Marco Rubio Draws a Line in the Sand

That didn’t take long. Senator-elect Rubio lays down the gauntlet and urges the GOP not to compromise on the principles that swept them into the majority.

I can guarantee that Val Prieto’s favorite part of that sentence is “Senator-elect Rubio.” Good work buddy!

This Election In Two Minutes

As Stacy asks you, if this doesn’t close the deal, what’s it gonna take?

Allahpundit calls it the first 2016 presidential ad.


Wish You Were Here

Nurturing my inner Charles Johnson. Heh.

Fernandina Beach at dusk

Watch out little shrimpies, I have arrived!

Last night, watched the Braves whip the Cubbies and then an exciting basketball game.

Had an unfortunate encounter with a vomit truffle. Eww.

Saw one of Charlie Crist’s hit ads this morning during breakfast. He’s really desperate now.

Contemplating a day filled with … driving range, beach, shrimp, nap, a little shopping, more shrimp…

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