What Is Wrong With this Picture?

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My handy pocket Constitution from The Heritage Foundation says something a little different. Should we all request a bushel or two or a thousand be sent to the Denton, Texas school system?


Obsess Much?

The WashPo is hyperventilating over Ted Cruz.

Evidently, he’s hit a nerve. Good boy.


H/T Michelle’s Mirror


Even the Queen holds her own umbrella.

What’s Obama going to do next? Resurrect Sir Walter Raleigh to cast his cloak over mud puddles so His Magnificence doesn’t sully his dainty little feet?

My Eyes! My Eyes!

Possibly the ugliest picture of the summer, if not ever…

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Uh, He Said What?

Over the weekend Todd Akin, GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri with a sizable lead over his Democrat opponent, said stupid something so profoundly stupid, it pierced the self-induced cocoon of Last Weekend With GradSchoolGirl and made it us all scratch our heads.

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Don’t believe me? Watch it yourself…

His opponent, the sitting Senator Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Maleficent) quickly handed him a shovel and watched his lead in the race evaporate. In fact, she watched her opposition evaporate as Akin has said he’s leaving the race. How convenient.

My stars! Todd Akin might have been a nice fella and all, but the GOP really needs to help its candidates with basic Q&A prep.

As for Mr. Akin’s basic lack of biology skills, this ranks up there with the Old Baptist thinkers who wouldn’t let the boys and girls swim in the same pool at the same time. The girls might get pregnant, ya know.

Dear Lord, give me strength to make it through this election.

UPDATE: Akins stays in the race. This will be interesting to watch…

“Intolerant” #i<3chickfila

Who Needs a Chick-fil-A in NYC, When You Just Need to Drive to NJ?

One of the many, many tasks self-assigned in this marathon at the praxeum, is to find the closest Chick-fil-A to HornGirl’s grad school.

We’re Southern, you know, and need our Chick-fil-A and sweet tea fix. Frequently. You New Yorkers just wouldn’t understand.

Imagine our dismay to find there was only one Chick-fil-A in all of New York state. At NYU, no less. NOT convenient. But it has attracted the attention of a local NY council member, who wanting to score cheap points with the #hatechicken crowd, is now calling for the location to be closed.

Just like other protests/boycotts/etc. that backfire, this suits us southern, barefoot, ignorant bigots just fine. There’s a Chick-fil-A at the Woodbridge Center Mall in New Jersey. And I’m quite sure that the Garden State will happily welcome the tax revenue that New York so haughtily turns up their nose up at.

I know a couple of first year grad students already planning their weekly roadtrips. NWWTIYKWIM

Off to Florida, But First…This…

Even though I’m leaving for Florida in the next few minutes, I couldn’t resist the double irony of this post over at The Hill:

Marine Corps band plays Romney song on White House lawn

A subset of the Marine Corps band struck up one of Mitt Romney’s walkout songs while President Obama was greeting visitors at the White House Independence Day celebration.

A White House pool report said the band struck up Rodney Atkins’s “It’s America,” and described it as an “awkward moment.”

The president and first lady Michelle Obama were hosting service members and their families on the South Lawn of the White House on Wednesday evening to mark the Fourth of July.

Military families were treated to an evening of barbecue, fireworks and a concert featuring the Marine Band and country star Brad Paisley.

In his remarks welcoming the attendees, Obama thanked them for their service to the country

“It is always such an honor for us to spend this holiday with members of our military and your extraordinary families,” said the president. “So as your commander in chief — but also as an American — I wanted to invite all of you over to say one thing: Thank you.”

Read the full pool report below:

Here’s some color from POTUS’ visits with the troops.

After his remarks, POTUS and FLOTUS made a bee-lime for the crowd where he began to shake hands and sign autographs, and continued to do so until 6:49 when he left the South Lawn, walked around to the Oval Office and then towards the playground set where several children were playing.

Some fathers were hoisting there small children, whose faces were painted in red-white-and-blue designs, onto their shoulders to see the president.

Pool was then ushered back to the press area at the White House.

One awkward moment: A New York Times photographer in the pool mentioned that shortly after Obama ended his remarks and was shaking hands, the a subset of the Marine Corps band played one of Mitt Romney’s main walkout songs, Rod Atkins’ “It’s America.”

The best patriotic outfit pool spotted was a woman standing in line to get an autograph who eventually gave up and walked away empty-handed. The woman was wearing a tank-top dress completely made out of small red, white, and blue balloons — no joke.

Yeah, the song is the obvious first irony. The second is (did you see them?) the THREE errors in the pool report. I know. I know. I make plenty of my own grammatical errors and typos, but sheesh, I’m not a paid reporter.

Hey, that’s an idea to make a little money around here! Write badly and spell incorrectly. Some major newspaper will be calling in 3…2…1…

For the Czechs: A History Lesson

Backlash. Whiplash. Whateverlash.

Finally venturing out in internet pub-lick after a week’s worth of general malaise. Whatever this crappy-crappy-crap is that is crawling its way through Atlanta, please sir, let me direct you to the nearest interstate that will ferry the noxious virus over the state line to the well-deserving citizenry of Alabamy. I am so tired of coughing up niblets of lung all over my house. Makes for too much vacuuming.

It never fails that whenever I go off the grid for a bit, the galaxy gets all atilt. In clearing my browser tabs today, here’s hope that Teh Stupid isn’t as catching as the lung fracturing virus.

The Obama smear of “Romney is a big, bad bully” is turning out downright schadenfreudeful. Remember, all this comes from The-Man-Who-Won’t-Allow-Research-Into-His-Past-Because-HE-WON. So Romney issues a general apology to cover for his sins committed while in high school. In the meantime, the story starts to fall apart, prompting many to roll their eyes over the media just slap makin’ stuff up now and/or using ‘past their expiration date’ sources. Simultaneously, the backlash helps Romney move ahead in election polling. Who would have thought that Romney’s campaign would have gotten such a boost from such an unlikely source, i.e., the very man he’s running against? Schadenfreudelicous, baby!

There are lots of stupid people in Atlanta, and most of them work in various governmental agencies and permit offices. Sheesh.

If only Bubba had listened to me three years ago, I could have saved him all this trouble.

Thanks to the race-baiting of the Martin/Zimmerman fiasco, Congress wants to overrule various and sundry “stand your ground laws” passed by individual states. Hello? Has anyone in Congress even read the Constitution? Tenth Amendment? States rights? Hell-OOOO? Bueller? Bueller?

House Democrats are being trained on how to use the race card. Marvy.

The Fauxohantas jokes continue unabated.

Venezuelan goon President Chavez is so sick, he is now sacrificing animals in hopes of a miracle cure. What will he do when he runs out of chickens?

And absolutely, completely unrelated, nice bellybutton, dude. (h/t The Other McCain)

David Frum’s Final Beclownment

It’s bad enough he beclowns himself daily, but his article about the passing of Andrew Breitbart is truly disgusting.

Ace gives him the what for he deserves for speaking so ill of the dead. And it leaves a mark. A delicious whelp.

From the dawn of time the primitives in the woods envied and feared those with the Magic of Fire.

David Frum exceeded Andrew Breitbart in one measure only, span of life.

But not in life.

David Frum will die as he lived, gray, timid, small, spiteful, cramped in thought and bent in spirit, slender of talent and obese in self-regard, unloved, unnoticed, unremembered and unread.

Better to live outrageously for only a short spell than to hiss from the shadows, content to live within the niggling license of Master’s Leash.

Read the whole thing. It is stellar.

Stacy prays, despite all his antics, that he never screws up as bad as this.

Quote of the Day

Oldie, but goodie:

Giving money and power to the government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.” P.J. O’Rourke

Imagine If a Conservative Talking Head Said This

Dick Gregory, host of “Meet The Press” (NBC) , said this regarding Herman Cain on this morning’s Today Show, “Well there is no, you know, Grand Wizard in the party right now who can really force the issue.”

Grand Wizard? If a non-left-leaning commentator had uttered those words, all hell would break loose. But since Gregory is a darling of the media, all he gets is an opportunity to apologize.


(h/t Malkin)

Libya’s New Government

…will be in compliance with Sharia law. How “unexpected.”

“Michael Bloomberg’s Super Colossal, Low-Salt 9/11 Memorial and Networking Event”

Well, this just blows. Go read the whole thing, I’ll wait.

I just want to cut and paste the entire article, in uppercase 45pt BOLD Arial and hope that Bloomberg can hear me screaming all the way from Georgia. I’ll try to be conciliatory and kind. I’ll try. Instead of the very small words I planned, here’s Elizabeth again.

I don’t know why I should be surprised. Priests and First Responders are, like our troops, front-line folk. They’re like heroes in the cowboy flicks; they ride in, shoulder the burden, help put things to rights, and then — while the elite get on with assuming their power and asserting their primacy –they recede into the background. Only the very few stick around to say ‘thank you’ and wave them off. Sometimes children ask them to come back, or to stay.

Bloomberg’s priorities are all wrong. He’s thinking like a Baron — or no, he’s not really thinking at all; he’s being pragmatic: mustn’t let the help get get too much recognition, get too full of themselves — they might start getting uppity and making demands on milords purse and time. Mustn’t let the damn clergy murmur their vulgar prayers, or next we’ll have tent-revivalists cluttering up the fairgrounds and making such spectacles of themselves.

The big crowds for New Years Eve, or for the big parades, are alright, he thinks, but this is not for the riff-raff. Let’s just keep the invite list confined to those who know how to dress and how to behave, and which fork to use, and when.

You know…all those consequential (and so very, very smart) people who — ten years into this — have not managed to fill the still-exposed, gaping holes in the downtown ground.

Perhaps that’s because of the increasingly exposed, gaping holes in their own heads and hearts — from which pours out so much that is mediocre, bleak and unhelpful.

Giuliani, for all his faults, wouldn’t be doing this.

Here we are, just three weeks out from the tenth anniversary of 9/11, and Bloomberg shows us his hind-parts. What.An.Unbelievably.Selfish.Moron.

I’m speechless. But not for long.

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