10 Olympic Stud Muffins

You see, like Scott Brown, I have a recent college-graduate daughter who is available. So I’m always on the lookout for potential … ahem … suitors.

Swing over to Ruby Slippers, where compliments of Mary Sue, you’ll see some seriously hunky Olympic eye-candy.

I bet #2 has a dimple on his chin like Kirk Douglas. #5 seems playful, but she’d probably go for #10. She likes them tall and mysterious.

Insty also points to a little something for the boys.

And Gator Doug, well, I’m not sure what that is all about. But there’s lots of mud.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know…

why isn’t this man President?

Fausta “waxes” downright philosophical

Once You Go Jack, You’ll Never Go Back

Well, this is a surprise – an award that wasn’t immediately coughed up to Barack Obama. People Magazine picks Johnny Depp as their 2009 Sexiest Man Alive.

Actually, no, it’s not really a surprise. Johnny has always been high on “the list” of favored eye candy. If they weren’t going to pick Mark Harmon, then JD is a fine choice indeed. Yes, indeedy, a very fine choice.

Ahem, here he is without the pirate hat, you know, just for comparison purposes, you know –

UPDATE: Evidently, GQ got the memo.

There’s Rule 5 Cheesecake and Then There’s Mark Harmon

A palette cleanser. Ha. My kids know about my addiction to NCIS. Besides the great stories, complex characters, detailed plots, twists and turns, the big draw is one particular actor. They see a gruff older agent; the terror of his subordinates, the thorn in the side of authority. What they don’t know is that women of a certain age remember him as a younger man, gloriously rugged and independent, the perfect … well, I’ll just keep that part to myself… and appreciate how he’s matured like a fine, fine wine. He was the Illya Kuryakin of the ’80’s.

Mark Harmon. Ahhhh Mark Harmon. We should all age so well.


UPDATE: Hahahah. Steve Burri called my Gibbs and raised me a Ziva.

The Land of the Living is Just Over the Horizon

On the mend… in the meantime, a little Rule 5 Happiness for The Ladies. And as much as I’d like to lie, Lance, that is NOT me playing the Bach #3. I just love these morphie thingies. Know what would make it picture perfect? If Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were replaced by Mark Harmon.

Rule 5 Premiere

Out of pocket all day tomorrow on a long round-trip road-trip delivering the Wee Highlander to what will be hopefully a fruitful recruiting experience. That aside, I’m finally going to take the plunge on Stacy’s Rule 5. Of all of Stacy’s rules and advice, Rule 5 seems to be wildly popular and supposedly generates the most traffic. I resisted for quite a while, until I found the perfect picture with which to start off…


The year is 1977. The time was one of those beautifully crisp autumn days. The place is the Founder’s Garden on North Campus of the University of Georgia. The lovely Bulldog was a sophomore.

Only one guess… who is she?

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