhimmitude survey that is going to take place.

You probably didn’t know it, but in less than two weeks the United States is conducting a nationwide poll on dhimmitude. This will be a very large sample of likely voters. In fact, it will be everyone who votes, legally or not.

You may not see the term dhimmitude printed on your ballot, but rest assured – it is there. […]

That’s true. But you can look for its abbreviation after the various candidate names. With only a handful of exceptions it shows up as a “D” after the candidates name. And while it is true that a few “moderate” (mediaspeak for liberal) Republicans support the dhimmitude agenda, the only Democrat senator I know of who supports a vigorous resistance to dhimmitude is Joe Lieberman. Oops – he’s running as an Independent. His party booted him out in the primary election and embraced the dhimmitude “D” candidate.

What they (the Left and Islamic extremists) just don’t get is

Iraq was invaded to destabilize the Islamic terrorist regimes around it with a democratically elected government, greater rights for women and economic hope (all an anathema to Islamic theocracies). Our government believed it was preferable to engage the terrorists on their own soil, as opposed to our shopping malls, sports stadiums, public schools and Starbucks coffee shops. Perhaps the war should be judged on how many of the latter have experienced terrorist bombings.

Both are stuck in “Rewind”. Rewind to Pre-Reagan. Rewind to the Dark Ages. Both are focused on WINNING, WINNING, WINNING and that’s all. Over at CQ is just one example of the complete lack of integrity regarding his pal Pam Wolfe, who is running for State Senate in Minnesota. It’s an amazing testimony of the appalling depths the Left will wallow in.

Rather than debate actual issues, the Democratic Party (called the DFL in Minnesota) spent their time digging through Pam’s divorce records and cobbled together a string of ludicrous charges onto a full-color flyer they have dropped all over SD-51.

Ms. Wolfe’s rebuts with concrete facts, but then goes further

The real question is, who publicizes the most agonizing incidents in someone’s life for their own political gain? Who would stoop so low as to dredge up a family’s most painful memories and display them like a trophy? How low will they go?

Good question, Pam. Why? WHY?

Don’t even think about kissing MY baby!

Stinkin’ politicians. It all makes you want to take a bath. And don’t you go trying to kiss my baby or hand out emery boards around me; telling me you knew my momma back in the day and what a fine woman she is. Creep. Go away.

David Zucker has produced a hilarious ad illustrating Democrats & Tax Increases. It’s quite funny, but could also be frighteningly true all too soon. Men in Black, stealing money from babies, singing the Winkie soldier song from Oz as they come to confiscate everything of value from your life.

The Anchoress has written a funny script for a GOP ad she’d like to see. MJ Fox is confusing the stem cell debate for alot of people, just to pull a few votes for Democratic pals. Bethany (isn’t she cute? Smart, too!) over at HotAir takes on politicians who briefly darken church doors to trawl for votes.

“Modern day evangelicals expect more of their politicians than just church appearances. They expect integrity, character and consistency…above reproach and represent a contrast to perceived moral and ethical deficiencies in the political arena today…accountable for their actions in Washington and in their home district”

Hmmmm…a pretty tall order, you say? For most, yes it is.

Michelle Malkin has a very interesting post on “Word Association: I say Democrat, you say…” quoting a report at the Jihadist Sniper News Network (CNN, for those that haven’t been paying attention the last few days):

There is a reason Democrats are on edge. They have lost so many elections where it seemed they were running with the wind, the phenomenon is known in political circles as Democrats “embracing their inner-defeatest.”

[…] CNN asked self-identified Democrats around Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles how they view their party. It was word association, “I say Democrat, You say –.” Not scientific, but instructive.

Here is some of what we heard:

• “Disorganized”
• “Afraid to take a stand”
• “Not giving us anything better to look at”
• “A little soft”

I’m surprised CNN even aired that segment. It doesn’t fit into their agenda of “The Election is Already Won”.

Found this one through Drudge somehow – it’s an outline of how ABC plans to spin the final days before the election. A few gems:

2. Look at every attempt by the President to define the race on his terms as deluded and desperate; increasingly quote Republican strategists saying that the President is hurting the party whenever he enters the fray.

4. Imbue every Democratic candidate for whom Bill Clinton campaigns with a golden halo.
5. Paint groups that run ads or do turnout for Republican candidates as shadowy, extreme, corrupt, and illegitimate; describe their analogues on the left as valiant underdogs, part of a People’s Army (with homage to Rich Lowry).

Media bias? NNNaaaaayyyyh…..

The Democrats (and the Media) will politicize ANYTHING to win. Rush’s point about MJF is well taken (emphasis mine):

Then you bring forth a person who’s suffering the disease, and you illustrate the disease and the ravages and the suffering on TV to create sympathy and infallibility, because you’re not supposed to be able to attack somebody or criticize somebody in any way or in any regard if they suffer from the disease. It’s considered cold-hearted and cruel. What’s happening here is that Michael Fox has entered the political arena with his attack, which includes false information about Senator Talent and Michael Steele in Maryland. That’s fair game, and I am not going to follow the script that says we’re not allowed to comment on the things said by participants, “victims,” what have you, that the Democrats put forth as infallible in the middle of a political campaign.

I would argue that Mr. Fox is damaging what has traditionally been a bipartisan effort at addressing and curing illnesses, and that is the primary point here. Democrats are politicizing diseases and illnesses. The Breck Girl, John Edwards, promising, if John Kerry is elected, that Christopher Reeve and others with spinal paralysis would walk, when there’s no such is evidence that any research into embryonic stem cells will create any immediate cure toward anything. It is irresponsible to mislead victims of people suffering from these horrible diseases in such a fashion. But that’s exactly what has happened.

That’s what the Democrats are doing, politicizing diseases and illnesses, damaging what has traditionally been a bipartisan effort at addressing and curing illnesses, and the same time they claim if you don’t embrace their political and cultural agenda, then you’re for Parkinson’s disease, and you are for spinal paralysis. It’s no different than the way they do it in the environmental movement. They talk about dirty water and dirty air, and if you oppose the environmentalists, why, you must be for dirty water and dirty air! You don’t want clean water and clean air, and this is a script that they have written for years. Senate Democrats used to parade victims of various diseases or social concerns or poverty up before congressional committees and let them testify, and they were infallible. You couldn’t criticize them.

Sadly, MJF most certainly has been used by the shameless Democrats. Just like Christopher Reeve, who I adored. I remember crying and shrieking at the TV when I saw that ad – HOW dare they!! While they both are/were big boys and can/could take care of themselves, perhaps they should have asked a few more questions before jumping into a political ad. It rarely turns out well.

GatewayPundit has the video of a rebuttal ad “Missouri Don’t be Fooled” making the rounds. Isn’t Missouri the “Show Me State?” Well, this ad is showing them the truth.

But, the McCaskill people did not intend to see this… a Kurt Warner ad!
Kurt Warner is possibly the most trusted celebrity in the state. Not only because he led the Super Bowl winning Rams team but because of his humble background and strong Christian faith.

The McCaskill Campaign did not expect to see him in an Anti-Amendment 2 ad.
This ad is also devastating because it makes it so clear that McCaskill is not in touch with the state. Michael J. Fox, who is suffering terribly, is not a Missourian, after all…

Their minions in the MSM have alot to lose in this election as well. Bloggers have been exposing the spin to this election and every word that spews from our TV sets. The Blogs are getting more exposure, more people are reading and listening and following issues and actually THINKING for THEMSELVES. And the MSM is afraid. Very afraid. John Podhoretz at the NYPost writes:

If the bloggers get it right this time, this really will be yet another crisis point for Mainstream Media Time – a point at which their most loyal consumers will be compelled to wonder why they’re bothering to pay attention to writers and editors whose sense of America is so completely out of whack. Especially if there is another force out there that ate the mainstream media’s lunch.

If, however, the bloggers are getting it wrong, this will be the first major blow in their wildly successful rush this decade to dominate the way political news is made, reported and consumed.

And if the blogs are wrong, it will be ok. We don’t have so far to fall because we haven’t squandered centuries of good-will and credibility. We’ll just dust our jammies off and start again the next day.

Related: Playground Politics, The Press and Politics Co-Dependent Relationship

14 Days

Like any Little League coach will tell you, going into a game brimming with over-confidence is a sure-fire way to lose the game.

Let’s see – have the Democrats put forth any REAL issues during the 2006 campaign? [UPDATE: Dr. Sanity has a very excellent post on this exact subject!] Take a look at what they think is important:

The Media Socialist Mouthpiece, better known as the Main Stream Media, trumpets daily that the election is already won by the Democrats. They project the number of seats in jeopardy. They poll and re-poll. Change the questions just a smidge to get the results they want, instead of a true survey. They interview talking heads, hoodwinking experts. For every conservative view that is expressed, they counter with 10 liberals. They show videos of questionable origin, just to obscure that good things ARE happening and progress is being made (sorry, that just doesn’t fit into their agenda!). Bela Pelosi is trawling for office space. Various players are jockeying for tasty committee chairs.

I believe, in my heart of hearts, that this strategy will blow-up in the Democrat’s respective faces. The MSM laments that President Bush doesn’t appear fretful over this election. He knows, like so many of us, that the American public is sick and tired of shenanigans, pointless posturing, illogical behaviors, untenable accusations. He knows that the heart of soul of America will stand up for what’s good and right. That most Americans are NOT swayed by sound bites and negative campaigning and idiots wearing campaign buttons and moonbats burying body parts out west.

Instapundit has a poll on the election – go take it. You won’t see that one on CBS!

The W will be in the Peach state for the next 2 days, helping out Republican candidates. I’m sure even the local stations will cover him with less respect than the man, much less the office, deserves.

UPDATE:  Gerard has an idea on how he’ll again vote Democratic one day…..

Her First Election

This is the first election my oldest will vote in. Her absentee ballot is on it’s way to her college mailbox. She’s taking Political Science this semester – it will be good to see how the process works. She also has a decent professor, who allows (and encourages) dissent and debate. Not one of the usual wackos. So… How do you explain to the typical self-centered teen how important their vote is? How do you explain to someone who only lives for the here and now that the vote she casts has a ripple effect for the next 4 to 6 years? It will effect the taxes she will face when she graduates and FINDS A JOB, or how her loans will be handled when she graduates and goes on for her Masters (and more loans), or how secure she will feel once she’s finally on her own, or face persecution and discrimination because her Constitutional rights have evaporated, or if she will be able to even afford the health care to pay for her meds, or if she can buy a home, or if she can practice her religion freely, or if she can even speak out against tyrany, or if she will forced to wear the burqa and (Dear Jesus help me) endure all the rest that goes with dhimmitude.

Tough choices for the young and short-sighted.

Thomas Sowell, one of America’s best, summed it up perfectly:

You may deserve whatever you get if you vote frivolously in this year’s election. But surely the next generation, which has no vote, deserves better.

Conservative Blog Therapy is keeping a running list of links from now until the Election. Check it everyday.

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