Gloat Zone Nirvana

Of the many things I’m thankful for (or will be, as soon as this rib-cracking cough goes away) is the “decisive” victory of UGA over GaTech yesterday. 42-10.

Dawg fans just love those salty tears of bitterness. Now comes another year of “Nanny-nanny-boo-boo, We’re smarter than you” shouts as they run away…

Next week looms large, very large. And the possibility of the BIG SHOW.

But one game at a time.

Anybody with about a grand laying around, would you mind sending it my way? The cheapest seats for the SEC Championship game are running around $450 each, plus it will be at least $40 to park.

Little Brother, this one’s for you… Go Dawgs!

Oh, and big surprise. Gene Chizik is out at Auburn. Maybe he can iron Cammie’s shirts for him.

Beat Tech

Haha. He’s right, you know.

I’m a Sucker for College Football, Especially When it Provides an Opportunity to Take a Well-Deserved Swipe at the Trade School

While waiting for the polls to close, I was planning on a quick post about the comedic Clayton Country Sheriff run-off here in GA, but the siren call of college football is just too strong to resist.

Kellogg’s has come out with college team themed Pop-Tarts. There are five teams: North Carolina, Michigan, Florida, Arkansas and Georgia. Note there is NO Georgia Tech.

Here’s why – Hobnail_Boot comments the final answer at Get the Picture:

I suggest that the ones with GT and Oklahoma logos be eaten on a plate. They tend to fall apart in bowls.


17 days.

P.S. In honor of Trog, I’d say the second place comment involves the Packers:

This particular product will be a huge success in Green Bay before the cheese heads have their coffee and/or schnapps in the mornings and then realize it isn’t about them.

Now that’s funny.

Romeo & Juliet, or Something

UGA Cheerleader Syndi Vaughn transfers to Georgia Tech to be near her boyfriend, kicker David Scully.

See, even Love can overcome Good, Old-Fashioned Hate. How sweet!

Cute girl. Hopes she likes to lose at least one game in the fall.

2011: Don’t Let the Screen Door Hit You on the Way Out

I don’t know about you, but 2011 was not a stellar year here at the little praxeum. So I’m not mourning the passing of this sad, disappointing year; neither am I looking at 2012 with hysterical dread like some.

(On a personal note: Dear MIL come home from hospital yesterday. Heartfelt thanks for the many prayers and words of encouragement during her illness. We spent the first few hours of her freedom celebrating the wonderful non-hospital food at OK Cafe. Also, if Piedmont would kindly forward the address of the manufacturer of the concrete hospital beds they use, I would like to, ahem, write them a letter.)

I had planned some sprucing up around the blog over the holidays, but since the black hole of hospitalling ate our Christmas whole, well, it just didn’t happen. Maybe by spring break. Charlie would not call that a SMART goal. Heh.

I have no resolutions. I have no predictions, except for maybe one. 2012 is going to be one helluva roller-coaster ride. I don’t even know where to begin.

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act, H.R. 3261) will consume our entire bandwidth, if Obama doesn’t just kill the switch altogether. More here, here, and here. The OPEN Act is a more workable alternative, but here’s two bucks saying you’ll never hear about it through the state run media. In typical fashion, our overlords are trying to push this through while the general public is distracted by the holidays.

If only the GOP would stop bickering and focus on Obama’s multitude of failures, at least the presidential portion of this election would be a breeze. Across the pond, Obama is being compared to Hoover and considered a cog in the general decline of world stability. In fact, many historians are comparing the the last decade or so to the 1930’s. I did that back in 2006. I wish more than two people read this blog. Just think if I could use my Jedi prowess up in DC! Smitty thinks that technology enables us humans to see potential outcomes, and that some of us, at least, have learned our history lessons:

The big question for 2012 is whether technology can prevent a repeat of a collapse into fascism, as in 1932, and a vast war. I’ll boldly predict that technology drives the problem the other way. People communicate enough to realize that the social welfare state is the biggest clay-footed idol since Nebuchadnezzar. The tricky question is how you maneuver out from under the idol before it topples and crushes you, i.e. what is the transition plan toward liberty.

My only caveat for The Smittster is while people are able to communicate instantaneously these days, how many will be able to break free from the indoctrination from years of indentured servitude to the entitlement gods to see the true dangers that lay ahead? Liberty is never free, regardless of what that lobbyist just whispered in your ear.

To me, besides being first out of the chute, Iowa is no longer relevant. It is just another manufactured media opportunity to manipulate opinions in an election cycle. Another frenzoid moment, compliments of a decayed system.

Europe is dying, rotting from the soul outward. We can still stop this in America. Our forefathers shed both blood and treasure to fight the corruption of tyrants and reclaim the freedom bestowed by our Creator. Now we get to do it in our own backyards.

There’s much more, but it’s time for football and after this past week, we deserve some time to kick back and enjoy the final days of our favorite sport.

Go Utah. Beat the Bugs.

P.S. Happy New Year!

A Great Day, Indeed

31-17. Deja vu, all over again.

And There Was No Joy in Geekville

The Board of Regents has approved the requests from UGA and GaSouthern to add engineering schools.



The controversial proposal angered Georgia Tech officials, who say the state shouldn’t duplicate programs when it already has a campus dedicated almost entirely to engineering. The proposal even drew fire from Gov. Sonny Perdue, who spoke at the board meeting last month and urged the regents to move more slowly on starting expensive new programs.

But UGA President Michael Adams said the engineering program will help provide the state with more workers and draw more federal research dollars to the campus. He said the program can be started with existing money and will be phased in over five years.

“Ultimately, it’s what’s best for the state,” Adams said after the meeting. “It’s best that a research university have this option.”

For once, I agree with Michael Adams (yes, I know, don’t faint!). And as soon as they are available, I will definitely add a “UGA School of Engineering” t-shirt to my collection of Dawgly apparel.


Virginia Tech rallies to beat Georgia Tech, 28-21.

UPDATE: While I was gloating over hearing the news of the loss on the radio during the morning commute, I did NOT know that GT quarterback Josh Nesbitt suffered a broken arm during the game. Being the mother of a self-proclaimed bionic boy, I know that gut-wrenching feeling of a serious injury. I wish the young and talented Mr. Nesbitt a speedy and full recovery, even if he is a pesky Yellow Jacket.

(See I can be nice when I want to!)

The Geek’s Dilemma – Go to the game or go to DragonCon?

I mean, really, it’s GT vs South Carolina State. Which is lamer? What’s any self-respecting geekoid to do? Go to the game? Or go to DragonCon?

It’s tough to tailgate with that helmet on.

Just sayin’.

Yes, But Was FlagBoy* The Driver?

Latest version of the Ramblin’ Wreck, via EDSBS

Read the whole thing. Heh. Yoga pants. Double heh.

[Insert NATS joke here]

H/T Dawgnoxious, who wonders…

Ironically, the truck sign says “Brace for Impact,” which one can only hope will serve as a harbinger/metaphor for GTU’s 2010 season.

[Insert another NATS joke here]

*, under F for FlagBoy. Duh.

Quote of the Day

Now Playing at the Mos Eisley Cantina

Obi-Wan Ben Kenobi once said, “Mos Eisley Spaceport – you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”

Electronic double-slide trombone wins the Georgia Tech 2010 Margaret Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition.

The Double Slide Controller—an electronic trombone-like instrument featuring two independent slides and two versatile hand controllers…

Developed by composer and researcher Tomás Henriques, the instrument mixes computer music software, sensor technologies and flexible hand/arm gestures to generate rich, complex sounds.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. And many thanks to Chalmun the Great for allowing us to perform for you nightly instead of having us for dinner. Literally. We’ll be here all week. Try the Bantha; it’s delicious. And don’t forget to tip your “server.”

GaTech will meet Duke in ACC Final

Heh. You know who I’ll be rootin’ for…

Loose Ends, Snopocalypse and Watching Paint Dry

Things have been a bit wild around here. I’m tired of watching paint dry – I want to hang my curtains, my pictures, anything. Ready for furniture to be returned to its proper place. Ready for the little dog to back off from the brink of a nervous breakdown.

Email was flaky, so I missed a few things. Like Doug’s Handy List and Carol’s Groovy Groundhog picture… which, wait, I’ll save for a special occasion. Like when Obama says something really stupid.

The first female jihadi convicted…I wonder just how many people she’ll recruit in prison.

GaTech in the news again…this time for a sword-welding PhD.

Jim Treacher, that champion ruiner of monitors nationwide, was struck in a hit-and-run by a State Department SUV, whose driver is hiding behind the government’s skirts to avoid taking responsibility. Read them both – you’ll be amazed at the arrogant audacity and indifference shown to an injured citizen. What I want to know is, was Hillary in the car and did she tell the driver to step on the gas?

At all times, Diplomatic Security acted responsibly and appropriately and displayed due diligence in caring for the injured.

My hind-parts. More to come on this one.

Shout-outs and prayers for the many friends and relations about to the snowed in. Stay safe and warm. I hope it melts in time for CPAC! I wonder if I need to bring along a pair of these.

Snowball attack!

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Ah, Sweet Victory

Just think, if the Dawgs had played that well (yes, I know there were mistakes and missteps) all season, we’d be in a completely different spot, wouldn’t we?


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