Almost As Fun As Holding a Porkchop Over a Piranha Tank

Well, this morning Peach Pundit (see here and here) stirred up the masses in daring to express a little sympathy for Karen Handel, former candidate for Georgia Governor and current VP for Public Policy at Susan G. Komen Foundation. Yes, that Susan G. Komen Foundation… the one that’s been in the news for daring to get out of lockstep with the Planned Parenthood crowd.

It was almost as fun as holding a porkchop over a piranha tank. The feeding frenzy began in earnest, with the usual suspects sniping back and forth over the intertubez, dredging up old campaign slog and muck. The KarenHandelHaters, the AbortionIsAGodGivenRight protestors, the LiberalEntitlementScamsters and the IJustDisagreeToBeDisagreeable lurkers all ganged up on the few who tried to make the point about how shameful is was that the liberal media immediately pointed out that Karen Handel, a (gasp!) Republican woman with strong value beliefs, was in a position of responsibility at the foundation and therefore had to be the prime instigator of the decision to end PP’s funding. The pixel ink was barely dry on the first post reporting the funding change when the witchhunt began in earnest. What an evil woman! She’s a witch! Burn her! Burn her!

One issue at hand is that PP’s umbrella of “women’s health” services includes breast cancers screenings, but they outsource the mammogram portion of the service. Gee, wouldn’t it make better sense for SGK to fund the mammogram providers, not PP? It’s their money, isn’t it?

It doesn’t have anything to do with research for breast cancer, saving lives, women’s health or even the money. The whole bruhaha boils down to deviating from the liberal narrative. If one dares stray, we now have the state-run press to act as Big Brother and blast over the Oceanian loudspeakers your name, rank and serial number.

One big, giant reeking bowl of Osso Buco slime.

But back to our Georgia friend. The biggest shame in this whole spectacle is that a fine woman of good character has been attacked and maligned, in an unwarranted and cruel fashion. She deserves our prayers to withstand the firestorm around her.

God help America. What have we become?

New Friends, Hysterics and Everybody Loves a Pretty Girl

Hide your daughters and and your silverware, the Georgia General Assembly is back in town.

Last night was the first PeachPundit Road Show of 2012, annually falling on the eve of the first legislative gavel.

I made several new acquaintances. It helps to bring a pretty girl along.

One, Mr. BJ Van Gundy, gave me the idea for a great post today about the typical media hysterics that will saturate every particle of existence until November. According to The Green Papers, the Republican Convention will have 2,286 delegate votes. A majority vote (1,144) is required to nominate “the winner” as the Republican candidate for President. Since Iowa is now past, the following votes are pledged, but not committed:

      6 – Romney, Willard “Mitt”
      6 – Santorum, Richard J. “Rick”
      6 – Paul, Ronald E. “Ron”
      4 – Gingrich, Newton Leroy “Newt”
      3 – Perry, James Richard “Rick”

That’s a whopping 25 votes out of 2,286! 1.09%! And the state run media is already ramming their narrative that Romeny is the clear victor when at least 75% of the ordinary folks like me and you don’t want him as the Republican candidate. And there are 11 more months to go. Woohoo! Good Lord help us all.

Also, we were the recipients of one of the famous Morsberger Elephant Ties. After admiring his tie and noting my College Boy, the history major, would really like one, where might I order one, etc., Emory promptly pulled it off his neck and handed it to my daughter and said to send this to your brother. His card has a great quote on the back that my boy will just love:

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly… who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who have never known neither victory nor defeat. — Theodore Roosevelt

Everyone had a great time, including my usually apolitical daughter. She was regaled with facts, opinions, stories and even met the notorious Charlie Harper.

A great night, indeed.

You’ve Been Newted

(via PeachPundit)

…it was with great interest that I absorbed the news of Wednesday afternoon’s press statement from the nascent Gingrich campaign, wherein our stalwart protagonist was depicted as fighting trigger-happy sheep, so we wouldn’t have to fight them here. Maybe? Who knows. My point is, this was the finest and most engaging piece of writing I’ve yet read. Imagine Keats, if Keats had punched out Yeats (who would in turn kick Hardy in the shins), and then high-fived James Madison. (Who would, in turn, write down “punching Keats” as his first Amendment.) (Or more like fist Amendment!)

So without further ado… Official Campaign Press Statements In Graphic Novel Form.

See, this election is gonna be fun after all.

Schadenfreudia – Updated

I’m past the point of wondering why people are so stupid.

First, the frivolous lawsuit about not being black-enough continues to boggle the mind.

Georgia’s ethics laws have more wrinkles than a Shar-pei.

Obama believes Georgia is in play for 2012. I wonder if he’s planting seeds for discontent, similar to the trips he took to Wisconsin prior to the Governor vs Unions melt-down up there. I really don’t trust the fella on anything.

He is also whining that people need to act like adults in regards to the budget crisis and imminent government shutdown. Doesn’t this boil down to when he had the luxury of a Democratic Congress and they declined to pass a budget last year and blew every cent they could get their hands on instead? Shouldn’t that behavior start at the top?

Soldiers don’t count in his eyes. I wonder if the military pilots who shuttle him around on his numerous vacations count. Or the various military guards about the White House, the basketball court, the golf course and the many, many fundraisers; I wonder if they count. I bet they get a waiver and a paycheck.

UPDATE: In my everlasting pinin’ for college football funk, I had these tabbed up and then, well, Schadenfreudia happens.

Don’t ever miss an opportunity to diss the Ol’ Ball Coach. Even when he suspends his Meglomanical QB for the xth time for the xth infraction.

George O’Leary saying cheating is disgraceful. It is. But coming from him, this is downright funny.

Five Years In and Still Going Strong

Well, well. Today is my bloggy-bloggy-birthday. This little blog is FIVE years old today. It is merely a fluke of nature that the blog was birthed on Pi Day, but that always gives me something else to celebrate.

I deserve a parade, or something. That’s it – my very own float in the geek’s Pi Parade. Bring me my tiara and don’t forget a piece of pie!

What started as a rant about bad manners led to politics, of course. Duh. A year went by, and the blog got its sea-legs.. After two years, there were more readers, more commenters and I was venturing out to meet face to face some of the intertubez folks that were previously called “friends I haven’t met yet.” Year three showed even more growth, including the first picture of little ol’ me holding my favorite dessert. 2008 was my first CPAC, where I was indoctrinated in “The Rules” and met Erick the Giant Slayer and the neighbor I didn’t know I had. Then birthday number four rolled around. The blog was bursting at its seams with many friends, a few enemies (remember, Rule 4) and parsecs of snarkage. Just a few days after that celebration, I coined my favorite phrase of 2010, “Sometimes the stupidity of people just stupefies me.” During this past year, along with dishing out massive amounts of discontent on the powers that be and the media minions who lick their toes, I was also invited to join the blogging families of Potluck and PeachPundit. Happy, happy, happy – just spreading the joy, baby.

Pi, in and of itself, can make a political statement. Imagine these two having a discussion on the steps of the Wisconsin Capitol. There, I knew you’d get it. What a perfect illustration of the moronisphere of politics populated with your standard sleazy Democrats, standard sleazy Republicans, standard sleazy Independents, screaming Union goons, whining Presidents, scheming First Ladies, incompetent government officials. And I didn’t even mention Georgia, that bastion of gentility in government affairs. Sex, lobbyists, video tape. Oh wait, that was last session.

In searching for Pi-related party favors, I ran across this interesting cartoon where dinosaurs are discussing Pi Approximation Day at The World of Pi (no, it’s not a restaurant).

Oh, the horror! Pi approximation? Reducing the exactness of exquisite perfection to a mere approximation? Egad! That’s like saying a stick drawing is a suitable rendering of the Mona Lisa. What interested me the most is the what the T-Rex says in the last frame…“Failure is just success rounded down, my friend.”

If ever there was a motto for the Obama Legacy, that’s it. Bam. You’re welcome. I’m feeling very Maleficent today, so watch your step.

As always, I want to thank The Anchoress for providing the spark. See what you started?!?! 😉

UPDATE: I always knew that Albert Einstein was born today (how fittin’), but March 14 is also Truett Cathy’s birthday. (For you pesky non-natives, he is the inventor of my addiction, Chick-fil-A). He is 90 years young today. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha…now I have a reason to link to my favorite song.

UPDATE II: Instalanche! Thanks Professor Glenn for the birthday wishes. I was walking in the door of the PeachPundit Road Show when the ‘lanche hit, so I was a’schmoozin’ it up instead of sitting at home watching the sitemeter spin into the stratosphere. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

UPDATE III: And look! There was a Memorandum thread for little ol’ me, while I was a’schmoozin’, too! (Thanks Fausta!)

The Circus that is Georgia Government

Charlie Harper, editor of Peach Pundit, had a great post this week on the need of the Georgia Government being treated to a good soaking in disinfectant. Ethics? Who needs ’em, when the guidelines are so weak my niece could wiggle her way around then in just 10 minutes.

As for me, I’m still waiting on my Excellent European Vacation.

Check out the other postings at Peach Pundit. When you hit a nerve, it means you’re doing your job. Heh.

Ethics, Schmethics

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, was a guest on a lobbyist-funded $17,000 European trip over Thanksgiving.

Last year, the same Georgia House Speaker David Ralston sponsored the first ethics legislation in several years. He favors that lobbyists report what they spend on legislators, but without a limit. New rules proposed this session by ethics watchdogs limit lobbyist gifts to lawmakers to $100.

There’s a big gap between $100 and $17,000. Talk about the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

As for me, we spent Thanksgiving at home, feasting on a bird we purchased on sale at Publix. With a coupon. Thanks for asking.

Boy, I’m in the wrong business.

The Atlanta Curse

Image by That's Just Peachy

There. I said it. You know we all think it.

The Fully Armed and Operational RedState

For years, I’ve been proud to call myself a member of the RedState Army. Now our fearless leader is taking the next step to total world domination.

Beginning next Tuesday at 9 p.m., Erick Erickson has his own microphone and he’s not afraid to use it! Witness the power of the fully armed and operational RedState.

WSB Radio in Atlanta is the largest and most widely listened to talk radio station in the United States. It is also a 50,000 watt clear-channel radio station, meaning it broadcasts at full power 24 hours a day. Because of its clear-channel status and power, WSB is picked up crystal clear across the nation at night and, depending on the atmosphere, in a lot of countries too. Essentially, I’ll have a local show, but the WSB signal is so strong and goes so far it’ll have a national reach on the AM dial — plus there’ll be live streaming online.

WSB is also home to Neal Boortz, Clark Howard, and Herman Cain.

For the past few months I’ve been filling in for Herman Cain and talking with WSB. They made me an offer I can’t refuse.

I’ll be on from 9 p.m. to midnight, filling the slot held currently by Michael Savage. Herman Cain will come on before me and Dave Ramsey will come on after me.

Just to be clear, I’m not leaving RedState or CNN. They are priorities in my life I hope to keep doing until I die. WSB has kindly agreed to work around those obligations. In other words, I’ll be on internet, television, and radio, making the 2012 Presidential cycle a heck of a lot of fun.

You can now start your day with me in your email inbox, check in with me throughout the day here at RedState and on CNN, and close out your day with me by tuning to 750 AM or, in the Atlanta area, 95.5 FM, and if you just can’t get the signal, go to

I can’t wait, especially to watch the exploding heads after dark.

Erick was quite entertaining when filling in for Herman Cain (dare can we wish that the rumors are TRUE??), so his new show should be a blast!

Expanding My Bloggy Territory

Today is a momentous day at the praxeum. Today I become a front page contributor at Peach Pundit.

Peach Pundit is all about Georgia politics. It was founded by Erick Erickson and Clayton Wagar back in 2005. I started Obi’s Sister in 2006. I joined Potluck this past spring. My bloggy territory is expanding.

Georgia related posts will be at PP now. Otherwise, nothing much will change around here. It will be like buckshot on Ritalin, just the way you like it!

UPDATE: Congrats from Da Man!

Jon Stewart Hearts Cat Stevens

You need no better illustration of how out of touch the Left/the Media are than last weekend’s “Restoring Sanity” rally on the National Mall. If you haven’t voted yet, check out Ed Morrissey’s pointed critique of the fatwa-spewing singer.

This goes hand-in-hand with Obama’s visit to Charlotteville, VA on Friday, where his supporters admitted they supported socialism.

Then head out to the polls, remembering how much the Left hates you.

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