This is why all your friends that work in IT have been having random fits of the giggles the last couple of weeks…

By now everyone, even the gremlins on Mars, has heard that the rollout of the (Un)ACA website,, has been an abysmal failure. So much so, IT types like myself can’t help but laugh. And laugh. And laugh. It is a classic example of non-Tech-types dreaming up a system concept, skipping most of the major life cycle development checks, then not testing what the code monkeys came up with from the cocktail napkins design specs.

Except in this case, instead of having to pull the Scarecrow dance routine for cranky stakeholders for their lack of deliverables, these folks get to testify in a Congressional hearing. For a bunch of hyper-partisan political cranks.

Pass the popcorn.

“Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking.”

Oh, and this.

Code Testing

UPDATE: Kathleen Sebelius has a track record of big stinkers. Who better to take over the reins of Queen Project Manager?

Put a Drop-down Box Right THERE and…

Michael Rameriz:


CMR M at Ace quips (so truly)

Man, you could cross out Egypt and put in a whole range of words and this picture would still work.

Then the code monkey side of my brain fired right up and said – You could put a drop-down box right there and insert an infinite list of Obamaflubs.

Let’s start a list!

Sorry So Quiet…

Add this uninvited guest to the bedlam of our August: computer troubles. Major computer troubles.

Of the three ailing machines, only one is up and running at the moment. Let me stress… at.the.moment.

Technology. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

Dramatic, Heavy Sigh.

Double-Shot Burn-Out

The day job continues to be a simmering lava pit filled with alligators, sharks and jumping spiders. Who would have thought that a relatively straightforward application could bumfuzzle so many supposedly smart people at such a globally-acclaimed and supposedly super-smart institute of higher learning? Surely I’m surrounded by cylons.

Some random things that managed to spark through the sulfuric fog the past week:

– I have a new second favorite MLB team. The Texas Rangers drafted UGA Diamond Dawg, Johnathan Taylor. Back in March, Taylor was injured in a head-to-head collision with teammate Zach Cone. JT had been scouted for years by the Rangers, and they recognized his efforts with a draft pick. The Dawgs had a great run this season, going all the way to the final game of the NCAA Regionals. What a classy move by the Rangers organization.
Kyle Wingfield/AJC is looking past the usual campaign fuss and bother and seeing some interesting things about Tim Pawlenty.
– General Geekiness: Yesterday was IPv6 Day.
Pinin’ for the fjords.
– The RedState Gathering is open for registration. Be there, be square.
– 9+ minutes of Teh Awesome. Grand Rapids isn’t dead yet, they are feeling better. Thank you very much.
NCAA punk/crook/liar/cheat meets the same at The White House.

Many have asked why I haven’t chimed in on #Weinergate, since I’m such a manners maven. Honestly, if I wanted a dose middle-school boy humor, all I have to do is go home. Go read The Anchoress’ take on this whole debacle. She echos my sentiments. And now we find out his wife is pregnant. What a wonderful black cloud to hang over the announcement of new life. Mortifying, isn’t it?

Various and Sundry

Since the Anniversary Parade, I’ve kicked back a bit due to family stuff and work-bandwidth-suckage. Yes, that is an IT term. At least some people noticed. You know who you are, and your devotion has been duly noted.

Of course, there was the pilgrimage (parts I, II, III), plus a big party, being glued to the tube over the tragedy of Japan, then the pre-Easter musical* and mom’s birthday, the annual spring ritual of taxes and FAFSA, tons of bad weather, (literally) tons of pollen that drags you down like the chains of Davy Jones, a scary medical test that turned out okay and the never-ending project from H-E-doublehockeysticks that is supposed to go live in two weeks.

Not to mention distractions like this. Be quiet while I feed my addiction.

While I was gone, Trog got his million hits, a reporter got locked in a closet on purpose, Gerard wrote another required reading piece, the Big Brother crap became even more ridiculous, we got to see Smitty’s room at the Bagram Hilton, my 2011 brackets were an epic FAIL, Oregon State University proved that it is run by idiots, and Herman Cain showed why he’s Da Man.

And I got a new phone, which is vexing me greatly. So don’t call me or text me. Or email me or IM me. The thing beeps and chirps and carries on, and I just stare at it, mesmerized by the pretty screen and blinky lights. Yesterday, my friend poked fun saying, “But you’re in IT!’ I said, “Yeah, but I don’t do hardware.”

It may take several hours for a return anything, and that includes factoring in two Advil and another try in the morning.

*This year, Hubster scheduled his Easter musical early, since he had planned to be on a Far East musical tour in April that would have traveled through parts of China and Korea. We all watched as the hand of God protected these men earlier this year, causing the trip to the rescheduled in 2012.

WordPress Commenting Problems

Ok folks, here’s what I know so far:

If you work on the free WP platform, you’ve probably noticed trouble posting comments on other WP blogs. They either vanish or hang in their spam filter. Your blog’s url contains a ‘subdomain’ in it’s address (i.e. this blog is

The problem started sometime last week (at least for me).

Saturday Lance Burri, The Troglopundit, and I (or is it me and Lance Burri?) exchanged test comments and came up with the following:
1. If you’re logged into your WP and you’re a subdomain blog, the comments won’t post.
2. If you use your WP subdomain url in the header info of the comment, the comment won’t post.
3. If you use your WP subdomain url in the body text of the comment, the comment won’t post.

So, in the meantime, use these workarounds:
1. Don’t log into your WP account to post comments
2. Don’t use your blog url in the header or body post. You’ll lose out on the trackbacks, but hey, at least the comment will post for now.
3. If you have a url (without the subdomain naming convention) that redirects to your WP blog, use it instead. It will work. Lucky for me, I have one parked for the day I decide to grow the blog up.

I’ve posted a support request at WP, which they responded to yesterday. I did some test comments for them, so hopefully they can capture what is going wrong and Fix It.

So we’ll see what happens…

In the meantime, check your spam before blindly deleting (there may be a friend or two in there) and pass this along to all the WP users you know!

Tweet Withdrawl

If we had relied on our MSM, we’d never know what really happened (and is continuing to happen) in Iran. During these last few days, Twitter has proven it’s worth as an immediate source of news on the ground.

Two new tools I’ve discovered during this time greatly enriched this new experience with technology: PicFog and TwitterFall. Like Twitter, they are searchable. Use hashtag #iranelection and be amazed. But I must wean myself and there is work to do, supper to cook, soccer cleats to salivate over. Must focus. Fohhh-cusss.

The MSM is lying yet again, forcing everything into it’s tired old Obama Adoration Lobotomized Zombie Happy Meal. That’s all they can do; they’ve forgotten how to report news. Are you surprised?

New Computer!

And there was great rejoicing….yea!

The family here at Obi’s Sister is doing their part to stimulate the economy.

With new toy, play must I. Now where’s that number to Master Yoda’s tech support?

The Hackable President

obama_blackberry So Obama gets his Blackberry. Most people would say, “So what’s the big deal?” I have worked in IT a very long time, with many years spent in system security. One thing I’ve learned is that no device is 100% safe or stable, 100% of the time. Any device is hackable and traceable if the intruder has the skills and patience. Believe me, our enemies have plenty of both.

I’m left with questions like does it have a self or manual destruct button in the event of loss or being stolen? There was no mention of finger print scan for access.

Ahem, I have a couple myself:

– In the case it is lost or stolen, can it be remotely signalled to self-destruct?
– Does it have a GPS signal?
– Could an intruder use the Blackberry’s signature to triangulate the President’s location?
– Is there a thorough vetting process for those given access to the email address, phone number, IP, RF signal, the hardware itself?
– Are there procedures in place to limit a technician’s access to reduce the risk of implanting any type of listening/tracking/harmful component within the device itself?
– Since this is a (sometimes) top secret device, will the transmissions be monitored by NSA or other national agency?
– Will Obama be able to override any functions on the device, thus compromising the integrity not only of the Blackberry, but possibly the office as well?

I’m sure there are more concerns from people who are smarter than me. Those who actually got their CISSP.

While I disagreed with all his decisions and actions during his campaign and his first three days of office, the last thing this country needs is the constitutional crisis that would result if the President were harmed, kidnapped or worse. Everyone is already on edge due to the racial tinge of his inauguration. Amazing, isn’t it, how one man’s vanity can potentially endanger an entire nation.

Remember when Paris Hilton’s PDA was stolen? The network feeding-frenzy, the numbers/emails posted all over the internet. Imagine the country’s surprise (as well as the NSA and CIA) if they found out that our President had new secret pen-pals in exotic places like Iran, Gaza and Venezuela.

He seems does intent on rubbing the opposition’s nose in it, doesn’t he? “I won.” Nanny-nanny-boo-boo. Three days in and he’s picking on his enemies like a playground bully. And he’ll keep that dang Blackberry, no matter what. And if you’re not just like him, forget it – no soup for you!

After dissing his media, the sycophants who licked his toes all the way into the Oval Office, he instructs his adversaries in Congress to stop listening to Rush. Is Obama channeling Locutus? Jim at Gateway Pundit asks:

Question: How many times did Bush single out and attack the liberal hacks in the media during his 8 year presidency?

Jim also quotes Eric the Red:

“In two days President Golden Calf takes jabs at an American citizen and sets free genocidal terrorists… Welcome to the future, suckers.”

A servant’s heart, see I do not. More training, this padawan learner needs.

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