Elementary Social Studies

Here’s a question for those of us who really lived That 70’s Show. Step into your way-back machine…

How many remember back in elementary school, during Social Studies, learning about the British monarchy and the near obsession with decorum? I remember learning that all of Queen Elizabeth II’s clothing was custom made. Special attention was paid to modesty in the necklines, sleeves and hemlines. Shoes were designed specially for her that were fashionable, but sturdy enough to keep her from tripping over ancient cobblestones. Hats were fitted so as to not muss the hair, but still stay on the head in London’s well-known blustery days. Tailors even sewed weights into the hems of her dresses so that on windy days, her dress wouldn’t fly up. Like most young girls, I was enthralled by it all.

Now back to the present. Imagine that – after almost sixty years at the helm, the obsession with the image projected not only to her subjects and the world won out. When you see the Queen in any situation, she is perfectly dressed, perfectly groomed, but never causing a distraction from the power of The Crown.

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Quote of the Day

Mark Steyn on Obama’s speech about himself Israel:

Well, at a certain level, it was filled with the usual narcissism. He said that America had failed to speak to the broader aspirations of people in the Middle East, and that’s why two years ago in Cairo, “I began to broaden our engagement.” I was interested to see the result of that. In 2008, which you’ll recall was the last year of the Bush, Texas cowboy terror, 83% of Arabs had a very or somewhat negative view of the United States. By 2010, which was the second year of the Obama broaden engagement approach, 85% had a very or somewhat negative view. So much for the outreach. The fact is that this narcissistic buffoon gave this speech that placed himself front and center of developments in the Middle East. And in fact, the United States, for the first time in 70 years, is utterly irrelevant to what’s going on in the Middle East.

Higher Math Skills Needed

Evidently Obama needs a bigger protractor.

Doug Ross shows us the chart of the day – where you need an atomic microscope to see the administration’s proposed budget cuts.

A Most Righteous Rant

dhorwitz3 lets it all hang out at RedState:

While our nation languishes amidst record food and energy prices, unprecedented underemployment (including those excluded from the workforce) and economic stagnation, crippling regulations, and an administration in contempt of two court decisions, the media would rather distract us with the Islamist uprising in Egypt. It is imperative that we keep up the pressure on Obama and the Democrats by denying them the opportunity to preclude our attention from more relevant and ominous domestic problems. On the other hand, there is one salient question that we should excogitate from Obama’s handling of the Egyptian insurgency. If Obama is willing to listen to the protesters of a foreign country due to their grievances from high food and energy prices and an unresponsive government, shouldn’t he accede to the similar demands of his own citizens and resign immediately?

Indeed. Like several of the commenters there, I couldn’t help but think of Mubarak giving that very same speech to Obama and America.

Back at’cha, Buddy O.

As they say, read the whole thing. Daniel nails the facts of the destruction wreaked so far by O’s policies. And we’re just at mid-term.

If the pot recognizes the kettle for what it is, does that make the kettle paranoid that the pot is on to it?

French President Nicolas Sarkozy saw the writing on the wall back in the spring when he warned that Obama was leading America down the slippery slope of socialism, along with a variety of other ills.

It’s getting pretty obvious when even the Russian media notices that America is being pushed to a more, shall we say, collective way of thinking?

Do you want to be pushed like that? Do you want your children or grandchildren to grow up in a free society or in a socialist utopia? Remember Lara’s daughter in Dr. Zhivago – such a beautiful child, spouting communist propaganda to each of Yuri’s questions. Do you want that in your future?

Just because the 112th Congress convened yesterday doesn’t mean we’re safe, that we’re out of the woods yet. Don’t let your guard down one second – the so-called progressives are still fighting against conservative values and the American dream. Don’t let them win.

Start local. After almost five years of ranting here in the ether, I’m planning on attending the county GOP meeting this Saturday. Who knows what will happen. But I’ll be there to let them know I’m holding them accountable.

Who’s with me?

Ok, Pretend I’m a German Soldier Hiding in the Brush When I Say…

Very in-ter-rest-tink.

While most of America shakes their collective head over the Democrats electing the most toxic political figure in modern American history to be their leader again, another story is beginning to emerge. A story that sounds just like something the underhanded Pelosi would pull.

From Anthony Martin, at the Conservative Examiner,

New allegations raise suspicions concerning the near-miraculous election of Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader in the 2011 Congress, which is set to take office in January, leading to the question, did Pelosi blackmail the White House to get the post?

[…] Is it lack of courage, perhaps, that led to the Democrats’ questionable move? Or is there a more sinister reason? One person suggests blackmail. And the charge is not too far-fetched.

Ulsterman reports today that White House sources have alluded to information Pelosi has on the President — information that could be so damaging to Obama that his Presidency would be sent into a tailspin. So fetermined was Pelosi to keep her position of leadership in the House that sources suggest she used that information to put pressure on the White House, which then put pressure on House Democrats to vote in favor of Pelosi for Minority Leader.

This Ulsterman had a discussion with a White House insider, who, shall we say, spilled a LOT of beans.

Insider: Ok, so if I’m being told this, being told repeatedly that Speaker pelosi has had it with the White House, has had it with the president, is gonna help send them all packin’ Away to political has-been street, and then she actually stays on as party leader, that means something happened. Something changed from what I am being told. Or somebody got it wrong – and either way, I can be -expletive- over on this whole thing. Do you realize how powerful a Speaker of the House really is? And Pelosi is about as tough a Speaker as I’ve seen. Tough-though lady. Not someone you wanna make an enemy of, right? So…if-if…if she stays on as party leader, that means she was got to. That means she made a deal. And if she was gonna help crack heads over at the White House, that means she probably made a deal with them, right? And that means this information she was supposed to help leak out there to the rest of us, to others, will probably disappear.

Ulsterman: But the Republicans will control Congress. Pelosi won’t be Speaker. Seems like that information would still get out there. Why wouldn’t it?

Insider: Because the only way the White House would agree to a deal is if they were given that information to keep for themselves or had assurances it as no longer available. They are not going to just allow Pelosi to keep holding it over them. You see, the White House was sending out strong signals that Pelosi must go. I know this. I heard it first hand from members of Congress. She is gone. So if she all of a sudden stays, and stays as leader of the party, that means the White House stopped pushing for her to be gone. And that means a deal was made. And THAT means I’m left scrambling for cover in all of this. And so is everyone who has been talking to me. The Republicans don’t take over until 2011, right? Whatever information Pelosi has on Obama – and she has it. Don’t you doubt that. She’s got it. Well, that information could easily be no more by January. Bye-bye, gone. Replaced, misplaced – never was, never will be again. That -expletive- happens all the time. I mean all the time.

If this is true, and it does sound like something these scoundrels would pull, how can we stop it from happening? Pelosi claimed she was going to drain the swamp when she was elected Speaker, instead she’s become the swamp. This is treason. They all should all go to jail.

Voting Fraud. Already.

Instapundit kicks off the the round-ups. There will be plenty more, before next week.

UPDATE: Mind Numbed Robot
Nice Deb

Shot in the Dark

R.S. McCain Channels His Inner Patton

As well we all should, with November in the cross-hairs.

Stacy and Smitty write reams of excellent stuff; this post is one of the best, and is simply to good to excerpt. Read the whole thing. Read it out loud. Read it again and again. Send it to all your friends. Send it to your enemies. Send it to your soon-to-be-unemployed representatives. Give a copy to the government-employed mail carrier.

“Americans love a winner. Americans will not tolerate a loser. Americans despise cowards. Americans play to win all of the time. I wouldn’t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed. That’s why Americans have never lost nor will ever lose a war; for the very idea of losing is hateful to an American.”
– George S. Patton

Is Obama a Secret Jedi Reject?

Kicked to the curb out of the Jedi Temple, after roaming the streets of Coruscant as a homeless youngling, he materializes in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America, Planet Earth.

His extra-terrestrial genetic structure enabled him with powers some perceived as gifts. Discovered to be a low-level Force-sensitive individual during his short Jedi training, here on Earth his meager midi-chlorian levels are sufficient to sway the weak-minded. For many Earth years, he worked behind the scenes, manipulating events and people to his ultimate goal of galactic domination. He met and married the descendant of a Gungan princess to solidify his standing with the Earth dwellers as a person deserving the respect due royalty.

After years of intimidation, bribes, prevarication and obfuscation, he hoodwinked his way into the highest office of the land, the Presidency of the United States of America. This position made him one of the most powerful beings on the planet. His quest was nearly complete. All that remained was to declare a reorganization of the US into an empire and proclaim himself Emperor and then …

The Resistance made itself known. A peaceable clan, similar in nature to Ewoks and Wookiees, they worked and lived in blissful obscurity until they felt the chilling evil creep into their everyday lives.

Sensing a disturbance in his plan for total control of all things breathing, the President turned to a media favorite of stoners and liberals, to get out his message that all was not lost. Unfortunately, the message he sent was not the message received, because, you see, other people read that magazine and deciphered his coded messages to his minions. Several snippets are compelling in that they may reveal who his original Jedi instructor was [Emphasis – admin].

“I think the Tea Party is an amalgam, a mixed bag of a lot of different strains in American politics that have been there for a long time. There are some strong and sincere libertarians who are in the Tea Party who generally don’t believe in government intervention in the market or socially. There are some social conservatives in the Tea Party who are rejecting me the same way they rejected Bill Clinton, the same way they would reject any Democratic president as being too liberal or too progressive. There are strains in the Tea Party that are troubled by what they saw as a series of instances in which the middle-class and working-class people have been abused or hurt by special interests and Washington, but their anger is misdirected.

“And then there are probably some aspects of the Tea Party that are a little darker, that have to do with anti-immigrant sentiment or are troubled by what I represent as the president. So I think it’s hard to characterize the Tea Party as a whole, and I think it’s still defining itself.”

Characterizing the resistance as bearing a darkness of motive? Really? Perhaps we should refresh our memories of one of the most horrid Sith Lords of all, who also dreamt of galactic domination.

The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

Remember him? Senator Palpatine, who (through his own decree) became Emperor Palpatine, who in reality was Darth Sidious? Consider Obama’s own unnatural rise to prominence. The Other McCain:

When is it a bad thing to place principle over party? We’ve seen this BHO more or less become the Democrat party. They’ve made politics personal, and created a demigod out of a bobblehead.

The four years of non-stop anti-personnel weaponry unleashed against W managed to state that he was both an evil, diabolical deceiver who could take Congress and country to war for fun, yet also a buffoon incapable of tying his shoes.

BHO was supposed to have been a philosopher–king who cruises in on the unicorn and dashingly dispels despair. Yet in stark contrast, he stands revealed as somebody who fights back. . .with his hands firmly entrenched in his pockets. “Don’t make me campaign on you with the Teleprompter of Death, punk.”

Could Obama have been secretly tutored, then rejected as unsuitable, by Darth Sidious himself? It appears he scored highly in his lower-level “mis-direction” lessons, but evidently he never made it to the upper-level courses of “finishing what you start.” Could the incessant whining have been his downfall?

In November he will feel the sting of a nation wronged, but still able to fight to save their way of life! Again, the Emperor’s word ring through the light-years:

Only now, at the end, do you understand. Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the dark side! You have paid the price for your lack of vision!

Ponder, we must, this new development.

UPDATE: From Trog

Welcome Right Wing News readers! Sit a spell and have a look around. Enjoy The Force, Southern Style.

Thank You, President Obama

(Before you faint dead-away at the title of this post, bear with me.)

Thank you, President Obama.

Thank you for arrogance. Your dismissive tone. Your obsession with golf. Your aloofness. Your constantly mixed messages on which god/God you worship. Your elitism. Your inability to speak coherently off the cuff. Your history of corruption. Your confusion regarding American traditions. Your unpresidential behavior. Your lack of a work ethic. Your attacks against those who dare to disagree. Your purposeful weakening of this great nation. Your bowing and scraping to foreign dignitaries, including those who would kill every American if they had enough bullets.

Thank you for proclaiming that you feel our pain, while you jet to NYC for date nights, eat fancy steaks from Japan, throw opulent parties, and vacation in places only the richest can even get a glimpse of.

Thank you for giving us a First Lady so horrid, so ill-mannered and so terribly self-engrossed that an entire cottage industry has sprung up just to criticize her lack of fashion sense. Her antipathy to class and taste, combined with a glaring lack of gracious charm so required of any hostess (never mind heads of state), make her (and us) a laughing stock among world leaders.

You created the firestorm over your beginnings simply by your reluctance to share your grades, dissertations, resume, vaccination record and even birth certificate. One simple gesture could have stopped it all, but you choose to seal those records, immediately heightening suspicion. Why seal them, if you (still) claim you have nothing to hide?

You created the same current anti-government sentiment in this country that you campaigned on in 2008, but criticize now.

You awoke the sleeping giant that is plain, ordinary America. The America that wants no part of your socialist agenda, your progressive degradation of this great nation, your lies.

You did this. And for that, I thank you, Mr. President.

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40 Days

Samuel Adams pointed out a sobering fact concerning our political survival as a free people when he said:

” But neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt. He therefore is the truest friend to the liberty of his country who tries most to promote its virtue, and who, so far as his power and influence extend, will not suffer a man to be chose into any office of power and trust who is not a wise and virtuous man.” (Wells, Life of Samuel Adams, 1:22.)

He then went on to say that public officials should not be chosen if they are lacking in experience, training, proven virtue, and demonstrated wisdom. He said the task of the electorate is to choose those whose “fidelity has been tried in the nicest and tenderest manner, and had been ever firm and unshaken.” (Ibid.)

(Skousen, The Five Thousand Year Leap, p. 47)

November is coming; Obama is visibly rattled, when he’s not laughing off his former supporter’s pleas for a little substance.

Remember in the pre-White-House-occupation campaign, his minions gloated that Barack Obama was a “constitutional scholar?” Yeah right – Obama can’t even quote the Declaration of Independence correctly.

Imagine Samuel Adams (patriot) meeting Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton, or Nancy Pelosi (not patriots) on the street. Who would he clobber first? Leave your punchline in the comments.

Quote of the Day

Charles Krauthammer, via Jim Hoft, on Obama’s latest scheme six year plan for yet more wasteful spending stimulus:

“Even Lenin had the modesty to stop at five.”

Movie Night

H/T Nice Deb

H/T Carole

H/T PJTV straight to youtube

H/T The Right Scoop (via Stacy). There’s more at Ace’s place.

Here (sorry it won’t embed)

74 days. November is coming. Pass the popcorn.

The Real Goal of the Ground Zero Mosque

If this didn’t make you mad enough to spit, then read all of Christine Brim’s post at BigPeace and learn about the Shariah Index Project. That’s ok, I’ll wait.

The issues at stake in the Ground Zero Mosque and the Shariah Index Project are not about Americans supporting the Constitution’s protection of religious freedom. Americans support that protection.

The issues at stake here are about Americans protecting the Constitution from Shariah-adherent groups using the protective guise of religious freedom to attack the Constitution itself – using a triumphal Ground Zero mosque as “the base” for a project to institutionalize Shariah in America.

And King Bozo was for it before he was against it.

Any questions? Let US be clear here, Mr. President, November is coming.

(Many thanks to Larwyn, without whom the internetz would stop spinning.)

Quote of the Day

More historic stuff, historic, I tell ya.

Per Vodkapundit on Obama’s latest blatherings on border security:

“Unprecedented resources?” Well, yeah, if you include a White House lawsuit to prevent the state government of Arizona from helping the Federal government to enforce its own laws. That seems pretty unprecedented to me.

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