Touchy, Aren’t We?

According to the Daily Caller,

In an email to The Daily Caller, Gina Channell-Allen, president of the Pleasanton Weekly in Pleasanton, California, said that her paper “received a call from the White House asking us to take out part of the story because it reflected poorly on the First Lady.”

Of course, the White House denies it. They deny everything.

Allahpundit notes that if the WH had ignored it, so would most of the rest of the country, even in this Googliest of ages. But noooo, they asked for a retraction and now the news is spreading.

The weirdest part of this, of course, is that the WH ended up increasing the odds that the story would get picked up by bigger media when it decided to contact the publisher to complain. She was probably shocked to find that someone so high up was paying attention to a small paper 3,000 miles away and was itching to tell someone about it. And in fact, according to Daily Caller reporter Mike Riggs, she volunteered the info to the DC after reading their story about the latest White House tantrum over its press coverage. So why’d they go ahead and tip her off that her paper’s story had irked them? The answer, I assume, is that they’ve become highly attuned to how modern media, especially online media, gets its content. I’ve never heard of the Pleasanton Weekly and doubt we’ve ever received a tip about one of its stories, but it turns out that its articles are searchable on Google News. Presumably the White House feared that some blogger or bored Politico beat reporter would be searching “Michelle Obama” for unrelated reasons and end up stumbling across the item about Marine One. Before you know it, shazam — a new “FLOTUS is an elitist!” news bubble floats into the media mainstream. In fact, I’m sure that’s how the White House found the article too, doing some daily news crawl of “Michelle Obama” items on Google or Lexis or whatever.

We don’t need any new “news” story to tell America what it already knows.

Slime That Won’t Stick

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

You know, to a lunatic pseudo-journalist, these conservative women all look alike. I won’t justify a link to the Vanity Fair hit-piece on Sarah Palin, you can go read it yourself. However, Dr. Gina Louden, the woman the reporter assumed to be the Palin’s nanny has an excellent and, ahem, pointed rebuttal up at Big Government. Owww, that’s gonna leave a mark.

But it is Palin’s persistent encouragement of the prayer warriors that most clearly reveals her worldview: she is good, her opponents are evil, and the war is on.” Agreed. She is good, her opponents are evil, and the war is on!

One more thing among your errors: “the boy” in the excerpted quote above, was not Trig Palin. That was my Samuel, also a beautiful boy with Down syndrome. No “nanny whisk(ed) the boy away.” I am his mother. I took my son, Samuel from Sarah before she went on stage. I told Mr. Gross that fact, but he didn’t let that divert him from his pathetic narrative.

That is not journalism. That is just gross.

Evidently things must be getting pretty slow over at Vanity Fair, since they just make stuff up out of whole cloth now. I thought that was the real “Toilet Bowl Media’s” job.

In the meantime, Stacy McCain is cavorting about up in Alaska after the Joe Miller victory. After a meeting with the First Dude and his snowmobile, he had energy enough to give gross Mr. Gross some tips on how to write a real Palin hit-piece. That Stacy, always so generous with advice.

We should all wear goggles and plastic suits November 2-3. Newsrooms and campaign offices around America will resemble tandem Gallagher concerts – like fireworks on Independence Day.

With Apologies to the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

The Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker is a North American variety of woodpecker that literally kills the tree that is the source of its food. Steve Nix, forester, explains:

Sapsuckers, on the other hand, attack living wood and often return to the tree to increase the size of the holes for fresh sap. Repeated attacks can girdle and kill branches or the entire tree. Insects, porcupines, or squirrels may be attracted to the oozing sap and cause additional injury. Wood decay or stain fungi and bacteria may enter through the feeding wounds.

How’s that for a metaphor of Obama’s plan for America?

Salieri would be so proud. The administration’s drive to complete and total national mediocrity continues apace.

First, a visual aid to kick us off. Pearls Before Swine, via Fausta (click the image to enbiggen).

Is the image of “Bumbler in Chief” deliberate? If you’d clicked through the links from a few days back, you read Stu Tarlowe’s excellent article on the dark purpose served by Obama’s “incompetence.”

It is a tremendous mistake to think that the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico will help convince Americans of Barack Obama’s incompetence. Obama’s true agenda is so insidious that even his inability to handle a crisis serves his greater strategy.

And that strategy has a name: it is the Cloward-Piven Strategy. Named for the two Leftist sociology professors who formulated it, its purpose is to bring about the demise of capitalism by overloading the system, largely by making more people desperate and dependent on the government.

He knew from Day 1 the severity of the oil spill, but did nothing. Even in the face of dismal disaster, a nominally Presidential-type President knows to at least put on his big boy pants and stand by Americans hurt by tragedy. Perhaps if the Gulf-bordering states had been full of Democrats, he’d have acted faster, if at all.

Today he did act, but with a kick-jerk reaction sure to do more damage to the region and to America.

This past week, the Gulf States who hoped Barack Obama would actually do something to help them were stunned when he imposed a ban on deep water offshore drilling.

It is no exaggeration to say that as much as shrimping is part of the way of life in the Gulf Coast area, oil drilling is too. Barack Obama, with the stroke of a pen, put tens of thousands of men and women on the unemployment line.

That was no act of moderation. That was an overreaction — a desire by Obama to move the narrative from “do nothing” to “do something.” He did something alright. In his zeal to turn this from his Katrina to his 9/11 with a “Never Again” moment, he destroyed an entire industry.

That was not an act of moderation. It was a desperate, selfish bid to change the narrative, despite all sorts of collateral damage.

How long will it take for shrimp to show up on the White House menu? Once everyday Americans can’t afford it anymore?

Obama is diddling about, he is using the crisis as a shield; hiding behind this disaster of disasters and using it as an excuse to cancel a trip abroad. The real reason he canceled the trip to Indonesia is that his safety cannot be guaranteed. Seething mobs of murderous Muslims that believe he’s aiding Israel (I’m not sure where they got that news) and all that. Given those choices, you’d think he’d gladly sharpen his focus on responding to the oil spill. Instead he goes on another vacation.

Along with his indifference to American calamity, his omission of a D-Day comment of any sort is just the other shoe. Going to yet another party was more important.

He’s losing his army, one by one by one. But even as they are abandoning The Won, they still think they are so much better than us. We don’t want to snark, “We told you so!” quite so soon, but it is great fun to daydream about that day.

Denial is the New Pink

Tabitha Hale, declares 2010 The Year of the Citizen. (h/t The Other McCain)

This past year was a wake up call. Congress isn’t doing anything unprecedented. They are doing what any law making body does when they aren’t being held accountable – they are doing what’s best for them. The thing about Americans is that we want it our way, and we only let ourselves get pushed around for so long. Then we get angry.

What happened over the past year is the result of Americans hitting a breaking point. The encroachment on our liberty did not begin with Barack Obama, and this discontent has been brewing for a while. The amount of money being spent and the absurd power grab coming from Washington defy everything that we stand for, and Washington has finally met some resistance. Now we enter a new decade with country-reshaping legislation hanging in the balance, leaders who will not listen, and a whole punch of pissed off gun and religion clingers. So what comes next?

Democrats in Congress have been clear about their intent to “reshape” America. Republicans – while surprisingly strong throughout the health care debate – are still not quite getting it. In order for the GOP to gain any ground this year, they’re going to have to figure out how to work with the grassroots instead of treating us like wayward children who have been off having a tantrum. Serving tea at an RNC pizza party does not a Tea Party make, Michael Steele, and if you want the Tea Party movement to “come home” you’re going to have to first acknowledge that it would not exist if Republicans had done their job in the first place. [Emphasis – Admin]

Bob Belvedere goes on:

I think you also have to factor-in the fact that the Congress and the current Administration are also populated as never before with committed Leftists. These people are driven not so much by a desire to maintain their perks and influence, in the traditional political sense, so much as they are driven by a desire to bring about the implementation of their vision of heaven on earth—the immanentizing of the eschaton. They have found THE ANSWER to all of the world’s ills and they intend to apply whatever means are necessary to achieve this end.

Dear Leader is rooting them on, from the links or the sidelines, wherever he can hide. Since our national media won’t report on his many failings, this new “first” must come as a rude surprise: Obama lost more jobs in one year as President than any other modern President. His disastrous financial policies have only thrown gas on the fire. He has broken practically every campaign promise. He can’t speak extemporaneously. He surrounds himself with lackeys, unable to think independently, much less patriotically. But worse of all, he literally sucks at national security.

MI5 knew about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (the NW 253 foiled suicide bomber) three years ago. The Saudi’s briefed a senior WH official in October. Airport officials LIED to America about an additional arrest on the flight.

On the horrific attack on the CIA base in Afghanistan, Erick believes Obama is making his worse mistake yet, and that’s saying a lot!

To you and me this may not seem like a big deal. But I’m told this is hugely significant and shows just how out of touch the Obama administration is with the intelligence community. I’m told that no other President has issued such blanket statements of public mourning directed toward an attack on the CIA and thereby having the White House itself confirming an attack on our intelligence community.

The intelligence community is licking its wounds right now and Obama’s rush to confirm for the world that the community suffered such wounds has the intelligence community simmering tonight and Al Qaeda preparing a PR blitz with what they view as good news.

Obama was briefed on terror threats prior to leaving for his Christmas vacation. After a couple of hasty “voting present” statements from his tropical paradise, I have to ask, WHY IS HE STILL IN HAWAII? Leave Michelle, the kids, the handlers, the posse at the posh digs – COME BACK TO WASHINGTON. YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT – ACT LIKE IT.

Denying there is a problem will not make it go away. Mark Steyn:

The president can’t tell an allegedly alleged suspect (which is what he is in Obama fantasy-land) from an enemy combatant (which is what he is in cold hard reality). But worse than the complacent cop-show jargonizing was a phrase it’s hard to read as anything other than a deliberate attempt to mislead the public: The president referred to the Knickerbomber as an “isolated extremist.” By this time, it was already clear that young Umar had been radicalized by jihadist networks in London and fast-tracked to training in Yemen by terror operatives who understood the potentially high value of a Westernized Muslim with excellent English from a respectable family. Yet President Obama tried to pass him off as some sort of lone misfit who wakes up one morning and goes bananas.

Again, this pathological denial only shows weakness. In fact, it enboldens our enemies. Do you really think they will spare you or your family when they overrun Washington/Hawaii/Chicago/where ever you are hiding?

It’s telling though, that Obama believes his real enemies are at home, not abroad. His warped worldview, perpetual campaign mode and politicization of everything down to the WH toilet paper is wearing thin on Americans. The “Blame Bush” mantra is getting old. As Nice Deb quips, We are being governed by children:

Lying, petty, hypocritical, finger-pointing children who do not have grown up priorities.

To make matters worse, this clueless administration just let another one go, free as a bird. How long until he repays the kindness? The in-com-pe-tence is staggering! And if you disagree, well, you’re the problem.

Sowing division is Obama’s specialty. He portrays himself as the only serious, responsible person in the room, and contends that any criticism of him or his policies is motivated not by what’s best for the country but by petty politics or something even worse.

I am so tired of this crap.

UPDATE: Hot off the RedState press, Erick notes a troubling article from the London Telegraph: The entire world can see his political machinations. This emperor really has no clothes.

The incompetence of the US intelligence bureaucracy is not the only thing that makes Underpantsgate so damaging for Obama. More serious is his failure to understand or acknowledge the nature of the enemy – and to view war as mere politics.

Your Assignment Today, Should You Choose to Accept It

…is to get David Letterman fired. Yep, folks, it’s Tuesday and you know what that means. Useful Idiot Day at the praxeum. Surprisingly, the shy and retiring President Cupcake has been dethroned this week by the world’s dirtiest old man. Mama is mad, really mad, at this fella for joking about raping young girls, so watch out! Sir, is this the way you want to raise your son? Good thing you don’t have any daughters.

Cynthia Yockey is on a one-woman mission to deliver his pink slip. Join her (and me) in contacting CBS and their sponsors imploring to rid the airwaves of this pestilence – (info from

CBS Television / Main number: 212-975-4321
Les Moonves, President and CEO, CBS, 212-975-4545,
Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment, 323-575-2747,
Mike Nelson, VP Communications, 818-655-2156,

CBS Television Studios
Lauri Metrose, VP Communications, 818-655-7223, Jennifer Solari, Executive Director Communications, 818-655-7222,
Kim Sartori, Director Communications, 818-655-7221,

Major Advertisers:
Johnson & Johnson (Listerine and KY Brand)
Main Number: 1-888-222-0182 (Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products)
Kristina Chang, Public Relations, 973-385-4370,
Steve Schonberg, Edelman PR, 212-704-4494,

Old Navy (Parent company is Gap Inc)
Main Number: 650-952-4400
Nicole Bender, Public Relations, 415-832-2889,

Kellogg’s (Mini-Wheats)
Main Number: 1-800-962-1413 (Consumer Affairs)
Allison Costello, Ketchum PR, 412-456-3741,

Southwest Airlines
Main Number: 214-792-4847 (Public Relations)
Gary Kelly, CEO, 214-792-4000,
Ginger Hardage, SVP Culture & Communications, 214-792-6924,
Linda Rutherford, VP Communications, 214-792-4625,

Olive Garden
Main Number: 1-800-331-2729 (Guest Relations)
John Caron, Executive VP Marketing,
Grey Advertising (their ad agency), 212-546-2083

Other National Advertisers:
June 11 –Touchstone Pictures (Disney), Samsung, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Chase Bank, Pfizer (Zyrtec), Wyeth (Centrum Vitamins), Ford, Lexus, Mazda and Saturn (in addition to several of the above)

June 10 – DirecTV, MetLife, Amica, AT&T, Samsung, Verizon, Chase Bank, Aventis (Actonel), Merck (Pepcid), Pfizer (Zyrtec), Wyeth (Centrum Vitamins), Honda, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln and Toyota (in addition to several of the above)

His flip attitude about the whole affair is indicative of American’s general decline in values. Anything is permissible, especially if it’s cloaked in raunchy locker-room humor and denigrates an opponent. Even better if the opponent is female. Just look at the example in the White House.

Previously: Letterman the Lecher, Shouldn’t Letterman’s Head be on a Platter by Now?

UPDATE: Cynthia’s Handy-Dandy Fire David Letterman Kit #1 and Handy-Dandy Fire David Letterman Kit #2. Now get on it!

LGF Bans Again

Charles Johnson, self-proclaimed gate-keeper of internet free speech, has banned Sammy at Yid With Lid from LGF. (h/t AmericanPower) Guilty by association.

Go Sammy! Just to ease the pain, I’m adding him to my blogroll so his traffic won’t suffer. He should have been there anyway, I read him so much. (My apologies, Sammy, for being awol from my blogroll and that your traffic might increase by 3 hits, maybe. As Stacy says, “Hitz iz hitz.”)

6000 Words of What?

Again, as I said yesterday, people smarter than me are doing a fine job of analyzing Obama’s speech in Cairo (Egypt, not Georgia). Read away, it’s fabulous stuff:

Michelle Malkin: Rainbows and unicorns

Gateway Pundit: Senator Inhofe wonders, “I Just Don’t Know Whose Side He’s On?”

Gabe at Ace: The shout-out to the ladies was “hajibs are more important than other things…” like female genital mutilation.

The Anchoress: Obama as an onion – one layer revealed at a time.

Not Tucker Carlson: A new beginning… of what?

Fausta: What was missing?

Legal Insurrection (h/t The Other McCain): Obama’s short straw rhetoric.

Pundette: Obama isn’t cool, he’s cold.

Erick: The Won’s moral equivalence – apply liberally.

Warner Todd Huston at RedState: USA – expired!

What does this say about how President Obama feels about his own nation? Is he not interested in “elevating” us to a higher status if possible? Are we to assume he wants to keep the U.S. down so that it won’t outshine any other nation? Should we assume that he wants to make sure we have as dismal a standard of living as other countries just to be “fair”? Should we abandon our status in the world to avoid the appearance of being “elevated”?

I don’t know about you but the idea of a leveled world playing field implicit in this comment seems to compare quite well with Obama’s stated ideals of “spreading the wealth” that gave him so much trouble during the late presidential campaign.

The Godfather Presidency

John Huntsman, Governor of Utah, steps down and accepts Obama’s offer of the US Ambassadorship to China. Evidently even the appearance of thinking of maybe testing the waters for 2012 was enough for Obama to entice him with a plumb appointment far, far away from America’s ravenous media. As Vito Corleone once told his son Michael:

…keep your friends close but your enemies closer

While Moe Lane thinks this will help Huntsman in the long run and is a gift of sorts from The Won,

By co-opting Huntsman, Obama will have successfully pacified the lone Republican 2012 challenger, thereby ensuring a stable route to victory. Then, of course, is the knowledge that he’ll likely receive Republican praise for his gesture of bipartisanship, however politically shrewd it may be.

Obama is an impressively calculating politician, perhaps more so than his former opponent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As such, he realizes a nomination of this nature will offer Huntsman the last needed ingredient for presidential success: foreign policy bona fides.

I really hope Moe is right, especially since the GOP needs as much help as it can get, but for now I tend to agree with Allah in that the further away Obama can ship him (or any potential usurpers to the throne), the better.

So much for the great moderate hope in 2012. What’s his angle here? Three possibilities: (a) Despite all appearances, he was never thinking of running for president. (b) He was thinking of running, but he’s enough of a patriot that he couldn’t say no when the president called on him. (c) He was aiming at 2016 all along and this is actually a brilliant move to burnish his bipartisan cred and his foreign-policy gravitas in advance, especially insofar as it makes him a player with a rising superpower like China. My only question is, how does he get back on the national stage after he’s done as ambassador?

[…]Needless to say, in co-opting a potential rival, it’s a typically cagey move by The One.

[Allah’s] Update: To expand on that last thought, I don’t think anyone on Obama’s team considered Huntsman a serious threat to beat him in 2012 but they’re obviously keen for the public to perceive the GOP as “far right.” Hence their obsession with Rush. Huntsman was a threat to that strategy so they needed to get him off the national stage and as far away as possible. Mission accomplished.

Get some armed guards for your horses, folks. Who knows whose beds they’ll turn up in.


(h/t Jimmie at The Sundries Shack)

William Jacobson has coined a new word: Specterenfreud

That’s what happens when you stab your party in the back by switching to the other party, but the other party, which is now your new party, reneges on all their promises, stabs you in the back and boots you to one step below the guy who scrapes the gum off the bottom of the Senate hot tub.

There is justice in the galaxy, and sometimes it’s a mite painful, there, sport.

Georgia Edition – Sine Die Plus One

And you thought Washington was full of shenanigans.

The Golden Sleaze Awards – just in the nick of time. So Earl, hey Earl, how’s those black-eyed peas? (h/t PeachPundit)

No problem here. I mean really, all the signs down here are in English, even if it’s Southern English.

The bridesmaid is finally becoming the bride!

Why he does what he does.

Diamond Dawgs
win YET ANOTHER over one of those teams that wears orange.

Tondee’s Tavern has a nice round-up of this session.

And the Georgia Speaker once agains proves he’s from Slytherin.

Update: Enough already. I know it’s abbreviated. I’m trying to pack!

Is There a Lemon Law for Presidents?

Bueller? Bueller? Where are this man’s handlers? At the Apple store?

Two things I wish: 1. That somewhere in the bowels of the Constitution, there is a lemon law for Presidents. “Please, sir, I want to return this, this…thing. According to the warranty under section 53, paragraph 1, part B, I have 90 days to return for a full refund if I am not at least 5% satisfied. I’m not. It malfunctions daily.” 2. That if President Bush accidentally packed the Official White House Book of Rules, Etiquette and Protocol when he was leaving, would he please return it. Otherwise, we’ll just have to assume that the Obamas threw it out when they started bringing in the black velvet paintings of Rev. Wright.

Clariiiiice at American Thinker reminds the Clueless-in-Chief of American Citizen Rule #1:

Americans do not bow to foreign monarchs because that act signified the monarch’s power over his subjects.

Gary Graham has a good idea.

Like Elizabeth, I continue to grapple with the “Is he a closet Muslim?” question. So far, almost everything he said during the pre-election campaign has turned out to be one kind or another of “misspeak” that is corrected and recorrected in the post-election campaign. Today’s actions lead further down one path.

Is Barack Obama secretly a Muslim or – if not a Muslim – somehow beholden to Muslim interests? I don’t know. Still can’t say. But it’s a fair question, now. And I keep remembering this quote from a writer in the NY Daily News, which is hardly a conservative bastion:

During the campaign, a fellow journalist confided that “I know Obama is a Manchurian candidate, I just can’t figure out what for.” I laughed then, but no more.

As Obama embarrasses America abroad, can we hope the lap-dog media at home will wake up and howl over this like they howled over Bush when he met the same Saudi King? Michelle:

…I hope all the lefties who tore into Bush over his Saudi prostration will express equal disgust with President HopeAndChange’s literal bowing and scraping to King Abdullah.

Or will they continue to swoon? He’s so hip, so dreamy, he twitters his day away and then heads courtside. But don’t think for a minute he’s not keeping score. At the buzzer – He wins, we lose.

Update: Welcome WizBang, Frugal Cafe and Amboy Times readers! Pull up a chair and set awhile. While you’re here, take my little poll and enjoy some hot crab dip!

Monsoons and Moonpies

Friday night! Soccer game canceled due to fields under water, pizza for dinner, Mark Harmon grousing at the probie in the background – no better time for some linky-love!

Ann Compton – gag me with a teleprompter.

Elizabeth says read, so read!

Obama channels Captain Underpants!

Robert Pattinson’s new iPhone.

Who needs basketball?

Ol’ Blue Eyes did it.

Go Gators! Now for the palate cleanser

A true public servant…not!

Wonder if she considered that most of the earlier guys had no teeth?

If you’ve been off-planet for a few weeks, you would have missed that Barack’s Teleprompter cranked up its own blog.

Come on down to the Party in Georgia!

Moon Pies make me happy!

Moon Pies make me happy!

The New Phones Are Here! The New Phones Are Here!

Yes, it has been a pretty pathetic week here at the far western post of House Kenobi. Too much work, too much soccer, too much smelly soccer laundry, too much pollen; just too much life and not enough hours in the day to handle it. So when the new cells came, there was great rejoicing. Yea!

Yet again, the fam here at Obi’s Sister is out stimulating the economy in our own little way. Too bad the President or the Treasury can’t figure that out. Hmmmm.

A few random hits, and I’m off to bed at a decent hour for the first time this week:

The Obumbler – the gift that keeps on giving. Jimmie asks the burning questions that all of America wants to know:

Who knew that our leading gaffe-master at this point in the administration would be the President?

How long before we see the first Photoshop of the President bowling in a football helmet?

Iowahawk shares a letter from the President’s desk.

Fausta can’t stop laughing.

The Anchoress has her usual top shelf round-up. Like her, I wonder about the next four years.

Without the help of the press – hiding his mistakes, never asking a tough or uncomfortable question, not even curious enough to ask to see his grades in college – where would this guy be? I’m thinking he wouldn’t be in the Oval Office, right now, that’s for sure.

Hey Stacy, 23 days. Ladies, look quick, it’s a man apologizing. Take pictures if you want – it is such a rare sight.

Gambling and prognostication excitement: a poll at Steve’s blog, Runny Eggs; some Higher Math; a new office pool, but with a twist. I’ll buy a square – March 30.

And today’s money shots are basketball related (surprise):

Sen. John Corwyn, ““I appreciate that President Obama has completed his ‘March Madness’ Tournament Bracket,” Cornyn said. “Yet the organizational chart of his administration still has far too many open slots.”


Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, “Somebody said that we’re not in President Obama’s Final Four, and as much as I respect what he’s doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets.”

Brings a whole new meaning to March Madness, doesn’t it?

Bueller? Bueller?

As usual, the British press is the place to find any REAL news about the Colonies.

But yesterday, Sir Gus O’Donnell, Britain’s most senior civil servant, exposed transatlantic tension when he protested that Downing Street was finding it “unbelievably difficult” to plan for next month’s G20 summit in London because of problems tracking down senior figures in the US administration. “There is nobody there. You cannot believe how difficult it is,” the Cabinet Secretary told a civil service conference in Gateshead. [Emphasis Admin]

Like me, Don Surber grouses that Obama is shirking his responsibility as POTUS. Ya think? I mean, after all, what’s a corrupt Chicago thug to do when he becomes the most powerful man in America? Party on, dude!

If our allies cannot reach us because Barack Obama has failed to appoint someone to answer the phone, how are we to have any friends in the world?

And yet this naïf little twit who barely qualifies to be a back bencher in the Illinois legislature had the nerve to tell reporters last week: “President Obama has accomplished more in 30 days than any president in modern history.”

He really said that.

He really thinks that.

He really thinks that because he could get legislation passed through a Congress that is overwhelmingly Democratic that he is God’s gift to the nation.

Barack Obama may have had the worst first 30 days in the White House since William Henry Harrison.

Poor President Harrison. Really, that’s rich. His untimely demise sparked a brief constitutional crisis. Hey wait, isn’t that what we’re seeing now, even though the press won’t report it because they are too busy oozing about Michelle’s muscular arms or jockeying to be O’s personal lapdog?

Obama must be thinking, “Everywhere, all these grimy commoners deranged right-wingers misinformed folks are complaining about my substantial growth of government (think of it as the Gubment on Viagra heh heh heh)…I’ll show them. I just won’t fill any positions. Especially in Treasury. That’ll show ’em.” Typical adolescent thinking. Like picking a fight with someone to distract the hall monitors while your hooligan pals break into the cheerleader’s lockers to steal their panties.

How can government function without basic administrative staff? Does Obama think the magic unicorn will answer the phones? Run the payroll? Order the catered lunches? Run the spell check on White House announcements? Hell-o? Bueller? Bueller?

That 3 am phone call ad from the campaign suddenly takes on a deeper meaning. Who’s protecting America while Obama is out party-hopping, smoozing the Washington glitterati? No wonder he’s never in the office. He’s got a constant hang-over. It’s hard being a demi-god, you know, able to up-end entire economies with just a whiff of his little pinkie. Watch his media gasp in awe at his super-powers.

For me though – His First Fifty Days? Obama’s progress report is nothing but F’s.

UPDATE: “Hell hath no fury like an America scorned.” Melissa is soooo right!

The Hackable President

obama_blackberry So Obama gets his Blackberry. Most people would say, “So what’s the big deal?” I have worked in IT a very long time, with many years spent in system security. One thing I’ve learned is that no device is 100% safe or stable, 100% of the time. Any device is hackable and traceable if the intruder has the skills and patience. Believe me, our enemies have plenty of both.

I’m left with questions like does it have a self or manual destruct button in the event of loss or being stolen? There was no mention of finger print scan for access.

Ahem, I have a couple myself:

– In the case it is lost or stolen, can it be remotely signalled to self-destruct?
– Does it have a GPS signal?
– Could an intruder use the Blackberry’s signature to triangulate the President’s location?
– Is there a thorough vetting process for those given access to the email address, phone number, IP, RF signal, the hardware itself?
– Are there procedures in place to limit a technician’s access to reduce the risk of implanting any type of listening/tracking/harmful component within the device itself?
– Since this is a (sometimes) top secret device, will the transmissions be monitored by NSA or other national agency?
– Will Obama be able to override any functions on the device, thus compromising the integrity not only of the Blackberry, but possibly the office as well?

I’m sure there are more concerns from people who are smarter than me. Those who actually got their CISSP.

While I disagreed with all his decisions and actions during his campaign and his first three days of office, the last thing this country needs is the constitutional crisis that would result if the President were harmed, kidnapped or worse. Everyone is already on edge due to the racial tinge of his inauguration. Amazing, isn’t it, how one man’s vanity can potentially endanger an entire nation.

Remember when Paris Hilton’s PDA was stolen? The network feeding-frenzy, the numbers/emails posted all over the internet. Imagine the country’s surprise (as well as the NSA and CIA) if they found out that our President had new secret pen-pals in exotic places like Iran, Gaza and Venezuela.

He seems does intent on rubbing the opposition’s nose in it, doesn’t he? “I won.” Nanny-nanny-boo-boo. Three days in and he’s picking on his enemies like a playground bully. And he’ll keep that dang Blackberry, no matter what. And if you’re not just like him, forget it – no soup for you!

After dissing his media, the sycophants who licked his toes all the way into the Oval Office, he instructs his adversaries in Congress to stop listening to Rush. Is Obama channeling Locutus? Jim at Gateway Pundit asks:

Question: How many times did Bush single out and attack the liberal hacks in the media during his 8 year presidency?

Jim also quotes Eric the Red:

“In two days President Golden Calf takes jabs at an American citizen and sets free genocidal terrorists… Welcome to the future, suckers.”

A servant’s heart, see I do not. More training, this padawan learner needs.

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