Who is #Brett Kimberlin and Why You Should Care

Today is Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.

Andrew warned the world about this guy six months before he died. Follow the money,

The funding of Kimberlin’s projects — tens of thousands of dollars from the George Soros-connected Tides Foundation, as well as foundations associated with Barbra Streisand and Sen. John Kerry’s wife — thus supported all of Kimberlin’s activities, including his effort to have O’Keefe and Giles prosecuted for their ACORN takedown.

His favorite targets are conservative and Tea Party bloggers.

Of late, Kimberlin’s name has surfaced because one blogger claims to have been driven from his home due to Kimberlin’s harassment. Why the harassment? Various bloggers and others have pointed out that Kimberlin runs a variety of left-wing organizations getting money from the deep pockets of the left. As the web of connections has increased, so has the harassment. Yet again, the left tries to silence dissent.

The latest target is Stacy McCain, who has abandoned his home and taken his family to a (hopefully) safe haven. Jimmie Bise has spoken with Stacy directly and rather than being afraid, he’s energized. Knowing Stacy, I’m not surprised.

Ace wonders why this fellow believes he has his own set of laws to operate under.

Did the US Congress strip American citizens of their right to state demonstrably true facts without unending harassments? Did we lose that right simply because Brett Kimberlin has decided, as a Congress of One, that we should no longer have it?

If we have not lost that right — if it is still legal to say, in America, that Brett Kimberlin was convicted of planting eight bombs in Speedway, Indiana, one of which took a man’s leg, and then, distraught over his maiming, his life, via suicide — if it is legal to say this, can we have it stated by a US Congressman for the record that it is still legal to say this?

My interest in this matter is not over Brett Kimberlin’s criminal history as a bloody bomber. My interest in whose leg he amputated-by-explosive-force 34 years ago.

My interest is in what he’s doing today.

Either Americans have the right to state that Kimberlin was convicted of the Speedway Bombing Spree or they do not.

If I no longer have this right, I would like Congress to pass a law stating that I no longer have this right. If we’re repealing the First Amendment, let’s make it official.

If, on the other hand, I retain this right, I would like members of Congress to reassure me on this point, by stating so on the floor of Congress, and entering the long and sordid history of Brett Kimberlin, aka the Speedway Bomber, into the Congressional Record.

And then let him try to claim that no one is permitted to mention this.

Follow the links. Start here. Follow the money. Do your own research and come to your own conclusion. This ask this question, “How has America sunk to this level?”

Pray for Stacy, the other bloggers and ones that will be threatened.

Round-Ups for Roll-Over RINOS

A round-up is in order, I think, to get this old jalopy running again…

Government’s latest power grab makes us all Catholics now. The church’s own leaders aided and abetted this travesty. And Adrienne, another conservative Catholic sees the parallels to Hitler’s early years that I warned of almost six years ago.

The Rick Santorum/Bob Schieffer interview is just apalling. Santorum holds his own against a vile Voldermort-wannabe who tries to twist every word into something he didn’t mean. Quin Hillyer has some excellent advice on how to proceed, especially since a nervous Obama is looking over his shoulder now.

Newt believes defeating Obama is a matter of national security.

Fifty years ago, John Glenn became the first man to orbit Earth. America will still have the “Right Stuff” for space exploration, but it will come from the private sector now.

Evil Blogger Lady has the Media’s Guide to Protestors.

DHS’ new counterterrorism training doesn’t include any mention of Islam or Muslims. Because they might be offended.

Stacy has the post-CPAC sniffles. Nothing will make him feel better than hitting his tip jar!

Redneck Jedis are the new HAWT. Who knew a little series filmed in and around Atlanta would be such a hit?

Help Stacy Get to Iowa!

R.S. McCain, LSHS’s most famous alumni besides Walton Goggins, is planning a trip to cover the Iowa caucases and needs your help. Hit his tip jar for a very Merry Christmas and fruitful trip following the candidates in the first two GOP contests.

Second Verse, Same As The First

Well, after a week of non-planned-mental-absence, nothing much has changed. While I gather what is left of my thoughts, amuse yourself with the following:

Eric Holder hasn’t quit, yet.

The Herman Cain smears have started, right on schedule.

Our beloved Gerard has pulled a Lazarus on us. Thankfully, according to insider reports, he is mending nicely and will be back to his fully-operational Death Star status soon.

“Every writer is unique, both in thievery… and in execution.”

24-20. Heh. Gators eat boogers.

An uncle explains redistribution of wealth to his nephew.

East Coast Earthquake

Yet another metaphor lurking in the continental plates.

A 5.8 earthquake shook most of the East Coast yesterday.

An earthquake relief fund has been set up for Maryland victims. Please find it in your heart to contribute.

UPDATE: All jostling aside, the National Cathedral has sustained significant damage.

WSJ: That Wretched Hive of Scum and Villany

Go home!

Nothing will rile a Southerner more than some smart-mouth Yankee opening his asinine piehole to degrade and belittle his brothers and sisters in warmer climes. The Recent Unpleasantness was over generations ago, but some just can’t let it go. I was alerted to this high insult earlier this evening by the estimable Mr. McCain, who himself takes great umbrage at the rantings of the afflicted chowderhead, a certain Thomas Geoghegan of The Wall Street Journal. This fellow is obviously vying for the dimmest bulb in the box award when he opines thusly on The Glorious South:

Why is Boeing, one of our few real global champions in beefing up exports, moving work on the Dreamliner from a high-skill work force ($28 an hour on average) to a much lower-wage work force ($14 an hour starting wage)? Nothing could be a bigger threat to the economic security of this country.

We should be aghast that Boeing is sending a big fat market signal that it wants a less-skilled, lower-quality work force. . . .

We depend on Boeing to out-compete Airbus, its European rival. But when major firms move South, it is usually a harbinger of quality decline.

Airbus? After your awkward swat at your betters, is Airbus the best you can do? Surely an such elitist, with the superior intellect, no doubt can do better than that. Let’s jump the fence and go sit in the blue lights, shall we? We’ll watch the planes land at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (that means the flights connect to Biloxi and beyond) Airport (the world’s busiest airport, by the way, since 1999, a full one hundred and thirty-four years after The War of Northern Aggression) and watch the planes land. You count the Airbuses and I’ll count the Boeings. Haha. I win, bigtime.

Pay attention, moron. Companies move to the South because of the business friendly climate, lower taxes, better infrastructure, and just face it, Atlanta has the hottest women. More than you can stomach, I suppose.

Really, sir, no one down he-yah gives a da-yam about the demented ravings of a scurrilous carpetbaggah. Your Hah-vahd education serves you ill, sir, seeming that you never learned one bit about real economics. I can only assume that course is now taught at universities in states that actually create jobs, not kill them. Southern states, that is.

Odds are your next President will be a Southerner. I guess that means you’ll move to Canada. Or France.

UPDATE: Kyle Wingfield of the AJC tears apart the “…the worst, most disingenuous op-ed I’ve read in a long time.” RTWT. Sadly, you won’t be surprised at the lack of fact-checking the Chicago labor lawyer DIDN’T do before penning his anti-South hit-piece.

And then there’s Repair_Man_Jack at RedState, who calls the article “…a pathetic, disingenuous pile of bigotry Mr. Geoghegan attempts to peddle on behalf of his labor cartel.”

Now, someone please explain to me, pace Geoghagen, how moving work away from a region where 50% of the adult population can’t read sends a bad signal to children who want to study engineering? The argument, in general, that companies move south to go cheap on labor costs still holds true. But the argument that the people they hire are all sub-literate morons compared to the capable and dedicated workers you find in Detroit, MI is positively laughable. This begs the question, why are Blue State labor costs so high, if they no longer hold the cognitive advantage that they may have once held back in the 1920s to the 1950s, when American industrial infrastructure built out?

Yeah, baby. RTWT.

Seems I’m not the only one affronted by buffoonery.

Congrats to The Other McCain!

This morning The Other McCain crossed 5,000,000 hits. Not bad for a Lithia Springs boy…

National Holiday

Today is Stacy McCain’s birthday – hit his tip jar with some good birthday wishes and his site with some linky love!

R.S. McCain Channels His Inner Patton

As well we all should, with November in the cross-hairs.

Stacy and Smitty write reams of excellent stuff; this post is one of the best, and is simply to good to excerpt. Read the whole thing. Read it out loud. Read it again and again. Send it to all your friends. Send it to your enemies. Send it to your soon-to-be-unemployed representatives. Give a copy to the government-employed mail carrier.

“Americans love a winner. Americans will not tolerate a loser. Americans despise cowards. Americans play to win all of the time. I wouldn’t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed. That’s why Americans have never lost nor will ever lose a war; for the very idea of losing is hateful to an American.”
– George S. Patton

Delaware Polls Closed; Pudding?

RS McCain, of The Other McCain is at the Christine O’Donnell HQ watching the precinct results come in. The big question is, did he bring the pudding?

Deer 1, RS McCain 0

Stacy totaled his family’s only car (well, he didn’t, the evil deer did) so a tip jar blitzkrieg is in order.

Stacy Goes to Alaska; Holdout Candidate Concedes

That Stacy. He’s so scaaaarrrrrryyyyy.

In other news, can someone please tell me what is on this woman’s head (5th picture down)?

Man Crush, Illustrated

Stacy has that man crush thing going again for Ace. NTTATWWT.

Howard Zinn – The FBI Files

Robert Stacy McCain has produced an excellent post on Howard Zinn, mining the many articles and files released by the FBI on July 30 (by FOIA request). It’s too good to excerpt here, except for one little tease, so you’ll have to go read it all there.

America won the Cold War, but the Communists won the campuses.

The FBI tracked the man and his communist activity for years. Of course, our Main Stream Marxist Media is taking their usual blase, “What’s the big deal?” attitude about the whole thing.

Michelle Malkin noted last year Zinn’s continued influence in pushing “social justice” in elementary curriculums. He’d written toxic, anti-American history textbooks for years – all shaded by his red-hued glasses – so why not venture into the younger grades? He died in early 2010; but Hollywood carries on his legacy.

Follow all the other blogs linking Stacy – it’s worth the time to see just how “revered” this dreadful man really was.

Memeorandum thread here.

Quote of the Day

Stacy McCain:

Laurie David denies that Al made her climate change.

Al Gore, that is. Read the whole thing. Ewwww….

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