Quote (and Picture) of the Day

Carol at No Sheeples Here:

While Democrats continue with their absurd social engineering playing the role of Santa Claus, the Republicans are cast in the role of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. The voting public’s willingness to believe fancy rhetoric and ignore hard facts is a crucial part of the scam that is played out in our nation’s capital day in and day out. Remember November and throw the bums out. You have the power. Yes. You. Can.

Post Vacation Stress Syndrome

Faced with 556 unread emails bright and early this morning, today’s plans wilted. Add a surprise (expensive) brake repair, and I’m pinin’ for the beach. Again. So soon. And I’ve only just begun to peel (so sue me, I have Irish ancestors)…

To get me back in the swing of things, here’s a some linky-love. Enjoy.

Tea Party Crashers.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

About that 3 a.m. phone call… Be sure to check out the lively discussion over at Potluck.

Couldn’t have happened to a finer man. Phil wins his third Masters for his wife. Our friend Bethany shows off her fabulous cookies – I’ll have a couple of dozen, please.

Scotland Yard and shoes. Not what you think.

Diary of the Traveling Fedora.

Preston’s point. It’s long, but read it all.

Doug’s history lesson.

Stacy McCain/French Quarter. Incoming!

Well, shoot, let’s just invite everybody for a welcome home party!

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Denial is the New Pink

Tabitha Hale, declares 2010 The Year of the Citizen. (h/t The Other McCain)

This past year was a wake up call. Congress isn’t doing anything unprecedented. They are doing what any law making body does when they aren’t being held accountable – they are doing what’s best for them. The thing about Americans is that we want it our way, and we only let ourselves get pushed around for so long. Then we get angry.

What happened over the past year is the result of Americans hitting a breaking point. The encroachment on our liberty did not begin with Barack Obama, and this discontent has been brewing for a while. The amount of money being spent and the absurd power grab coming from Washington defy everything that we stand for, and Washington has finally met some resistance. Now we enter a new decade with country-reshaping legislation hanging in the balance, leaders who will not listen, and a whole punch of pissed off gun and religion clingers. So what comes next?

Democrats in Congress have been clear about their intent to “reshape” America. Republicans – while surprisingly strong throughout the health care debate – are still not quite getting it. In order for the GOP to gain any ground this year, they’re going to have to figure out how to work with the grassroots instead of treating us like wayward children who have been off having a tantrum. Serving tea at an RNC pizza party does not a Tea Party make, Michael Steele, and if you want the Tea Party movement to “come home” you’re going to have to first acknowledge that it would not exist if Republicans had done their job in the first place. [Emphasis – Admin]

Bob Belvedere goes on:

I think you also have to factor-in the fact that the Congress and the current Administration are also populated as never before with committed Leftists. These people are driven not so much by a desire to maintain their perks and influence, in the traditional political sense, so much as they are driven by a desire to bring about the implementation of their vision of heaven on earth—the immanentizing of the eschaton. They have found THE ANSWER to all of the world’s ills and they intend to apply whatever means are necessary to achieve this end.

Dear Leader is rooting them on, from the links or the sidelines, wherever he can hide. Since our national media won’t report on his many failings, this new “first” must come as a rude surprise: Obama lost more jobs in one year as President than any other modern President. His disastrous financial policies have only thrown gas on the fire. He has broken practically every campaign promise. He can’t speak extemporaneously. He surrounds himself with lackeys, unable to think independently, much less patriotically. But worse of all, he literally sucks at national security.

MI5 knew about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (the NW 253 foiled suicide bomber) three years ago. The Saudi’s briefed a senior WH official in October. Airport officials LIED to America about an additional arrest on the flight.

On the horrific attack on the CIA base in Afghanistan, Erick believes Obama is making his worse mistake yet, and that’s saying a lot!

To you and me this may not seem like a big deal. But I’m told this is hugely significant and shows just how out of touch the Obama administration is with the intelligence community. I’m told that no other President has issued such blanket statements of public mourning directed toward an attack on the CIA and thereby having the White House itself confirming an attack on our intelligence community.

The intelligence community is licking its wounds right now and Obama’s rush to confirm for the world that the community suffered such wounds has the intelligence community simmering tonight and Al Qaeda preparing a PR blitz with what they view as good news.

Obama was briefed on terror threats prior to leaving for his Christmas vacation. After a couple of hasty “voting present” statements from his tropical paradise, I have to ask, WHY IS HE STILL IN HAWAII? Leave Michelle, the kids, the handlers, the posse at the posh digs – COME BACK TO WASHINGTON. YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT – ACT LIKE IT.

Denying there is a problem will not make it go away. Mark Steyn:

The president can’t tell an allegedly alleged suspect (which is what he is in Obama fantasy-land) from an enemy combatant (which is what he is in cold hard reality). But worse than the complacent cop-show jargonizing was a phrase it’s hard to read as anything other than a deliberate attempt to mislead the public: The president referred to the Knickerbomber as an “isolated extremist.” By this time, it was already clear that young Umar had been radicalized by jihadist networks in London and fast-tracked to training in Yemen by terror operatives who understood the potentially high value of a Westernized Muslim with excellent English from a respectable family. Yet President Obama tried to pass him off as some sort of lone misfit who wakes up one morning and goes bananas.

Again, this pathological denial only shows weakness. In fact, it enboldens our enemies. Do you really think they will spare you or your family when they overrun Washington/Hawaii/Chicago/where ever you are hiding?

It’s telling though, that Obama believes his real enemies are at home, not abroad. His warped worldview, perpetual campaign mode and politicization of everything down to the WH toilet paper is wearing thin on Americans. The “Blame Bush” mantra is getting old. As Nice Deb quips, We are being governed by children:

Lying, petty, hypocritical, finger-pointing children who do not have grown up priorities.

To make matters worse, this clueless administration just let another one go, free as a bird. How long until he repays the kindness? The in-com-pe-tence is staggering! And if you disagree, well, you’re the problem.

Sowing division is Obama’s specialty. He portrays himself as the only serious, responsible person in the room, and contends that any criticism of him or his policies is motivated not by what’s best for the country but by petty politics or something even worse.

I am so tired of this crap.

UPDATE: Hot off the RedState press, Erick notes a troubling article from the London Telegraph: The entire world can see his political machinations. This emperor really has no clothes.

The incompetence of the US intelligence bureaucracy is not the only thing that makes Underpantsgate so damaging for Obama. More serious is his failure to understand or acknowledge the nature of the enemy – and to view war as mere politics.

The Red Dawn?

So what was yesterday, exactly? A reawakening? A Red Dawn? Even the Democrat’s tin-foil hats couldn’t protect them from the signals from constituents, voters, patriots…that we’re tired of them/their behavior/their arrogance/their tactics/their //insert unsavory trait here//, the horrific mess they are turning this country into and we’re not going to take it anymore.

What signals? The GOP trounced Democrats in two states that Barack Obama won big just one year ago. Obama beat McCain in Virginia by 13 points; Bob McDonnell won it by 17. Republicans swept the statewide offices, reversing Democratic gains made over the last few election cycles, and are set to take at least a half-dozen Democratic seats in the legislature. It should be remembered that the current governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine, is also the Democratic Party chair, put there in part to consolidate Democratic gains in his state.

Obama will still be president for another three years, but the mystique is gone. New Jersey just taught Democrats in Congress a big lesson — Obama can’t get them re-elected. Being the President’s “partner” on his radical agenda is not a winning position; it wasn’t for Corzine in what should have been a secure blue state, and it certainly won’t be in moderate or conservative districts and states held by Democrats in the House and Senate.

That is a huge blow to Obama and his agenda, as Democrats now have to consider unpopular bills for ObamaCare and cap-and-trade in an entirely new light. If they fall in behind Obama instead of listening to their constituents, they will find themselves in retirement after the 2010 midterms. That’s the big lesson, and it will not be lost on moderate Democrats.

Of course, The One’s Personal Piehole said he couldn’t be bothered with watching returns. Not about HIM, you understand.

While Doug Hoffman lost by a slim margin in NY23, his ideas did NOT and will continue to grow. New Jersey has a new governor who hopes to pull the Garden State out of the hole his predecessor dug. Virginia is the loveliest shade of red right now.

Besides the Democrats, the GOP got a big dose of brain-melting signal as well.

…conservatives refused to support Arlen Specter in a skirt. This is a victory of principle.

Moreover, NY-23 is a victory for conservatives who refuse to be marginalized in the public square by either the unhinged left or the establishment right. A humble accountant from upstate New York exposed the hypocrisy of GOP leaders trying to solicit funds from conservatives by lambasting Pelosi and the Dems’ support for high taxes, Big Labor, and bigger government — while using conservatives’ money to subsidize a high-taxing, Big Labor-pandering, bigger government radical. The repercussions will be felt well beyond NY-23’s borders. Conservatives’ disgust with the status quo has been heard and felt. They have been silent too long. They will be silent no more.

A piece of paper does not a Republican make. The Senate is feeling the heat, too.

Wolverines! Keep up the good work – they are beginning to crack!

Small Portents

As the mask in the White Red House slips, America begins to see its decline and decay in the mirror. And America aint’ happy.

For those under a rock the last few days, there’s a small special election up in NY23 that’s garnering national attention. Stacy McCain raised some cash and hit the road to cover the Doug Hoffman campaign and it’s implications for the mentally-absent GOP. RedState is leading the charge

We will no longer stay silent. NY-23 makes very clear that the GOP needs the conservative base more than the conservative base needs the GOP.

The GOP’s hand-picked candidate is a disgrace. Not One Red Cent goes to the GOP until they can right their ship.

There are tons of videos out there – just google ‘Doug Hoffman.’ Educate yourself and then take the first step

Here’s the endorsement that matters to ME (h/t HotAir) –

As Ed says

Do you think that Newt Gingrich will pick up the phone to tell Fred Thompson that he’s “misinformed”? I wouldn’t mind hearing that conversation.

Oh, if NY23 isn’t a good indication of the shift occurring in America right now, how’s this?

Last night, at the North Georgia Choral Festival at Shorter College in Rome, GA, the Shorter Chorale received a standing ovation for their mid-concert rendition of “America, the Beautiful.” It wasn’t about the technical purity, intonation and beautiful harmonies, even though Dr. Martha Shaw is a master. You could feel the patriotism swell in the hall and I wasn’t the only one wiping tears from my eyes.

God Bless America.

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

Autumn, ahh autumn. My favorite time of year. Crunchy leaves under your feet, trips to the pumpkin farms, tailgate parties, pulling out the warm sweaters, the run-up to Thanksgiving. And politicians behaving badly.

The NY-23 race has become quite entertaining. The Conservative Party candidate for the district, Doug Hoffman, will shortly request federal oversight from the DOJ because he fully expects voter fraud on election day.

Cheating? Really? Do they really think THIS ADMINISTRATION won’t aid and abet will help ensure a fair election? Hmmmm… The same White House who is trying to exert such extreme control over the news cycle that they believe they decide who is a legitimate news organ and who is not?

…if ABC’s on it too, that becomes impossible and the story becomes “legitimate.” From now on, think of Tapper as the swing vote in the press pool, I guess.

…That last part is truer now than it was then, before the ACORN story broke big and Beck’s ratings soared even higher. The White House must be panicking at the thought that the “legitimate” media will only ignore these stories for so long before the lure of bigger, Foxier ratings finally proves too much. Ideological solidarity only goes so far; as Axelrod himself acknowledged about FNC, ultimately the news nets are in business to make money. So here he and Emanuel are, leaning on them not only to ignore Fox but to ignore stories that Fox covers, as if the underlying facts are somehow tainted by association (“Let’s make sure that we keep perspective on what are the most important stories”). Creepy.

Jake Tapper is to be commended for not drinking the KoolAid.

RINO Dede Scozzafava, another candidate for NY-23, has really stepped in it. She called the police on reporter John McCormick of The Weekly Standard after a speaking engagement in Lewis County, New York. Desperate campaigns will do anything, I suppose. Interestingly enough, just a few days before he received an unmannerly phone call from Matt Burns (Scozzafava’s campaign spokesman)

…who didn’t like something John had reported, and started yelling abusively at him the moment he answered the phone. We could hear Mr. Burns ten feet away.

Wow. Where these people raised by wolves or something? How is this behavior going to help his candidate?

Moe Lane and Pamela Geller have more on the NY-23 fiasco, the Working Families Party and the (surprise!) ACORN fraud that goes along with it. No wonder Doug Hoffman is concerned. Every red-blooded American should be outraged. How many other elections were tipped to their pre-selected candidates (Democrats)? Will we ever know?

Doug Hoffman’s spokesman, Rob Ryan has the last word:

“The only thing the police need to investigate in this race is if Dede Scozzafava is impersonating a Republican.”


Oh, and DumpDede.

UPDATE: More from Michelle. Seems Dede either has a heightened sense of hyperbole or she’s a bald-faced liar.

UPDATE II: Jim Geraghty says, “It’s Time for the RNC and NRCC to Ask for Their Money Back.” (h/t Moe Lane)

This goes well beyond any reasonable difference on policy. There’s room in the party for pro-choice Republicans and pro-gay marriage Republicans and maybe even the odd pro-card-check Republican. But not this kind of arrogance, this kind of clumsy dishonesty, this kind of reckless hostility to a reporter and a publication that need not be an enemy.

The RNC and NRCC are better than the Scozzafava campaign; it’s time for them to demonstrate that they know how a candidate and her staff are supposed to react when asked a question, and show that Scozzafava’s team’s behavior is just not acceptable.

I See Swastikas

Nancy Pelosi continues to prove she is completely out of touch with Americans. She doesn’t see the electorate – she sees scary Nazi brown-shirts following mystical orders from evil corporations. Oh wait, only the POTUS gives out marching orders like that.

Police break up “conversations” at a peaceable town-hall. What’s next – riot gear and tear gas? Will the canisters have glittery HopeNChange stickers? Elizabeth has an idea:

You know who could put a stop to the bad feelings arising in this country? President Obama, who is supposed to be the leadership. Just as Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton backed off when they realized America was not into having their Healthcare taken over by the government, Obama could say, “you know, I’m moving kind of fast here, maybe we’ll shelve this for a while and concentrate more on putting people back to work, which is urgent.”

Such a move would be an instant assist to the nation Obama is supposed to be passionate about protecting, preserving and above-all SERVING. It would also mean instant restoration of his fast-fading credibility. Think he’ll do it? Nah.

Funny, isn’t it, that less than a year ago Nancy didn’t mind these swastikas?


Ever the peacemaker, our Gracious Won is rolling out labor union thugs on the town hall attendees. I can just see Guido in an ACORN shirt yanking Grannie’s walker out from under her because she dared asked a question of her Congressman. The MSM will brand her a fringe-element bomb-maker with the magic SS tattoo in a naughty place, thus justifying the blatant fascist squashing of free speech and freedom of assembly.

Lefties think they can get away with anything, especially if it’s made-up (read them all).

The great thing about being a Democrat is that no one can accuse you of not having standards.

And finally, hot off the press, Woody has top-secret intel on the first Obamacare medical device on the market. Really.

UPDATE:Donald Douglas lasers in on the Left’s FEAR. You can almost smell it!


She is an immensely stupid woman. Not only is her claim that people are “carrying swastika” standards into these town meetings absurd on its face, but her implication is even more absurd: Bear in mind she thinks the proof these protesters are hired by astroturf firms is that they’re carrying swastikas.

Right. When you hire a bunch of people to pose as ordinary citizens at town halls, of course you give them giant swastikas to carry in on their shoulders. So they’ll blend in.

Cross-posted at RedState

UPDATE: Please follow the link to my RedState post. izoneguy posted the scariest picture you will ever lay eyes on!

Obama on the Couch

Sorry so quiet lately – after a few days out of town, then a house full of college kids and the sinus headache that never goes away, well, I just didn’t have the brain power to string together a post or two.

But after Obamistan’s bad week, I thought I’d take a stab at shrinkdom (so much material so little time) along with some help from my bloggy friends.

Tell me about your mother…. Bookworm Room (h/t Anchoress) notes that as you find out about his “consigliere” you learn about the man himself. Seems cowed by strong women.

…aside from hearing effusive praise for Valerie Jarrett, the President’s consigliere, you also learn so much about Obama. Just on the first page, you learn that he’s whiny, bad-tempered, lazy, ill-informed, stubborn, a loose cannon, and, when it comes to strong women, submissive. (Oh, gee, just the qualities I want in my president.)

Narcissism is “It’s all about me, Me, MEEEE”… Steve Eggleston notes that Senator Chuck Grassley heard from a Democratic colleague that Obama groused that the House was screwing up his legacy.

…and the president says, ‘You’re going to destroy my presidency.’

Obsessive-compulsive behavior is usually a sign of a much deeper problem. Smitty smuggly notes that Gateway Pundit should cut POTUS some slack. After all,

…he’s trying to locate some balls.

Golf balls,
you dirty-minded thing! Don’t you know that golf is the ultimate sports spectacle of elitist intellectuals? Next to polo, of course. And his is the superior intellect? How dare you doubt his sagacious, big-alien-brain-power, you pathetic peon? Fetch me my orb and mortar board, spit spot. Clllarrriiiicccccceeee smacks him down:

But the “literary genius” foundational myth is not the only one in need of serious examination. The very notion that he merited admission let alone degrees from these rigorous and competitive institutions is called into question every time Obama makes an extemporaneous remark. He knows little or nothing about history, economics, law, geography and the grammar rules of his native tongue.

Forcing others to do your bidding, especially sexually, is well, just sick. Too bad most Democrats and Mediacrats just line up for it. Gerard invents another word. If you want to see it in a sentence, (I try to keep things PG around here) look here. That Gerard…

I get so tired of all Obama, all the time, so here are a few other items hot off the press:

Just taxing Pelosi would retire the national debt.

Countrywide says Dodd and Conrad KNEW the glove fit them both.

Cynthia McKinney’s successor makes her proud.

Who wants to buy a square on the Scapegoat Pool?

Just Shut Up and Take Your Pill

The Great Enlightened Won admits he doesn’t even know what is in the Health Care Reform legislation that he and his lackeys are trying to ram down the collective American throat before the August recess.

This is a truly disturbing admission by the President, especially considering that later in the call, Obama promises yet again: “If you have health insurance, and you like it, and you have a doctor that you like, then you can keep it. Period.” How can Obama keep making this promise if he is not familiar with the health legislation that is being written in Congress? Details matter.

For those living under a rock the last few days, Investor’s Business Daily uncovered this nugget in the House Health Care Reform bill:

Right there on Page 16 is a provision making individual private medical insurance illegal.

[…]Under the Orwellian header of “Protecting The Choice To Keep Current Coverage,” the “Limitation On New Enrollment” section of the bill clearly states:

“Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day” of the year the legislation becomes law.

So we can all keep our coverage, just as promised — with, of course, exceptions: Those who currently have private individual coverage won’t be able to change it. Nor will those who leave a company to work for themselves be free to buy individual plans from private carriers.

Oh, there’s more. Read the whole thing. I’ll wait… with the bucket. All done? Better now?

You’re not safe if you’re on a company plan, either. The companies have five years to remodel their plan to match the public plan. You can bet the government will change rules to keep employers off balance; most will just give up and shovel their employees onto the public option. The TARP transparency (NOT) is a excellent example of the future of how this latest power-grab program will be (mis-)managed.

Not only is this Congress trying to squash our property rights and mobility, they are intent on squashing our quality of life as well. According to the Socialist’s R Us playbook, a demoralized and weakened population is easier to control.

Dr. Helen asks, “He really didn’t say that, did he?” At his fake town hall meeting on health care last month, Jane Sturm had some questions about his health care reform and potential outcomes for her 100 year old mother with a pacemaker. The bottom line of his round-about-non-answer:

“I don’t think that we can make judgments based on peoples’ spirit,” Obama said. … “Maybe you’re better off not having the surgery, but taking painkillers.“

We are in the best of hands, really. I cringe to think what will become of my family.

CNN is actually doing the legwork for their socialist bosses when they ask, “What are you willing to give up?” In the comments are plenty of lemmings, lining up for their Kool-Aid and dying to give even more rights away. Don’t forget: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” – Karl Marx

Absolutely the most frightening part of this nightmare is

…Section 1233 of H.R. 3200. The section, titled “Advanced Care Planning Consultation” requires senior citizens to meet at least every 5 years with a doctor or nurse practitioner to discuss dying with dignity.

The section requires that they talk to their doctor, not a lawyer, about living wills, durable healthcare powers of attorney, hospice, etc. Given the progressive intelligentsia already being on the record in favor of euthanizing the elderly, it is no small leap to see where the Democrats are headed with this.

So that’s how The Financier-In-Chief is going to save all that money. Dear heavens, these are PEOPLE, not dogs!

Shortly after the Inauguration, I noted:

The President of the United States should have a love of America so strong, so protective, so compelling, in every fiber of his being, you know that our nation is safe during his tenure. Does he possess a servant’s heart for our land?

Sadly, now we see the answer now is a resounding “NO.” Who would have thought that the current American administration, inheritors of that sacred trust of a “shining beacon of freedom” would be the next regime to resurrect “Lebensunwertes Leben…”

Cross-posted at RedState.

Independence Day T-minus 2

The long weekend beckons. Considering how under the weather I’ve been for so many weeks, I think I’ll just sleep alot. One friend said my malaise might be caused by the air quality here in ATL. For me, the ozone alerts parallel the idiocy exhibited in our nation’s capital, which also suffers from poor air quality. Could the tsunami of stupidity we’ve witnessed since January 20 be the result of oxygen deprivation? Surely it can’t get any worst than it already is….

Check out the Democratic Bullies…(sorry no link, message via Facebook)

As many of you know, Gwinnett Place Mall (Simon Properties) forced us to cancel the Atlanta Independence Day Tea Party, based on “reciprocal property easement agreements” – even thought it was held on private property NOT owned by the Mall/Simon. We have since found out the covenants and restrictions expired in 2004, and there were no current restrictions that would have allowed them to make us cancel. We were bluffed and bullied.

Check out Democratic pettiness….

We all know the seething hatred liberals still harbor for Reagan, twenty years after he left the White House and five years after his death. This, despite the fact that he rebuilt our nation’s military, gave Americans reason to feel good about their country’s future again and helped to help free millions of Eastern Europeans from communist oppression, all after the misery of the Carter years.

Can they be so partisan and petty to want to rewrite history after an airport had already been renamed in our 40th president’s honor?

I know, I know. Rhetorical question.

Check out Obama’s policies in action

It turns out that Hav-a-Tampa cigars, a Florida-based unit of Altadis USA, is going out of business. Demand for cigars has declined amid the economic downturn, but aggressive regulations and taxes drove the final decision to close the business

Check out these RINOs practicing self-correcting career suicide….

Blaming Sarah Palin for John McCain’s problems? How weak can you get? Continuing to talk about a lost election from months ago? What could possibly be gained by this? Oh wait, doing so will endear the consultant to the other Republican candidates, say Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee and the rest of the 2012 Republican hopefuls. Or are one of these guys paying the anonymous leaker to give Vanity Fair Palin-hating fodder. It’s a win-win-win! Destroy Sarah Palin for her 2012 rivals. Thin the field and put up those who have no chance of winning thus ensuring an Obama victory. Best of all, Vanity Fair can sell magazines using the image of the woman they hate.

Check out “10 years of gains lost” and “How Obama blew it”

Check out the Beltway Libs dancing in the streets over numbers, which they don’t understand…

Check out Obama’s new leeetle friend

Check out pimps and bomb-daddies

Off to contemplate….ribs or chicken? Ribs or chicken? Ribs or chicken? Need to eat meat while it’s still affordable and I’m still employed. Ohmmmmmmm Ribs or chicken? Ribs or chicken? Need to eat meat while it’s still affordable and I’m still employed. Ohmmmmmmm Ribs or chicken? Ribs or chicken? Need to eat meat while it’s still affordable and I’m still employed. Ohmmmmmmm

Hell Meet Handbasket

Sorry so quiet. Still suffering from sinus trouble, then this weekend’s marathon events (too many of which were outside – thus causing dangerous overheating) wore me out even more.

I get sick, take a couple of days off, and the place goes to hell in a handbasket. Where to even begin in this sad state of affairs?

The world is going nuts.

IG-Gate has expanded past three rings and it about to bust out of the tent. Unbelievable that this corruption continues unabated.

Stacy is stirring the pot again, going after his favorite whippin’ boy Andrew Sullivan. Donald suggests those who disagree may need some father-figure time (and maybe a diagnosis of LowT?), then takes a swipe at the ol’TrigTruther himself. And Stacy has even more to say.

Happy, Happy Minnesota. Surely they are all so proud.

Shameful turncoats. Yes, turncoats, traitors to the people they were elected to represent.

Nothing but thieves.

You get what you pay for – another government contract lowest bidder?

Funny how Obama was silent for so many days before meekly acknowledging the struggle of the Iranian protesters as they watched freedom slip through their bloody fingers, but then jumps right up and sides with the ousted dictator of Honduras minutes after he’s shown the door. Telling, isn’t it?

Elizabeth wants to know – when are the grownups going to show up?

Laurie’s been thinking again, about important stuff, especially answered prayers.

No roundup is complete without some college football idiocy bordering on “Skeevy Internet Stalkistan.” Leave it to the Vols…

You knew this would happen. Yes, you did. And yes, the world is nuts.

The “One-Man Economic Plague”

Randomness on a Friday night:

Commenter at Gateway Pundit wins QOTD! Read the whole thing!


Who’s gonna clean up this PR mess?

Marco Rubio is the Anti-Crist.

Obama’s knee-pads are getting a real workout.

Presidential speech writer plays Word Twister.

Dry with a flamethrower, just to be sure.

Stevie has pictures on the impending cap and trade heist.

The new “boss” is definitely not the same as the old boss. The money shot –

It can happen because we are allowing it to happen. We are too busy, too worried about the economy, too frightened of the future, and too complacent about the idea that “It could never happen here.” It’s happening now and not enough of us are raising our voices in protest. Not enough of us are demanding that our politicians be held to account for meekly accepting Obama’s fait accomplis.

New Blog of Note

Robert Stacy McCain of The Other McCain has started a new blog, Not One Red Cent, that targets the RINOs who want our money, but not the privilege of representing us in DC. It all started with Erick Erickson’s Facebook group protesting the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s idiotic endorsement of Charlie Crist in the Florida Senate race a whopping 15 months before the primary!

Bookmark it and as with anything involving Stacy, hold on because it will be a wild ride!


Atlanta Tea Party Pictures II

As promised, more pictures! It was an exciting night, and the beginning of something…something big. America of the “Ordinary Folks” is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!


An interesting note about the following young man – people would SIGN his sign – it was covered with autographs of fed-up patriots!



Being vertically challenged, I needed to pull a Zaccheaus and find higher ground. I found a church doorway with steps to stand on. These ladies were sweet enough to share…

My Step Mates

My Step Mates




A most excellent endeavor. My boy watched history in the making!

Update: Reader SC sent in a picture of her clever sign:

Atlanta Tea Party Pictures

Here’s a few…there will be more later. Crowd size was estimated at over 20,000. Way to go Atlanta!

Turning the first corner of the Capitol, we encountered these two glittery young ladies!

Miss Liberty

Miss Liberty aka Donna Strand

The Stage


Jonathan Krohn (The Kid from CPAC)

Jonathan Krohn (The Kid from CPAC)


Update: Buzz has more from ATL. From the perspective of his shots, we were about 50 feet apart. Like you’d really be able to see anybody in that crowd!

JammieWearingFool was there, too. SmartGirlPolitics is planning the after party.

Stacy at UA, with the added bonus of video of the worst reporter ever. GatewayPundit has her smackdown as well as video of his speech in St. Louis.

Melissa and Sparkle had a blast in my old stomping grounds, Houston.

More ATL pictures here.

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