Graduation, T – 4 and Counting

In honor of my baby’s impending graduation, here’s a little secret you may not have garnered from my posts about him.

He loves soccer. He eats, sleeps, drinks and breathes soccer. He’s played on little feet and club and varsity and indoor and 5v5 teams. He plays soccer video games. He referees soccer. He probably dreams about soccer. He’s played soccer since he could practically walk and hopes to play in college. He loves soccer.

So for my boy, here’s a peep of the World Cup craziness that will reign his life (and our house) in June.

(Gleefully swiped from Trog, who called Ronaldo ‘…the guy at the end…’ Oh, the sacrilege…)

Quote of the Day


Via my pal Jimmie, proprietor of The Sundries Shack, this is probably the scariest thing I’ve seen in while:

Wait, I’ve got an idea! What if Obama wore this during his SOTU speech tomorrow night?!? Why, he’d outshine FLOTUS in fashion faux-paux-ity!

Don’t Get Your Knickers In a Twist, Johann

Lovingly swiped from The Anchoress, the perfect parody for a gloomy Friday or any day for that matter…

Tweet Withdrawl

If we had relied on our MSM, we’d never know what really happened (and is continuing to happen) in Iran. During these last few days, Twitter has proven it’s worth as an immediate source of news on the ground.

Two new tools I’ve discovered during this time greatly enriched this new experience with technology: PicFog and TwitterFall. Like Twitter, they are searchable. Use hashtag #iranelection and be amazed. But I must wean myself and there is work to do, supper to cook, soccer cleats to salivate over. Must focus. Fohhh-cusss.

The MSM is lying yet again, forcing everything into it’s tired old Obama Adoration Lobotomized Zombie Happy Meal. That’s all they can do; they’ve forgotten how to report news. Are you surprised?

Blatant Thievery

No, I’m not talking about Congress, although that lede might just cover all the bases in Washington.

There comes a time in the daily skull-bloggery, that you just can’t stand it, you just have to “borrow” things from other bloggers. We’re a might creative bunch, just think what we could do if we really could make some money off this?

Frequent readers who have explored the site a bit more will see that I “borrowed” my prayer request page from an Anchoress post (which obviously her new server can’t find at the moment). I hoard many things from the brilliant Gerard, and refuse to share. Fausta tickled my fancy the other day with some finely-aged Rule 5 oogling, so what did I do? I kept it, so it would keep me warm at night. At least I told her I was stealing it. As she says, Not Bad for 79


Happy Iowahawk Day

Didn’t you know? Today is Iowahawk Day! Enjoy!

Random CPAC Decompressions

Ok, first of all when I ran into the fellow who knew Obi in college, he was NOT dressed in the yellow chicken suit. That was another guy who was Doug’s roommate for the weekend. Obi’s friend now works for a cruise line that puts together conservative cruises. If you’re interested and book a cruise, mention “Obi’s Sister at CPAC 2009” and I’ll get a commission, or something.

Sean Hackbarth knows everybody. I mean everybody.

Note to self: I must find out where Fausta got those walking shoes. Skye brought along the most fab shoes of all.

Speaking of Fausta, she was a terrific roommate and gracious hostess to this first time CPAC’r. I can’t thank her enough!

People that work in DC must never sleep.

Erick Erickson’s favorite food blog is Smitten Kitchen. Go look and see why.

I’ve added and/or updated links for all the folks I met in the blogroll. Now, blogs with an asterisk (*) denote I’ve met the author(s). Everyone I met was very nice and just as p-o’d as I am about what is happening in our country. While everyone wrings their hands over the impending demise of the republic, I saw hope for the future in the line for Ann Coulter’s book signing on Saturday. A dad, Harry had brought his sons along with books in tow. The boys, Isaiah and Sam were shy and adorable. Sam is home-schooled and Isaiah goes to a private school. Both have courses in politics, listen to Rush and Sean and then more discussion at home. When I asked what they thought of their dad bringing them to an event like CPAC, they looked down at their shoes like little boys do. Finally Sam said, “It’s good.” Good answer – short and to the point! They had come all the way from Massachusetts. They are our future, folks.

Note to self: I need either a better camera or one that I can work without needing my reading glasses.

Stacy is practicing Rule 5, again. He turned out to be a delight in person as well as another Georgia native. A showoff and a man with a plan to rule the blogosphere.

Jimmie is a big fan of The Anchoress as well.

More later (I feel like Dumbledore, slowly filling his pensieve)…

Another New Link in the Blogroll

Today I found another funny blog, but this time for knitters, while I was ferreting out yet another free hat pattern that is way beyond my skill level. Yarn Harlot is now firmly ensconced in the blogroll here. What a great name. It fully describes me when I am anywhere near a yarn shop – I go into this trance and zombie my way in the door – “Yesss, Mahssster. Yesss Mahssster.” Like another magpie I know, I can ever get enough of beautiful fabric, fibers, beads…oh look, there’s another something that’s shiny!

Yarn Harlot made me laugh out loud the way Beofish used to make me laugh. She took a hiatus and when she came back, she’d made the blog “invitation only,” and sadly, I’m not invited. I miss the hilarity. But now I have Yarn Harlot to brighten my day.

Where in the World

Out of pocket most of the weekend at (finally) the last pre-season soccer tournament. Hopefully I’ll float on my Palin-cloud all weekend and not let the usual things bother me – like bad refs, cheap shots, too much heat, smelly restrooms (if the venue has them at all), crowded restaurants, bugs, sunscreen that makes me itch… you get the picture.

I try (really I do) not to be a crank. As much as I love watching WonderBoy (aka the WeeHighlander, but not so Wee anymore) play soccer, I am easily distracted. His skills are amazing and I AM very proud of him. But someone in the Georgia Youth Soccer Association should use the brain God gave them and consult the UGA football schedule before assembling all these games all over the state.

This is THE year. And tomorrow is THE first game of the UGA season: Starting the season ranked #1, Larry in the booth, we get introduced to UGA VII…. ahh the collegiate pageantry I so love. Sitting in Sanford Stadium with 92,000 of my closet friends, hearing the Seven Notes and Krypton during pregame, cheering with the Rowdy Redcoats, smelling the bourbon on the breeze, making fun of the girls in high heels and wool jackets when it is 90 degrees in the shade, post-game songs in the stands… a Bulldawg Saturday is one of my favorite things on this earth.

And tomorrow I get to listen on the radio. I’m not being a crank, really I’m not.


I’m not.

All’s Quiet

Too hot to write.
Too tired to write.
Too disgusted to write.

Maybe I’ll be better tomorrow.

more cat

I Just Can’t Help Myself

Introducing the new Georgia Tech football uniforms to usher in the Paul Johnson era…

Oh Please….stop it….I can’t breathe!

You Know Me, Little Miss Random

I have learned to put up with alot in my life so far, but seditious treason is not one of them.

Yesterday Pelosi, who I now consider an enemy of America, changed the voting timeline rule on trade pacts from 90 days to whenever.

This is the first time in history that Congress failed to approve a major trade pact.

Monica Showalter of Investor’s Business Daily yesterday afternoon describes why this is an evil move (yes, I am choosing my words carefully – it is an evil thing Pelosi has done)…

[…] Nancy Pelosi has covered herself in a cloak of shame and infamy. Unfortunately for us, everybody in the hemisphere will have to pay the consequences.

The message Pelosi has sent the world is that in America, the only superpower in the world, political squabbles take precedence over security interests.

So sad, when your compulsive BushHate drives all sense of logic from your feverish, liber-otomied brain. Nancy, you will be the FIRST one they will force the burqua on, don’t you see that? This is not some garden party, replete with Hermes scarves and finger sandwiches. This is a war, a very long war. And your continued stupid and selfish behavior is getting in the way. Time for you to step aside. Or be impeached.

The other day, I wrote a funny little bit about my favorite GasBag, Al Gore, that was picked up by American Digest (Thanks for the Vanderleun-a-lanche, Gerard!). So I’m pokin’ around my Dashboard….oh look, 3 people read it….oooo…now it’s 4…ooo…ooo. When what to my wondering eyes should appear but some referrals by a site called Gullible me, I click the link and nearly choke on my sweet tea! There’s ol’ Al, sitting in some lounge on a cruise ship, with that “Come Hither” look on his face, just waitin’ like a spider to spring into the 2008 race and save the country from sure doom and damnation. Dear heavens, it took me a while to get my breath. Go check it out, but put down any liquids first.

Gentle readers, in our time together you’ve come to learn that I have a pretty snarky vein especially when it comes to bad manners, the Trade School, politicians, village idiots and just general all-around buffoons (oops, there’s ol’ Al, again!) . Today you will be happy to know that I found the cure to my affliction (h/t Grouchy Old Cripple)


Now whether or not I’m a good patient, remains to be seen…..

Indiscriminate Acceptance

In this world of YouTube beheadings and convoluted tax code and feuding politicians and cars that “choose not to” crank, there are those blogs that can take any daily issue and turn it into something that will make your spray your coffee on your monitor while you snort in hysterical gales of laughter and madly dash to the LGR because you haven’t kept up with your Kegels. “I have to sit down” is one of them. Written by Simcha, a hilarious stay-at-home mom held captive by a herd of children somewhere between the un-weaned and not-quite-driving, plus home-schooling. Give that woman a MEDAL. And the Key to the City. And a Margarita.

Ahem. Anyway, her post yesterday on Coexist with this hit the Multicultural Nail right on its hajibed head. I’ve seen these bumper stickers around for quite a while, mostly on the campus of the left-leaning university where I work or on BMWs in the parking lot of Home Depot (yeah, right….I bet you’d really coexist with the “disturbed youth” who just delivered a pipe bomb in your pizza and blew the new ostentatious double-lighted, leaded glass, non-rain-forest-harvested mahogany front door right off of that house you can’t afford). Ahem. Sorry….I must not have had enough coffee today. Or maybe not enough.

It’s terribly fashionable to take important, very specific ideas and paste them into a collage demonstrating Everythingness. They’re trying to say, “Can’t we all just get along?” without sounding like a punchline.

Well, this is worse than using a picture of child’s face as a mouse pad, which is unseemly. This is worse than using the American flag as boxer shorts or dish towels, which is disrespectful. By using meaningful symbols as mere letters in a word, this bumper sticker subsumes the significant and specific into a suffocating mass of indiscriminate acceptance.

[…] I don’t think it’s blasphemous; I just think it’s dangerously careless. Are you sure you want to just swallow down that soup without checking out the ingredients first? A few of those symbols look awfully prickly.

As they say, read the whole thing. But put your morning liquid of choice down first.

This multicultural, kum-ba-yah crap has got to stop. It is not just destroying America; it is eroding the freedoms in numerous countries across the world. Between churches that deny Christ to Islamic Awareness Month (like we aren’t painfully aware of it all the time, anyway) to the race for “raw materials” to hajibs at Harvard.

Bush-Hate has its very own category in the Multicultural Pantheon. Forget respecting the Commander-in-Chief (of this country, or any country for that matter) – let’s get him just because we hate him!!!! Even former officials fall victim to this dibilitating disease. As she attacks the country she formerly served as Secretary of State, I can’t help but wonder what Maddy Albright would like in a burqua. Where would she put her brooch? Why can’t the Dhimmicrats see that by politicizing the survival of this country, they are playing into the jihadist’s hands?

Yes, indeed, it is all very prickly.

UPDATE: Found this over at Sippican Cottage on the perceived “coolness” of having nothing in your head that could be considered an original thought.

I see a lot of very insulting and condescending epithets hurled at those who exhibit simple religious piety. It is generally rained down upon the meek believers by persons who cannot bring themselves to forgo anything that might bring them a moment’s pleasure or amusement out of hand. Abstract right and wrong as a method to govern your life is assumed to be dead. Even worse than dead; it’s not cool.

[…] The world is full of compelling and competing superstitions. I guess it’s just up to us to choose a pleasant one. Or not.

Gerard liked it so much, he immediately cranked out a book about it. Heh.

Kevin Spacey and Me

I will be out of town at a conference for a couple of days. Blogging will be light to non-existent, unless I can finagle some free WiFi somewhere. In the meantime, enjoy this little gem from The Anchoress. She found a YouTube of Kevin Spacey doing IMPERSONATIONS. He even nails the mannerisms… Outstanding!

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