And There Was Great Rejoicing…

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The bitter clinger is banished to a regular chair at last. Next election, here’s to hoping she’s banished back home, for good.

UPDATE: Erick calls Pelosi “America’s Mother-In-Law.” Priceless.

In the days ahead, Obama will be learning some new words

The Anchoress likes Professor Glenn’s wisdom that the days ahead will force some, ahem, clarity

Sometimes clarity will mean confrontation.

Republicans need to live up to their promise of an Obamacare repeal. Democrats will then be forced to join them, or vote against repeal. That will produce clarity on who stands for what, in time for the next elections.

If it passes Congress, Obama will be forced to veto or acquiesce. That will produce clarity, too.

Clarity will be hard for the Narcissitic One to handle. So will be the additional scrutiny of the American people. He’ll have to carefully choose his battles now; his vetoes, his alliances, his appointments. After months of watching his arrogant, tone-deaf performances, the thought of him finessing his way through the GOP gauntlet that represents the next two years is not only comical, but sad.

His priorities continue to be troubling.

Today is Veterans Day. Do you know where your president is?

With his feeble flame of “hope” thoroughly doused here in the United States by last week’s elections, President Obama has set out around the globe in search of throngs still enthralled by his flowery rhetoric.

He found them, of course, in Indonesia this week by telling them about how Americans must stop mistrusting Islam.

So that is why your president is halfway around the world instead of being here in the United States to celebrate the sacrifices American soldiers, sailors and airmen have made around the world to keep the real, still-burning flame of freedom alive.

Obama honored our veterans from afar by laying a wreath during a ceremony at an Army base in South Korea last night.

That is a distance from here matched only by the chasm that has opened up between him and the voters who elected him two years ago.

This aloofness of his really is becoming a problem.

Not that Obama doesn’t appreciate the sacrifices of veterans. He absolutely does. Just ask the Indonesians.

He was in Jakarta for their Heroes Day this week to honor their veterans “who have sacrificed on behalf of this great country.”

“This great country,” of course, being Indonesia.

I said last year he was unfit for the office; most of America now agrees with me.

Marco Rubio Draws a Line in the Sand

That didn’t take long. Senator-elect Rubio lays down the gauntlet and urges the GOP not to compromise on the principles that swept them into the majority.

I can guarantee that Val Prieto’s favorite part of that sentence is “Senator-elect Rubio.” Good work buddy!

Delightful Irony

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann has been suspended indefinitely without pay for donating to political campaigns. He gave the maximum donation of $2,400 to Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) and Jack Conway who lost to Rand Paul in the Kentucky Senate race.

Stacy snarks:

Being strictly a neutral, objective journalist myself — “Ethics, shmethics!” — I don’t think Olbermann should be fired from NBC, which is as about as neutral and objective as Pravda or the Daily Worker.

Our unbiased media? Yeah, right… I’ve got a bridge to sell you…!

Still Riding the Endorphins


So now what?

We take a deep breath and survey the landscape. Many great things transpired last night, but there were some disappointments. We need to learn from the mistakes and problems encountered and figure out how to get more reliable and believable polling information. Analyze everything and figure out how to do it better. Even though the Senate wasn’t won outright, it is much more manageable by the GOP. They must remember the values of the conservative wave that put them back on top, the same values they campaigned upon, are what will right the nation. The minute they turn their backs on us, we’ll know and they can start packing their bags.

First thing, we map out prospects for 2012, and concentrate on turning all the state houses red.

You can just feel the joy in the air. It’s almost like Christmas!

In the meantime, pop some popcorn and enjoy the bickering.

Too Much Work Bandwidth Suckage

Sigh. All this election stuff, and I’m bogged down with TOO.MUCH.WORK.

As an aside, sometimes I just crack myself up. While digging for nuggets of wisdom in the praxeum’s cavernous archives (the reason why, well, you’ll just have to wait to find out!), I came across this zinger:

Sometimes the stupidity of people just stupefies me.

Take some time to celebrate. Then we’ll be getting down to the business of taking America back!

Quote of the Day. Heh.

Jim Hoft:

They’ve spent the past 18 months calling you names and questioning your sanity and patriotism. But today you get to vote, and that’s all that matters.

Ok, I’ll Say It

House GOP gains 52 seats. Senate GOP gains 11 seats.


Ed just cracks me up…

Nastiest Election Evah? Try Cracking a History Book.

Jon Stewart Hearts Cat Stevens

You need no better illustration of how out of touch the Left/the Media are than last weekend’s “Restoring Sanity” rally on the National Mall. If you haven’t voted yet, check out Ed Morrissey’s pointed critique of the fatwa-spewing singer.

This goes hand-in-hand with Obama’s visit to Charlotteville, VA on Friday, where his supporters admitted they supported socialism.

Then head out to the polls, remembering how much the Left hates you.

TJ Speaks

via iOwnTheWorld

In the meantime, I have this little football game to prepare for…

Sauce for the goose, Mr. Saavik

Pelosi to quit if GOP takes the House

Exit question: Will she try to milk the taxpayers for one last ride home on a military charter het?

Classless Behar, At It Again

Joy Behar, that paragon of class and decorum, smeared Sharron Angle (the conservative running against Sen. Harry Reid D-NV) on her show Monday.

Instead of a bar of soap, Angle sent Behar flowers the next day, thanking her because her shrill insults backfired to the tune of $137,000 dollars of donations to Angle’s campaign website.

Ever the gracious host, Behar responds in the only way she knows how – with more vitriol and bigotry.

I wonder what the take will be at the end of the week for Angle’s campaign. If Joy keeps this up, she may out raise even Michelle Bachmann.

It’s simple. Next time the future Senator of Nevada should just send Behar a gift-wrapped Sarlacc and be done with her.

This Election In Two Minutes

As Stacy asks you, if this doesn’t close the deal, what’s it gonna take?

Allahpundit calls it the first 2016 presidential ad.


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