Five Years In and Still Going Strong

Well, well. Today is my bloggy-bloggy-birthday. This little blog is FIVE years old today. It is merely a fluke of nature that the blog was birthed on Pi Day, but that always gives me something else to celebrate.

I deserve a parade, or something. That’s it – my very own float in the geek’s Pi Parade. Bring me my tiara and don’t forget a piece of pie!

What started as a rant about bad manners led to politics, of course. Duh. A year went by, and the blog got its sea-legs.. After two years, there were more readers, more commenters and I was venturing out to meet face to face some of the intertubez folks that were previously called “friends I haven’t met yet.” Year three showed even more growth, including the first picture of little ol’ me holding my favorite dessert. 2008 was my first CPAC, where I was indoctrinated in “The Rules” and met Erick the Giant Slayer and the neighbor I didn’t know I had. Then birthday number four rolled around. The blog was bursting at its seams with many friends, a few enemies (remember, Rule 4) and parsecs of snarkage. Just a few days after that celebration, I coined my favorite phrase of 2010, “Sometimes the stupidity of people just stupefies me.” During this past year, along with dishing out massive amounts of discontent on the powers that be and the media minions who lick their toes, I was also invited to join the blogging families of Potluck and PeachPundit. Happy, happy, happy – just spreading the joy, baby.

Pi, in and of itself, can make a political statement. Imagine these two having a discussion on the steps of the Wisconsin Capitol. There, I knew you’d get it. What a perfect illustration of the moronisphere of politics populated with your standard sleazy Democrats, standard sleazy Republicans, standard sleazy Independents, screaming Union goons, whining Presidents, scheming First Ladies, incompetent government officials. And I didn’t even mention Georgia, that bastion of gentility in government affairs. Sex, lobbyists, video tape. Oh wait, that was last session.

In searching for Pi-related party favors, I ran across this interesting cartoon where dinosaurs are discussing Pi Approximation Day at The World of Pi (no, it’s not a restaurant).

Oh, the horror! Pi approximation? Reducing the exactness of exquisite perfection to a mere approximation? Egad! That’s like saying a stick drawing is a suitable rendering of the Mona Lisa. What interested me the most is the what the T-Rex says in the last frame…“Failure is just success rounded down, my friend.”

If ever there was a motto for the Obama Legacy, that’s it. Bam. You’re welcome. I’m feeling very Maleficent today, so watch your step.

As always, I want to thank The Anchoress for providing the spark. See what you started?!?! 😉

UPDATE: I always knew that Albert Einstein was born today (how fittin’), but March 14 is also Truett Cathy’s birthday. (For you pesky non-natives, he is the inventor of my addiction, Chick-fil-A). He is 90 years young today. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha…now I have a reason to link to my favorite song.

UPDATE II: Instalanche! Thanks Professor Glenn for the birthday wishes. I was walking in the door of the PeachPundit Road Show when the ‘lanche hit, so I was a’schmoozin’ it up instead of sitting at home watching the sitemeter spin into the stratosphere. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

UPDATE III: And look! There was a Memorandum thread for little ol’ me, while I was a’schmoozin’, too! (Thanks Fausta!)

Welcome to Potluck!

Potluck, my guilty pleasure when not ranting here or over at Peach Pundit, is adding two new faces! Click over and welcome Zilla of the Resistance and just a conservative girl to the kitchen table.

And remember, we know where the knives are hidden. After all, it’s our kitchen.

I HEART P.J. O’Rourke

This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order.

Via P&P and Potluck.

Read the whole thing. And dance that the breakup is beginning!

While you’re over at Potluck, give some high-fives to our own Backyard Conservative. Anne Leary has been voted as one of the 30 Political Mom Bloggers Who Will Change Your Vote! Congrats!

Post Vacation Stress Syndrome

Faced with 556 unread emails bright and early this morning, today’s plans wilted. Add a surprise (expensive) brake repair, and I’m pinin’ for the beach. Again. So soon. And I’ve only just begun to peel (so sue me, I have Irish ancestors)…

To get me back in the swing of things, here’s a some linky-love. Enjoy.

Tea Party Crashers.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

About that 3 a.m. phone call… Be sure to check out the lively discussion over at Potluck.

Couldn’t have happened to a finer man. Phil wins his third Masters for his wife. Our friend Bethany shows off her fabulous cookies – I’ll have a couple of dozen, please.

Scotland Yard and shoes. Not what you think.

Diary of the Traveling Fedora.

Preston’s point. It’s long, but read it all.

Doug’s history lesson.

Stacy McCain/French Quarter. Incoming!

Well, shoot, let’s just invite everybody for a welcome home party!

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Quote of the Day

By fuzislippers at Potluck:

Directly insulting, belittling, and ridiculing a large percentage of the voting public just makes no sense to me either as a leadership methodology or as a political move.

Bam! Ya think?

A side note: Today, while cruising the little beach town we’ve fallen in love with, we met another patriot. Pictures and more on her and her little shop later.

Stop Tyranny; Read Potluck

There is a lively discussion over at Potluck on this week’s events. Head on over and pull up a chair!

We can stop the tyranny – spread the word.

Shameless Self-Promotion

I’m a contributor over at the new blog, Potluck, the brainchild of Jill at Pundit & Pundette. All women, all opinionated, all the time. Get Give it a try. [See I told you I was tired! Admin.]

Jimmie of The Sundries Shack is promoting it, as well as Troglopundit. Both fine men who knows what’s good for them.

Fellow contributor, Carol “The PhotoShop Empress of the Galaxy” of No Sheeples Here says

Potluck will be a source of the best commentary by women who are in tune with the conservative principles to which many in this great nation adhere.

Meet the girls:
Adrienne’s Corner
And So it Goes in Shreveport
Backyard Conservative
Bread upon the Waters
Carol’s Closet
Coffee Milk Conservative
Fuzzy Logic
No Sheeples Here
Politicaljunkie Mom
Pundit & Pundette
Ruby Slippers
Shout First, Ask Questions Later

I’m flattered and honored to be invited – it will be loads of fun. I just hope I don’t embarrass myself or get something on my shirt.

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