The Nile Runs Red

Calling all Bible scholars. Is the current meltdown in Egypt fulfillment of prophesy?

Besides viciously turning on themselves, the murderous Muslim horde Religion of Peace in Egypt have burned down scores of Christian churches and homes.

Remember this is the Long War of light against darkness.

The West’s war with Islam, a jihad begun and fought against us as a religious obligation, didn’t begin on September 11th, 2001, nor even in 1979, when Khomeini took over Iran. It’s been fought off and on for over 1,400 years, and now is in an active phase. The genius and determination of Leo III in desperate battle bought Western Europe the time it needed until it could stand on its own.

Read the whole thing. We need another clever leader, like Byzantine Emperor Leo III, now more than ever.

Just Doin’ My Part, Sir

This pretty much needs to be a PSA for the whole country!

In the PSA, Sheriff David Clarke says, “With officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option. You could beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back. But are you prepared?”

“You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We’re partners now. Can I count on you?”

Yes sir, you sure can.

The Obligatory Just Got Back From Florida Catch-up Post

Why, yes, indeed I did return from Florida. Bills need to be paid, ya know.

Florida has a dirty secret. Thank heavens my trip kept me away from that part of the state.

Vince is always right. Losing Crowell is a silver lining for the Silver Breeches.

And you say I’m paranoid

The UN wants your guns, by the way.

After a sleepy few years, the sun throws out some solar flares and Earthbound Greenies flip out. Pssst…that’s what the sun does when it wakes up, morons.

No, you’re not the nuns from The Sound of Music, helping the Von Trapps escape over the Alps. No, you’re just punks.

The Ever Redundant Narcissist who can’t be bothered with asking American’s how they really feel is sounding more like Charlie Brown’s teacher everyday.

Get off my school lawn.

How to move a tree. Too bad Atlanta doesn’t know how to do this. It was once dubbed the “city built in a forest.” Now it’s the “city with all the empty, bulldozed lots.” Sigh.

Data Integrity gets political, and all.

Global Financial Apocalypse
in 3, 2, 1…

What is Old is New again. I wonder if the goosestep will be part of their training?

Katie Cruise Holmes was right to Run Away, Run Away.

And if you don’t read anything else today, read this. Now.

Almost As Fun As Holding a Porkchop Over a Piranha Tank

Well, this morning Peach Pundit (see here and here) stirred up the masses in daring to express a little sympathy for Karen Handel, former candidate for Georgia Governor and current VP for Public Policy at Susan G. Komen Foundation. Yes, that Susan G. Komen Foundation… the one that’s been in the news for daring to get out of lockstep with the Planned Parenthood crowd.

It was almost as fun as holding a porkchop over a piranha tank. The feeding frenzy began in earnest, with the usual suspects sniping back and forth over the intertubez, dredging up old campaign slog and muck. The KarenHandelHaters, the AbortionIsAGodGivenRight protestors, the LiberalEntitlementScamsters and the IJustDisagreeToBeDisagreeable lurkers all ganged up on the few who tried to make the point about how shameful is was that the liberal media immediately pointed out that Karen Handel, a (gasp!) Republican woman with strong value beliefs, was in a position of responsibility at the foundation and therefore had to be the prime instigator of the decision to end PP’s funding. The pixel ink was barely dry on the first post reporting the funding change when the witchhunt began in earnest. What an evil woman! She’s a witch! Burn her! Burn her!

One issue at hand is that PP’s umbrella of “women’s health” services includes breast cancers screenings, but they outsource the mammogram portion of the service. Gee, wouldn’t it make better sense for SGK to fund the mammogram providers, not PP? It’s their money, isn’t it?

It doesn’t have anything to do with research for breast cancer, saving lives, women’s health or even the money. The whole bruhaha boils down to deviating from the liberal narrative. If one dares stray, we now have the state-run press to act as Big Brother and blast over the Oceanian loudspeakers your name, rank and serial number.

One big, giant reeking bowl of Osso Buco slime.

But back to our Georgia friend. The biggest shame in this whole spectacle is that a fine woman of good character has been attacked and maligned, in an unwarranted and cruel fashion. She deserves our prayers to withstand the firestorm around her.

God help America. What have we become?

Happy Birthday Obi!

Long-time readers know that my brother was part of the inspiration for this little blog. His nickname is “Obi”, hence I am “Obi’s Sister.” How many times do I need to explain this?

Today is my little brother’s birthday. But this one has a big, fat, “0” in it.

Take heart, dear boy, you’ll live through it. Besides, who else in our family has their own Lego character? I mean really…

May you have a glorious day and continue to “avoid Imperial entanglements.”

We can all see 2012 from our spaceport.

Big Government – Black Conservatives Stand Up to the Bigoted NAACP

A picture is worth a thousand words. This screenprint, via tells a marvelous story.

No matter how our own President tries to divide the nation, balkanizing Americans according to the Democratic play book, people of all colors don’t buy the snake oil.

Three cheers for Andrew Breitbart and his many enterprises for standing up to these clowns!

Also, at Legal Insurrection, Professor Jacobson notes the similarities of this long, hot summer, to last summer and the reason for the birthing of Tea Parties nationwide:

We’re seeing it again. As documented here dozens of times, the past year has seen Democrats jump the race card shark. The NAACP resolution painting Tea Parties as racist was the last card.

Aided, abetted, and in some cases instigated, by groups like Think Progress and Media Matters and their followers in the left-wing blogosphere, Democrats have launched a wholesale attempt to isolate and ostracize those who disagree with the Obama agenda. We are seeing it daily in the ridiculous attacks on Sharron Angle and other candidates challenging Democratic leaders.

The Real Reason Helen Thomas Retired

Her family tree has been revealed (stellar investigative work by Mind-Numbed Robot).

“The Dark Side of the Force is the pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.” Emperor Palpatine

Beckham? Han? In His Own Mind, Maybe…

Gleefully swiped from The Troglopundit, who is pretending to be a soccer fan in time for the World Cup, but couldn’t pick Cristiano Ronaldo out of a Deeeetroit line-up if Greedo was holding a gun on him.

A Stranger Among Us

Gerard of American Digest, to whose level of writing we all aspire, has outdone himself yet again with a thoughtful piece on the current occupant at the 1600 Club.

Just a few snippets, you must click over, read the whole thing and see the picture.

Conspiracy abhors a vacuum and we’ve had more than our share of theories, speculations, dire warnings, and dark murmurings about a leader’s life that is, in many ways, less documented than the undocumented Democrats oozing across our southern borders.

We sense, dimly at first, but with increasing conviction that he does not mean us well and that he is controlled by some strange amalgam of interior compulsions. The hallmarks of his administration’s actions and his speeches seem to be to do many small but insidious things in deep background, a few large and destructive moves in the foreground, give as few details as possible, take no questions, and, if a question is taken, to give no answer. It is an administration that sees no foreign enemies, only domestic ones. Theories about his history and his current character and motives abound as facts fade.

At this point, trying to understand who or what Obama was is like peeling an onion. You unwrap layer after layer and when you reach the core you have nothing; you have the Oakland of American politicians, a man who has no there there.

Talk amongst yourselves.

I Know Why

Jupiter loses one of its red belts and scientists are baffled.

I know exactly why. The Jupiterians had an election and a Democrat won. So the red belt turned into a blue belt, which shows as a clearish-white color on astronomical cameras.

It is not the first time this unusual phenomenon has been noticed. Jupiter loses or regains one of its belts every ten of 15 years, although exactly why this happens is a mystery.

A mystery…yes…

‘The question now is when will the South Equatorial belt erupt back into activity and reappear?’ Mr [Anthony] Wesley said.

The pattern for this happening is when a brilliant white spot forms in the southern zone. Gradually it will start to spout dark blobs of material which will be stretched by Jupiter’s fierce winds into a new belt, and the planet will return to its familiar ‘tyre track’ appearance.

Ah, a brilliant white spot. That would be a nation enraged to the point of kicking out the scoundrels that messed up the belt in the first place.

See, young padawan, there is a lesson in everything.

2010 Dawns a New Year – Updated

And new hope that America can be saved from the approaching evil.

The Anchoress is known for her predictions – she has an interesting set this year. While there, read her take on the ‘Dems kill the DC voucher program’ debacle. Every issue for this administration boils down to politics.

Even the Georgia Governor can’t help it. [UPDATE II: From PP’s comments, fishtail dubs Sonny a “Sonnycrat, a one-person political party, himself.” How apropos. Seems that’s the political fashion these days.]

Paco has the White House transcript of the might-have-been Obama/Napolitano discussion immediately following the foiled Christmas day terrorist attack on NW 253. At least it is better than Obama’s original fluff. Rest assured, we are in the best of hands.

P&P has the year in pictures. Gee, just her shoes would pay two months car payments!

William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has only been blogging for a year – but he writes like an old pro! If you’re not reading him daily, you should be.

The Other McCain and The Camp of the Saints both begin the new year at new digs. Check them out.

No Sheeples Here continues to delight with pictures that are worth a thousand words.

Gerard asks the timely question, “Where do we get such men and why do we deserve them?”

Dear Gerard, despite what our government may believe, there are still men and women who love America, the promise of liberty, the freedom promised all by our Creator. You are one; I am another. There are many more, and we are rousing.

As we look upon the far-away gates of Mordor, with its belching smoke and stench of death, we should remember brave Aragorn’s words:

“Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields, when the age of men comes crashing down, but it is not this day. This day we fight! For all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!” LOTR, The Return of the King

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin discusses 2009’s underreported stories. Patriot Room has their own list.

Erick says something wicked this way comes and Smitty has cautions for the new year. The enemy, both within and without, is testing us. Read them both.

Double points bonus – Janet “The system worked” Napolitano may be under the bus soon!

The Force Is NOT Strong In This One

Jim Treacher at his absolute, monitor-ruining best. (h/t VodkaPundit)

He is the Kenobi

How could I have missed this OBVIOUS metaphor relating Glenn Beck to Obi-Wan Kenobi? Surely the bandwidth consumed by hours and hours away from the computer because of this week’s jury duty is part of the problem…but this happened last week! Why did I not see it? Because I was under the weather? Maybe my midiclorians need recharging.


It appears that the left’s urgent boycott of Glenn Beck’s advertisers in an effort to destroy Beck is like Darth Vader strking down Kenobi. It’s making Beck more powerful. He is Kenobi.

Erick also has a list of the whiny advertisers choosing to pick and choose whose show their ads run for. I haven’t corresponded with the aforementioned companies yet, because, of course, IHAVENOTIME nowadays. But I did manage to fire off a letter to AARP telling them to take a running start and jump up my nether parts.

Stop doing the math; a Jedi never reveals their age. That’s just wude(4:00).

UPDATE: Welcome Rhetorican readers! Stick around, no tellin’ what will happen next! Check out these latest jewels: yet another stellar office minion’s
Quote of the Day
, making fun of the GPOOE’s birthday-wirthday, and as my grandma used to say “Go outside and bring me a switch.”

What Doesn’t Belong?

Which One Doesn't Belong

The Other McCain takes its weekly swipe at David Brooks’ big scary brain

Right. A logical grouping:

* The man who makes a spectacle of himself pursuing an Argentine floozy;
* The man who makes a spectacle of himself pursuing pubescent boys and trying to look like a freakish parody of Liza Minelli; and
* Sarah Palin.

Am I the only one who thinks the third item in this list is misplaced? Am I the only one who believes that the entire purpose of this 804-word column was to deliver that one cheap shot at Sarah Palin?

Hmmmm…… Sarah Palin lives her life the way she sees fit, and the media crucifies her. Daily. Hourly. But when Obama did the same thing, the media couldn’t be bothered to notice.

h/t Gerard, Feminists and the Mystery of Sarah Palin…. (a must read!!)

The fact is, Obama is an intellectually mediocre narcissist with a thin resume who’s lost without a teleprompter and whose entire campaign had all the substance and gravity of a Pepsi commercial. Yet people say Sarah Palin is a fluffy bunny diva.

So: are we back to Obama after all? Is this a transference thing? Are people subconsciously frustrated by the fact that Obama is an empty suit, and are they transferring that rage to Palin?


Sarah Palin is the Designated Hate Receptacle for self-described feminists. They know they’re not supposed to hate other women, but they do anyway because their feminism is not quite as strong as their patriarchal brainwashing. Sarah Palin is the culture’s designated Hate Receptacle.

I’m not entirely satisfied with that, but it’s the best I can come up with. If we add to that the subconscious Obama resentment-transference, perhaps on a kind of sliding rheostat thing, we may be getting close to a solution.

What’s alarming is that the need for a female Hate Receptacle exists, even with feminists. But that would explain why Palin haters are so reluctant to give up hating her. It would explain why they’re so resistant to the truth. They don’t want to find out that the lies are lies; they don’t want to be disabused. They need a hate receptacle, and so they need Palin to be the sum of all things they fear.

Given all the snobs that live in big cities, I’ll take a small town like Wasilla any day. Or better yet, a farm or an island paradise, far away from the know-it-alls. I guess that makes me a back-woods hick (queue the banjos) and unsuitable to hold any office higher than official boot-licker.

Don’t these people have a celebrity funeral to cover? Or something?

Your Assignment Today, Should You Choose to Accept It

…is to get David Letterman fired. Yep, folks, it’s Tuesday and you know what that means. Useful Idiot Day at the praxeum. Surprisingly, the shy and retiring President Cupcake has been dethroned this week by the world’s dirtiest old man. Mama is mad, really mad, at this fella for joking about raping young girls, so watch out! Sir, is this the way you want to raise your son? Good thing you don’t have any daughters.

Cynthia Yockey is on a one-woman mission to deliver his pink slip. Join her (and me) in contacting CBS and their sponsors imploring to rid the airwaves of this pestilence – (info from

CBS Television / Main number: 212-975-4321
Les Moonves, President and CEO, CBS, 212-975-4545,
Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment, 323-575-2747,
Mike Nelson, VP Communications, 818-655-2156,

CBS Television Studios
Lauri Metrose, VP Communications, 818-655-7223, Jennifer Solari, Executive Director Communications, 818-655-7222,
Kim Sartori, Director Communications, 818-655-7221,

Major Advertisers:
Johnson & Johnson (Listerine and KY Brand)
Main Number: 1-888-222-0182 (Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products)
Kristina Chang, Public Relations, 973-385-4370,
Steve Schonberg, Edelman PR, 212-704-4494,

Old Navy (Parent company is Gap Inc)
Main Number: 650-952-4400
Nicole Bender, Public Relations, 415-832-2889,

Kellogg’s (Mini-Wheats)
Main Number: 1-800-962-1413 (Consumer Affairs)
Allison Costello, Ketchum PR, 412-456-3741,

Southwest Airlines
Main Number: 214-792-4847 (Public Relations)
Gary Kelly, CEO, 214-792-4000,
Ginger Hardage, SVP Culture & Communications, 214-792-6924,
Linda Rutherford, VP Communications, 214-792-4625,

Olive Garden
Main Number: 1-800-331-2729 (Guest Relations)
John Caron, Executive VP Marketing,
Grey Advertising (their ad agency), 212-546-2083

Other National Advertisers:
June 11 –Touchstone Pictures (Disney), Samsung, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Chase Bank, Pfizer (Zyrtec), Wyeth (Centrum Vitamins), Ford, Lexus, Mazda and Saturn (in addition to several of the above)

June 10 – DirecTV, MetLife, Amica, AT&T, Samsung, Verizon, Chase Bank, Aventis (Actonel), Merck (Pepcid), Pfizer (Zyrtec), Wyeth (Centrum Vitamins), Honda, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln and Toyota (in addition to several of the above)

His flip attitude about the whole affair is indicative of American’s general decline in values. Anything is permissible, especially if it’s cloaked in raunchy locker-room humor and denigrates an opponent. Even better if the opponent is female. Just look at the example in the White House.

Previously: Letterman the Lecher, Shouldn’t Letterman’s Head be on a Platter by Now?

UPDATE: Cynthia’s Handy-Dandy Fire David Letterman Kit #1 and Handy-Dandy Fire David Letterman Kit #2. Now get on it!

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