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There. I said it. You know we all think it.

Soccer Snark

England. Alas, poor England. They have succumbed to parlor tricks and superstition in hope that the voodoo that they doooo will help squeak out a win today against Slovenia. Yeah. Slovenia. A decent referee should be higher on their wish list, I would think. Richard Whittall of Yahoo Sports notes:

As the Daily Mail points out: “Apparently the current squad of players prefer the red shorts option to navy blue and anything that makes them happy at the moment is a boost for the big game.”

Did you hear that? A boost! Even though England last wore an all-red strip about nine-hundred years ago, winning all four games they played in the sanguinary shirts and shorts: two in the 1962 World Cup in Chile, and in friendlies against Czechoslovakia in 1963 and Belgium in 1970. So we know the kit is guaranteed to cure England’s woeful passing, inept finishing, flat movement, tactical unawareness, lack of confidence, positional indiscipline, rheumatism, whooping cough and scabies. How? Science and stuff. Speaking as a Canadian, I can tell you it’s worked great for us.


P.S. For Trog, who is slogging through Soccer 101 like the champ he is, a kit is the uniform.

If FIFA Can Make a Decision This Quickly, Maybe They Should Be In Charge of the Gulf Spill Clean-up

As a refresher, just in case you didn’t witness the robbery:

This is Outstanding News.

The referee who disallowed a potential game-winning goal for the United States will face an expedited performance review from FIFA and is likely to be excluded from the rest of the World Cup, according to a FIFA source.

[…] Every World Cup match is viewed live by an on-site assessor who monitors the referee’s performance. However, in this case, a deeper assessment will take place at the earliest possible opportunity. That this is happening so quickly suggests FIFA is taking the complaints about Coulibaly seriously and is likely to leave him unassigned to referee further matches, according to the source. He could still appear as a line judge or other supporting role.
(Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

“If he is found to have made a serious mistake, especially one that affected the outcome, then he would be highly unlikely to play any further part in the tournament,” said the source, who is close to senior figures on the refereeing panel. “FIFA is determined to keep refereeing standards high and does not want high-profile mistakes.”

Coulibaly came under heavy criticism from the U.S. team and head coach Bob Bradley, but it was not just the Edu no-goal that will come under scrutiny.

[…] Assessors also are likely to be concerned at the highly physical nature of the match. American striker Jozy Altidore was repeatedly involved in tussles with the Slovenian defense, and an ugly incident took place midway through the second half when Slovenia’s Marko Suler appeared to throw Altidore to the ground. Coulibaly issued Suler a yellow card, but the strong infraction was enough for a red card and an ejection.

In other news about executive decisions, Big Government notices Bobby Jindal’s action oriented style and outlines a bit of his history (h/t Instapundit). Hint – it doesn’t include any stints as a “community organizer.” Keith Hennessey gives Obama some detailed instructions on how to waive the Jones Act, something even his “well-educated” advisors can’t seem to figure out.

MMS (Minerals Management Services) knew that the Deepwater Horizon well was having problems as far back as February. BP was advising MMS, on numerous occasions, that they were having trouble controlling the well.

By March, according to these documents, the natural gas surges had gotten so bad that BP warned MMS that it had difficulty controlling them. On March 10th, BP e-mailed the MMS drilling director for New Orleans that they were in the midst of a “well control situation,” which a Berkeley engineer tells Bloomberg that “they damn near blew up the rig.” That was just a day under six weeks before the rig actually blew up in the Gulf.

This revelation shows that the disaster was far from unforeseen. In fact, it appears that it had already come close to a catastrophic blowout just six weeks before eleven people died in the subsequent explosion. BP didn’t exactly keep it a secret, either. They informed MMS of the problem, which apparently did nothing to intervene in a situation serious enough that a similar situation caused Exxon to shut down its well in 2006. [Emphasis admin]

Let’s see…2006. That was under President Bush, the same President who understood how to maneuver the waters of the Jones Act and decisively help those impacted by disaster(s).

UPDATE: Oh look, a Memeorandum thread.

The Wager

Tomorrow America plays England in the first round of the FIFA World Cup.

Here’s the correspondence backing up the “wager” between the two country’s ambassadors.

From: Philip Breeden, US Embassy London

To: Martin Longden, British Embassy Washington DC

Subject: World Cup Bet

Mr. Longden,
It has not escaped our attention that a certain sporting event is fast approaching, and that our respective nations will soon be meeting on the fields of South Africa.

My Ambassador has asked me to see if your Ambassador might be interested in a small wager? We will understand if you decline, given the outcome of the last such encounter.

Philip Breeden, U.S. Embassy, London

From: Martin Longden, British Embassy Washington DC

To: Philip Breeden, US Embassy London

Subject: Re: World Cup Bet

Mr. Breeden,
Even for such an exceptionally optimistic nation as the United States, I am struck by the confidence with which your Ambassador proposes this wager. It is testament, I assume, to the generosity of your great nation – since the British Ambassador does not anticipate paying out.

Your email does not specify the exact terms of the wager. May I suggest that, in the event of an England victory, the US Ambassador agrees to entertain the British Ambassador at a steak-house of his choosing in downtown DC? And in the event that the United States is able to engineer a fortuitous win over England, then my man will entertain yours at a London pub of his choosing. Loser pays.

Your reference to a previous sporting encounter between our two countries puzzles me. Since the history of English football is long and extensive, in contradistinction to US soccer, I regret that I cannot immediately recall the encounter to which you refer. No doubt it is remembered fondly on these shores; we have quite forgotten it, however.

Are you sure you want to do this?

Yours sincerely,
Martin Longden British Embassy Washington DC

From: Philip Breeden, US Embassy London

To: Martin Longden, British Embassy Washington DC

Subject: Re: World Cup Bet

Mr. Longden ,
It is with great pleasure, and no small measure of anticipation, that the U.S. Ambassador accepts the terms of the wager. I am surprised, given the well known love of the British for history, that you have forgotten what happened the last time the “special relationship” was tested on the pitch. Of course, given the result, you are to be forgiven for having misplaced that particular episode in your memory banks. I refer of course to the victory of the U.S. over England in the 1950 World Cup.

It is true that our soccer (a fine English word we have kindly preserved for you) history is not as long and illustrious as yours. However, as your generals noted during WWII, we have a unique capability for quickly identifying and advancing talent.

Game on!

Philip Breeden

From: Martin Longden, British Embassy Washington DC

To: Philip Breeden, US Embassy London

Subject: Re: World Cup Bet

Mr. Breeden,
Very well; it’s a bet!

Incidentally, you should know that the Ambassador takes his steak like American soccer victories – somewhat rare.

Martin Longden

We’re All Americans

No matter what he says…

(h/t Dave in Texas/AoSHQ)

Wish You Were Here

Nurturing my inner Charles Johnson. Heh.

Fernandina Beach at dusk

Watch out little shrimpies, I have arrived!

Last night, watched the Braves whip the Cubbies and then an exciting basketball game.

Had an unfortunate encounter with a vomit truffle. Eww.

Saw one of Charlie Crist’s hit ads this morning during breakfast. He’s really desperate now.

Contemplating a day filled with … driving range, beach, shrimp, nap, a little shopping, more shrimp…

A Righteous Suspension, the Turning Tide and Watching Pigs Fly

The dreadful referee crew that (possibly) influenced the outcome of the UGA/LSU and Arkansas/Florida games have been suspended until November 14. Tony Barnhart, AJC:

I’m talking about a mindset. It’s the same mindset that looked at A.J. Green’s incredible catch and celebration with his teammates and thought SOMETHING had to be called. It’s the mindset looked at LSU’s Charles Scott, looking briefly to the stands after a touchdown run, and thought SOMETHING had to be called.

As someone who watched college football for a long time, there seems to be an attitude that officials are more concerned about NOT calling stuff. It seems to me that when in doubt, you DON’T throw the flag. To me, it’s much worse to call something that is NOT there than fail to call something that MIGHT be there. Maybe that’s just me.

How did the ref know if he wasn’t looking at the stands to see if his mama saw his great play? Read Rennie Curran’s thoughts here.

A few weeks ago, back when the first horrible call was made, Paul Westerdawg had an interesting take on SEC officiating in general.

I’m generally not a conspiracy theorist. But Georgia does live under an oppressive officiating regime. The current SEC Supervisor of Officials is Rogers Redding (Georgia Tech class of 1965). The prior Supervisor of Officials was Bobby Gaston (Georgia Tech class of 1948). The Chief of Officials for Saturday’s game vs. LSU was Marc Curles (Georgia Tech graduate). (Ht – HacksawDawg). And for good measure, the play by play man was Al Ford who wrongly announced that Jasper fumbled.

Let me just ask you this….would Kentucky ever allow the head of SEC basketball officials to be from Louisville? Obviously not. Yet, we’ve had a Tech man running the show for the SEC since 1988. 21 years is enough. Is there not a competent official from Iowa, Texas or hell…American Samoa.

Oppressive regime, indeed.

These oppressors are losing. And they are beginning to feel the heat. After tanking the economy and doubling unemployment in less than a year, the Democrats are behind in key areas…to Republicans. Gasp! Obama said if he was elected, the oceans would recede, no one would have to work, he’d pay everybody’s mortgage and unicorns would cavort on everyone’s lawns.

Our cry-baby PINO is trying to delegitimize and marginalize Fox News, simply because they don’t follow the White House script for Press Lapdogs.

The White House has declared war on Fox News. White House communications director Anita Dunn said that Fox is “opinion journalism masquerading as news.” Patting rival networks on the head for their authenticity (read: docility), senior adviser David Axelrod declared Fox “not really a news station.” And Chief of Staff Emanuel told (warned?) the other networks not to “be led (by) and following Fox.”

Meaning? If Fox runs a story critical of the administration — from exposing White House czar Van Jones as a loony 9/11 “truther” to exhaustively examining the mathematical chicanery and hidden loopholes in proposed health-care legislation — the other news organizations should think twice before following the lead.

When did we make the leap to Pravda? Right after the bogus Peace Prize? Is this a bad episode of Seinfeld? Did I miss something? Leon Wolf sees the upside where a future (yes, there is one) Republican President (yes, there will be one again) summarily kicks MSNBC off Air Force One.

In fact, I wish we could just speed up this entire kabuki dance and develop a set of permanent political blacklists; Republicans refuse to go on MSNBC and CNN, Democrats refuse to go on FoxNews, etc. etc. At long last the media will have shed the last vestiges of being the objective arbiters of truth and reporting and it will be evident to the whole world which side a given “news” organization is a mouthpiece for based on which politicians will grant them interviews. When that day comes, everyone will look at all news reports examining them for agendas and biases with a critical eye that has been deserved for decades. And since the media is still overwhelmingly left-wing, the aggregate result of their collective defrocking will be a bonus for our side.

I’d like to thank President Obama for starting this process, and encourage him to see it through to its conclusion.


Like many Americans, I have a deepening sense of uneasiness caused by Obama’s lack of substance and/or willingness to take a stand on anything. The Economy. Iraq. Afghanistan. JOBS (please!) PLEASE STOP CAMPAIGNING – you have the job now – BE the President.

Peggy Noonan notes that Obama has now been in office longer that Bush was when 9/11 changed him (and us) forever. We all have that visual of an exhausted GW Bush, speaking through a bullhorn to rescue workers in the rubble of the World Trade Center just days after the attacks. What visual do we have of Obama? Mine is him standing on the White House lawn wielding a toy lightsaber. Presidential. Yeah.

But then, an amazing thing occurred yesterday. After Obama tried to completely block Fox News from all pool interviews, the other networks stood up and DISAGREED with him, forcing the White House to back down from its threat. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Pigs do fly.

The collected Washington bureau chiefs of the major broadcast networks rejected a White House attempt to keep Fox News from participating in pool reports. Rather than cut Fox out of the pool, the broadcast bureau chiefs unanimously told the Obama administration that none of them would accept any interviews from administration officials. That forced the White House into retreat…

We certainly give these broadcast networks plenty of criticism. Let’s take a moment to recognize their integrity. Jake Tapper stood up to Robert Gibbs earlier this week, and we wondered where the rest of the reporters at the White House were. They certainly showed up today.

Meanwhile, how bad is this for the White House? They now have all of the broadcast networks on record defending their competitor as a news organization. That reinforces reporting Fox News will do in the future, to the detriment of White House efforts to marginalize them. Plus, obviously, they look completely foolish in having to back down from their threat. [Emphasis Admin]

If you’re saying FINALLY, hallelujah, the networks grew a backbone, then you’re partly correct. But in reality, they had a flash of the future. If Obama could kick out Fox, what’s to stop him from kicking out CNN or the darling MSNBC for straying off-script? Shoot, the White House already emails and CORRECTS MCNBC during their broadcast if they feel the message wasn’t conveyed “correctly.” The picture is becoming clearer for everyone.

For a moment, however long it lasts, there is a bit of solidarity against the Obama machine. Almost like right after 9/11 when Democrats and Republicans, friend and foe, stood on the Capitol steps and sang God Bless America.

Hold that happy thought and remember the parable of the mustard seed.

From the Blogbursty Department of “No More Fun for You”

The Obama White House throws sport fishing under the boat. Literally. Can you tread water for 90 days?

According to Shimano:

Dave Pfeiffer, President of Shimano American Corporation explained, “In spite of extensive submissions from the recreational fishing community to the Task Force in person and in writing, they failed to include any mention of the over one million jobs or the 6o million anglers which may be affected by the new policies coast to coast. Input from the environmental groups who want to put us off the water was adopted into the report verbatim – the key points we submitted as an industry were ignored.”

Recreational fishing generates a $125 billion annual economy in the United States and supports jobs in every state according to government figures. Through the Sport Fish Restoration program, anglers have provided more than $5 billion through excise taxes on fishing tackle to fishery conservation and education for decades.

Besides the joy of fishing loved by so many Americans, closing these waters will result in over a million jobs LOST. Read the whole thing, and pay special attention to the part about the UN taking over management of every waterway, regardless of size, in America.

Yep, that’s Change alright. I bet Obama’s never set foot in a Bass Pro Shop. Too close to the rabble of everyday America, I suppose. Plus they don’t sell arugula.

Anglers Unite! What’s next? Foosball Tables?

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Outstanding video at The Anchoress today.

Watch it – it has golf, Georgia, and a spirit that refuses to quit. America needs more of that.

Monsoons and Moonpies

Friday night! Soccer game canceled due to fields under water, pizza for dinner, Mark Harmon grousing at the probie in the background – no better time for some linky-love!

Ann Compton – gag me with a teleprompter.

Elizabeth says read, so read!

Obama channels Captain Underpants!

Robert Pattinson’s new iPhone.

Who needs basketball?

Ol’ Blue Eyes did it.

Go Gators! Now for the palate cleanser

A true public servant…not!

Wonder if she considered that most of the earlier guys had no teeth?

If you’ve been off-planet for a few weeks, you would have missed that Barack’s Teleprompter cranked up its own blog.

Come on down to the Party in Georgia!

Moon Pies make me happy!

Moon Pies make me happy!

So That’s It!

The secret to Alabama’s phenomenal season is unveiled.

Oh No! Rain!

Oh No! We woke up this morning to RAIN pattering on the roof. The forecast is rain for the entire day.

With the UGA/GT kickoff around noon, the state’s annual apocalyptic rivalry will turn into an episode from the Keystone Kops. Just watch. It will be hilarious.

Good thing the game is in Athens, where the boys will play in real mud. If the game was at GT, they’d be playing on wet, slick, carpeted concrete.

Go Dawgs!

So Many Jokes, On So Many Levels

Georgia Tech wants its fans (all 256 of them) to wear white tonight for the game vs Miami. They are calling it a “White-Out.”

The whinebucket’s excuses against showing a little school spirit (edited by the anti-Tech admin here):

• Those who don’t own white Tech gear don’t want to buy something just to wear to one game. [Tight-wads. Come on! Stimulate the economy!]

• It will be too cold to wear just a sweatshirt, a problem for those who don’t own white jackets. Temperatures are expected to be in the 30s by the end of the game. [Too cold? Move to Green Bay and you’ll understand the true meaning of Global Warming.]

• They say it’s gimmicky and, if Tech loses, the school will look foolish. [Really? How could you tell?]

• They don’t want to appear as if they’re copying Georgia, which has had three blackouts since last year. [Heaven forbid, GT copies UGA on anything. Like a winning season, perhaps?]

Said [Tony] Yetman, “I view it as being a stunt that, candidly, I would have thought our school was above, especially after you saw the way the most recent blackout worked in Athens.”

Above? You really mean the only direction the Jackets can look is “up.”

I got your White-Out, right here.

Don't wear white after Labor Day, Doofus

Don't wear white after Labor Day

Pledges, Dreams and Other Miscellanea

Gerard over at American Digest has the new Pledge of Allegiance, now appropriately titled “The Pledge of Maybe”:

“I “ [ Too narcissistic — Alter to “One may or may not”]

“pledge” [ Too binding, implies a commitment to something no matter what may happen to it — Alter to “hereby loan on a revocable basis”]

“allegiance” [Just far too antiquated a notion for today’s fast time. Change to: “a smidgen of one’s attention”]

“to the Flag” [ The Flag? You’ve got to be kidding. No symbols drenched in blood, betrayal, slavery, corporate greed, unbridled lust of global domination allowed. Let’s change it to “to the rainbow of diversity”]

“of the United States of America,” [ No way! We are not really citizens of the USA. We’re citizens of the, dare we say it? United Cool Nations! Strike and replace with “of the United Cool Places of One World of Really Well Meaning Persons” “Nations” had to go. See below.]

“and to the Republic” [Scratch that. It was the Republican form of government that got Bush elected. The Republic is so over. We’ll go for Direct Democracy where we all vote on everything, every day on the Internet! Delete and insert “and to the Ruling Elite of Technosavvy, Well-Educated, Nice People” Hey, you can’t let everybody in. Most people are so uncool.]

“for which it stands:” [“Stands” is too aggressive. We need a lighter touch here. Let’s say “which it may represent sometimes”]

“one Nation” [ One? Nation? Doesn’t everyone agree that the Nation-state is finito? Let’s get jiggy here and substitute “many different global cultures and traditions each one just as good as yours”]

“under God,” [ Man, this is the Big One! This is just too much to be believed. All those billions of antiquated, superstitious, unscientific, blindly believing, stupid UNCOOL people who are cluttering up OUR planet with their foolish faith — when they could be as smart as us and know, absolutely know, that there’s nothing going on in the universe except “purposeless matter hovering in the dark!”

    The UNCOOL have got to be stopped and saved from their own delusion.

This one is right out! Insert “under nothing but our own current ideas of what is cool as we choose to understand cool.”]

“indivisible,” [Way too harsh, man. Insert “and able to go our own ways at any time that makes us feel good.”]

“With Liberty” [We like this concept. Let’s flesh it out to: “With Liberty and license and free cable TV and unlimited weekend minutes.”]

“and Justice” [ An obvious typo in the original. Revert to “Just Us.”]

“for all.” [Inadvertently truncated in the original. Extend to: “for all those that agree one hundred percent with Me.”]

Read the whole thing. Then you’ll have the same headache I have. The kind of headache only spawned by an extended conversation with your teenaged child. Dang, any teenaged child for that matter. Gimme, gimme, gimme, but don’t make me responsible for anything or heaven forbid hold accountant for my choices. So, can you take me to the mall now?

That should fly very well with the pirates, lurking about at sea, waiting for a chance to pounce on America. And no love, this are NOT the dishy, Johnnie Depp kind of pirates.

The last week or so of November always brings out the extended-play version of UGA vs. Georgia Tech smack talk. Always on a continuous play-loop, it reaches the height of hyperbole when the leaves are falling off the trees and the first cold front blows in. Get The Picture reminds us of an Ol’ Dawg hero. Theron Sapp broke the drought of Georgia’s losses to the dreaded North Avenue Trade School back in 1957.

Fourth and goal was a gutsy call for a team that hadn’t scored a touchdown in four years.

You want to know how big a deal that score was? In Georgia’s long history, Sapp is one of only four players, including Frankie Sinkwich, Charley Trippi and Herschel Walker, to have his jersey number retired. Pretty impressive for a guy who only scored six touchdowns in his entire career as a fullback.


Fausta is still talking about Michelle Obama’s ugly election night dress. I commented on the dress here, noting

Ugly and unflattering – no matter that it is the hubster’s favorite color and subliminally sends Marxist death rays into everyone’s brain.

Ugly (go to 5:14) is just ugly, no matter what the pricetag.

The Anchoress is back from her retreat and plowing through her hate-mail. When she posted this, I laughed and laughed. I can relate, having plenty of hate-mail and nasty commentors of my own!

Ah, Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men. That is, only if you’re a liberal Democrat.

Speak Not Against the Divine

But he and his minions can speak all they want against YOU. Get used to it.

University of Texas dismisses center Buck Burnette
from the team for a derogatory Facebook comment concerning Barack Obama. Yep, folks – a FACEBOOK comment.

Backup center Buck Burnette has apologized to his now former teammates for posting an inflammatory text message regarding President-elect Barack Obama on his Facebook account.

“The football team really was his family, and he feels like he let his family down,” said Grady Burnette, Buck’s father. “He is overwhelmed with the support he’s received from his teammates and is sorry if he caused any of them pain. He feels bad because he knows that he caused a distraction to the team. He really wanted to let coach (Mack) Brown and everybody else know how sorry he is. He can’t apologize enough. “

Burnette was dismissed from the team Wednesday after coach Mack Brown became aware of what the backup offensive lineman had posted.

[…] His Facebook page listed his political views as “very conservative.”

“Very conservative.” Be sure to say that with the correct inflection. Like it is a contagious rash, communicable disease, something dire you’d need to take a pile of pills to treat. College kids do stupid things. That’s a given. College used to be a place where you sent your kids to grow up under the care of so-called professionals, far away from home where frustrated, beleaguered parents wouldn’t eat their young. Now college is so pitted with pc-sociopathic land mines, it’s a wonder that graduates can carry on an intelligent conversation. Reinstate the kid. Put him on the scout team. Surely whatever he said on his Facebook isn’t worse than anything you’d hear on the field. I’m sure the offensive line of all college teams are the picture of politeness and decorum, abstaining from all manner of profanity and and on their best behavior during a game. Pinkie fingers and all. You betcha.

Flinging labels is what liberals do best. They are just getting warmed up! After all, a vote for McCain and the conservation of liberty he tried to represent can only be “racist.” Forget his experience, valor in the face of death and dedication to his country. Nah, that doesn’t count. Even The Tennessean is drinking this kool-aid. Blue Collar Muse:

The South’s McCain voters are racists… They are also uneducated, out of step with the rest of the country, to be pitied, isolated, suffering in the area of “jobs, education and development”, ideologically aligned with the old Confederacy, at odds with the values of the rest of the country, and are getting what they deserve because they won’t “… get with the right program.”

Read the whole thing. Too bad Baldilocks wasn’t around to provide further instruction.

Men like Lewis and Bositis are destroying Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of integration. They are callously dividing our nation along racial lines for purposes I cannot fathom. How any sane and educated individual in 2008 can believe, let alone put into print in what should be respectable publications, the notion that millions of Americans may legitimately be labled racist and backward based solely on the vote they cast is beyond outrageous.

I guess manners and respect for your elders aren’t prerequisites for the highest office in the land. Even if her husband occupied that office before him.

Great start there, buddy. Too bad you didn’t get your facts straight, again. Do I sense a trend?

Obama couldn’t even get his insult straight. It was First Lady Hillary Clinton who admitted to having conducted a séance in which she summoned the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt. Mrs. Reagan consulted an astrologist after Pres. Reagan was shot.

Bizarro! Next thing you know, he’ll be appointing the Dog Whisperer to Secretary of State.

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