Smitty’s Treasure Hunt and a PSA

Wow, three times now. Awww Shucks. To make Saturday even more funner (Hey, I used to have little kids, and I kept some of the words, so sue me), Smitty has left a gem here on this little blog. Have fun with your treasure hunt!

And now it is time for your Public Service Announcement. Obi’s Sister is due a must needed rest, so blogging will be light (or non-existent) the next week, depending on internet availability. I wonder if the cooler will fit in the new TIE fighter….

P.S. Keep an eye on Fausta – if she keeps this up, she’ll have her own TV show soon or (even better!) be invited to be a FugGirl!

Georgia Edition – Sine Die Plus One

And you thought Washington was full of shenanigans.

The Golden Sleaze Awards – just in the nick of time. So Earl, hey Earl, how’s those black-eyed peas? (h/t PeachPundit)

No problem here. I mean really, all the signs down here are in English, even if it’s Southern English.

The bridesmaid is finally becoming the bride!

Why he does what he does.

Diamond Dawgs
win YET ANOTHER over one of those teams that wears orange.

Tondee’s Tavern has a nice round-up of this session.

And the Georgia Speaker once agains proves he’s from Slytherin.

Update: Enough already. I know it’s abbreviated. I’m trying to pack!

A Dip That Doesn’t Drip

On Thursday, we turn our thoughts to food. Glorious food. Those who have met me in person (CPAC! Yeah!) know I’m not some twig-like wraith. In fact, I entered the Mrs. Chins Beauty Pageant and Chili Cookoff just a few weeks ago. With a giant storm just over the Alabama line and barreling our way, we turn our thoughts to warm, comfort food. Stuff that will sustain us when the roof blows off.

Some years ago, Obi’s dear wife and my dear sister-in-law had a short-lived but enlightening entry-level job with Natalie Dupree. Those who have lived in Atlanta for a long, long time, will remember Ms. Dupree from the Rich’s School of Cooking and her own ill-fated cooking show on GPB. I say ill-fated, because every week’s episode produced some type of epicurean disaster and a big mess in the studio kitchen. Her tag line was always, “Well, yours will look better than this…”

The one good thing to come from her stint in that wreckage was a recipe that SIL refined and made her own. So much so, it is a stable of family gatherings.

Hot Crab Dip

1 8 oz. package cream cheese, softened
1 Tablespoon milk
6 1/2 oz. crab meat, drained
2 Tablespoons finely chopped onion
1/2 teaspoon horseradish
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1/3 cup sliced almonds

Mix all ingredients except almonds and turn into a lovely ovenproof crock. Top with almonds. Bake at 375 F. for 15 minutes or until golden and bubbly. Enjoy with crackers, toast or just a big spoon because it doesn’t drip.

Oh, about that drip… Stacy will tell you all about it him.

First Saturday Georgia Round-up

Woke up to MORE RAIN and thunder this morning! At this point, even the mushrooms from Wednesday’s monsoon are growing mushrooms.

Georgia News and Info that caught my eye:

Mark Richt tweets like a man. Woof! Woof!

The Atlanta Tea Party just got bigger. Much bigger. For more information, see The Atlanta Tea Party, Atlanta Tax Protest and SmartGirlPolitics.

“Isakson just became more beatable.”

The Earth Hour Pledge with Georgian Style. I hope that Google satellite will be able to see my house! Besides, I don’t want to miss Ian McKellen in King Lear on GPB.

For all the problems they have down in Clayton County, it’s good to see this is such a priority, especially when “… city council members argue that the new ordinance is necessary to maintain the city’s quality of life…”. If the new ordinance truly drives these types of establishments out of business and keeps new ones from sprouting up, then kudos! But I fear it will only drag Clayton down into more and more litigation.

Georgia blogger Deanna Berry gives a cliff-notes version of the Obama Presidency thus far. Pretty frightening, isn’t it, when you can see your children’s future slipping away? All that, and more, in a handy list.

How about a treasure hunt in hip-deep mud? A meteorite hit landed stuck near Augusta on March 20. There’s a reward to find it. Be sure to take your pot holders.

Update: Instapundit notes a new Georgia law that has resulted in more safety at intersections than increasing said intersection’s revenue stream.

From the mouth of babes…

Three Years – Already?

Yes, today is Pi Day and yet another anniversary of this little blog!


It’s been an eventful year! Finally met Fausta in the flesh, went to CPAC where I met tons of other bloggers, was exposed to the Five Rules of Blogging, bought a car but didn’t move to Memphis. Heartfelt thanks to my readers and to my bloggy mom, The Anchoress. She once said that Ed Morrissey was her blog-father. I met him at CPAC, too! I wonder if that makes Michelle Malkin my aunt? My blog family tree is growing, limb by limb.

Previous anniversary posts:
Pi Day, v2.0,
On Pi Day and Clinton Lie Detectors

And the one that started it all:
Cartoon Home Cookin’, Mama King and Me

The Gathering Storm – Updated

I’ll say one thing for ol’ Obama. His big ideas of stimulation and subjugation have energized the conservative base like nothing I’ve seen in years. CPAC should be a gas!

Malkin: Rebel Yell!

Disgraced Democrat Sen. John Edwards was right about one thing: There are two Americas. One America is full of moochers, big and small, corporate and individual, trampling over themselves with their hands out demanding endless bailouts. The other America is full of disgusted, hard-working citizens getting sick of getting played for chumps and punished for practicing personal responsibility.

Now is the time for all good taxpayers to turn the tables on free-lunching countrymen and their enablers in Washington. Community organizing helped propel Barack Obama to the White House. It can work for fiscal conservatism, too.

Cicero, who was one of President John Adams’ favorite writers notes that government corruption driven by political greed destroys everything in its path – 2100 years ago! Wonder if Obama ever read that during his “constitutional scholar” days. Fausta outlines today that Obama is not following Cicero’s advice, to the letter. In just the few days since Rick Santelli’s patriotic outburst on the Chicago trading floor, the awakening that was stirring in the breasts of concerned citizens over the “Stimulus” (a.k.a. The Generational Theft Act of 2009) has gained momentum. The White House noticed immediately and marked Mr. Santelli on the top of their hit list. S.O.P. for today’s White House (remember Joe the Plumber’s treatment at the hands of the Obama Press? Just google it.) After all, we can’t have anyone speaking out against Dear Leader, The Won, now can we?

Dan Gainor writes on FoxForum warning President Obama to watch out for ordinary folks like us. Those run-of-the-mill, non-elite Americans will only take so much before they revolt, and revolt we will.

Change came to Washington claiming bipartisanship and transparency. Obama lied on both. The bipartisan bill was rammed through with classic — and sleazy– Chicago-style politics. And how transparent is a process where even graduates of the Evelyn Wood speed reading course couldn’t have analyzed the bill?

Rather than mollify a worried electorate, the Democrats have angered it further. They invoke FDR like some patron saint of populism and expect the masses to march to their tune –- Pied Piper style.

AJ talks of simmering frustration nationwide, bubbling to the surface.

President Obama is rapidly morphing into President O’Blunder, with good reason. People are starting to notice he has no idea what he is doing and has basically lost control. Tony Blankley was one of those who made this observation recently. Tony goes through the now classic litany of Obama screw ups from the tax cheating cabinet to the stimulus disaster. But what is important to note is his conclusions on what this means in terms of Obama’s governing skills:

Whatever the reason, this level of presidential detachment from high policy decision making is dangerous in a White House that has so many czars and other senior players (the West Wing staff is reputed to be more than 130 — about double the usual number) combined with emissaries and strong-willed Cabinet secretaries. It may well lead to what has been called (regarding another country’s government) “the immanent structurelessness to the running of the state.”

Gerard wants Obama to just chill out for a while, do his job and keep his mouth shut. How hard can it be?

Enough with the endless billion/trillion bills and the fat fear mongering. Enough with the angry school marm lecturing. Enough with the big daddy warnings of stiffer punishment to come if we don’t shape up like right now.

Face it, man, every time you talk about saving and creating jobs thousands of people get ejected out of their jobs with a JATO assist from whatever policy you seem to be whipping out at the moment. Every time you speak of the future it gets grimmer.

Lately it seems that all you have to do is glance away from the teleprompter and hesitate and, boom!, there goes another 100 point drop in the Dow. And then, when you find the next sentence and say it, whap! there’s goes another 100 points. I’m not sure if the Dow can sink beneath absolute zero, but I’m not curious to find out.

Evil Genius thinks that Obama (and his entire Cabinet) is winging it. Ya think? I just wish he’d stop campaigning for 5 minutes and govern.

Don Surber has the best idea yet for a bail-out [Emphasis Admin].

401(k)s lost, in total, $1 trillion last year.

Does Obama care?


Did he say about us: “They are as responsible as anyone could ask them to be. But then they learn that acting responsibly often isn’t enough to escape this crisis”?

No. He said that about the people who failed to live within their means.

Those of us who lived well within our means enough to sock a few bucks away are getting the shaft. Our savings are cut in half by the recession and by his irresponsible talk and our savings will be cut in half again by the inflation his reckless borrowing will rain upon us next year.

That 7.29 Misery Index that President Bush gave him will double next year.


America would be better off saving the 401(k)s than saving the deadbeats from their own.

Remember that joke about the Grasshopper and the Ant today? It came true when we elected Barack Obama president.

Well-played, sir! At this point, I will die in my chair at work, never able to retire. All because power-hungry Democrats were willing to tank our economy just to win back The White House. Most. Ethical. Congress. Ever.

It gets better. Not only is the “governmental spending” out of control, Obama now plans to tax us to Kingdom Come. Increased taxes – in a recession. Wait just a minute there partner, we haven’t gotten our $13/week tax break yet! Does this man even have a brain? Or just an ego?

Finally, stimulus and corruption and blunders and hypocrisy aside, The Anchoress tells us to enjoy our freedom of speech while we still have it. Yes, that is on The Won’s punch list as well.

Speak up. This is still America – in this nation, for now, you are free to do so. The more you shut yourself up, the more easily others will shut you up, down the road.

Amen, sister!

P.S. Info on the Atlanta Tea Party! (h/t Peach Pundit)

UPDATE: Yesterday afternoon, I gathered with a few other Atlantans who have had enough. Check back frequently at Atlanta Tax Protest as more info becomes available.


So That’s It!

The secret to Alabama’s phenomenal season is unveiled.

Kitsch, Recount/Run-Off Magic and Perfumed Hankies

Back in my Delta days, those halcyon times before children zapped my energy and cash flow, hopping a plane to ski Utah was a favorite pastime. There was this little Mexican joint in SLC, on the way back from the slopes where we’d stop and eat. It was there that I had my first dose of over-the-top, honest to goodness kitsch. The restaurant was festooned with numerous busts and statues, all of Elvis and all draped in a variety of Mardi-Gras beads and other equally charming adornments. Jeremaykova notes the halo glow that swathes Obama is quickly turning into his own brand of kitsch. Hey, think that restaurant out in Salt Lake might update their collection?

New manifesto. Say it again, this time with feeling!

Constitutional debate swirls around Obama. The Birth Certificate Affair. . The Dual Office Grab, Complete with Sidekick. HillO’State – Unconstitutional or Not?

I’m sure I can find some ballots in my car. Or my garage. Or maybe under my bed. All sorts of amazing things magically reappear after months and months of mystery.

Palin drew big crowds in Georgia yesterday, when she was here to support Saxby Chambliss. And why not? Aren’t we just as bitter, and gun-totin’, and clinging to our religion as our long-lost cousins up in PA?

You are who you hang with. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, no?

Hand that man a perfumed hankie, so he can pretend to be the effete French noblesse he thinks he’s channeling.

Never fear, dear reader. Even in the midst of all the treacle, you can still find a real touch of class. SoS Condelezza Rice performs for The Queen.

A palace spokeswoman told AFP that Rice “expressed a wish to play at Buckingham Palace and the queen offered her to play in the music room.”

The lady knows how to go out in style.

Get Used To It

So get this – I go out for lunch today, alone. I head over to my favorite taco joint. As I walk in the door, I think “Good. There’s one seat left at the counter.” Since my mama raised me right, very politely I ask if the seat is taken. The blonde to the right, says “Yes, I’m waiting for my friend that’s parking the car.”

Ok. The line is now too long. I don’t want to sit at a table by myself. So I decide to order to go. In the meantime, one of the waiters goes over to the woman and says she can’t save seats. She gives him the same story.

The parking lot is half full. Where did her friend park – Turner Field? So the waiter comes over to me and says she admitted (after some serious prodding) that she wasn’t saving the seat for anyone and that I could sit there. I told him I’d already ordered to go.

While I was waiting, mulling over the many ways I wished her harm, he came back over and we struck up a conversation. In a way, he tried to take up for her, because in his eyes she still is a customer. Albeit a bad, snotty one. And probably a lousy tipper to boot. But one thing he said to me rings true of this election and what days may await our nation. (paraphrased, of course)

“She didn’t realize she was being selfish.”

Really? A grown woman, acting like she’s in a high school cafeteria? No, YOU can’t sit there. Beside ME. You’re not cute enough, you’re not thin enough, you’re too short, I don’t like your clothes, I don’t like your shoes, I don’t like your purse, I don’t like your hair, you look like a conservative, you smell like a christian, how dare you approach me.

Shades of Miss Astor.

Again, really? A grown woman, sitting in one of the busiest Atlanta lunch spots, hogging a stupid bar stool? Seats there are primo real estate – lunchtime gold – for the 30 odd minutes you get to occupy one before the wait staff nudges you out the door. After all, the line is 50 people deep by 11:45. Is she from Mars? Or worse, Florida?

I thought about his comment all the way back to the office. After Tuesday, if Obama is elected, the nation’s leading entitlement-minded, truth-challenged, lacking-moral-fiber narcissists and their band of merry thieves will be running the show.

So no tacos for you!

God Help Us All.

No Power of Hell, No Scheme of Man, Can Ever Pluck Me from His Hand

After a few days of beautiful leaves and equally beautiful music, my heart is at ease. For the moment, at least. The old saying “Music soothes the savage beast” even applies to the torture a soul feels when faced with such uncertainty that nightmares crowd out any restful sleep. You wake exhausted, with the heavy feeling like you’ve battled demons all night long

Driving between concert venues, for every 20 McCain yard signs, we saw one Obama sign. Lots of houses flying Old Glory. Everyone I spoke with shared my concerns about the election, but they had all either already voted for McCain or planned to. Regardless, they continue to pray for the nation and it’s future.

Roger Kimbell at PJM feels that all is not lost.

What I find depressing about this–as, indeed, about the whole Obama juggernaut–is the extent to which it represents a return of bad ideas that have already been tried time and again, have failed and made people poorer and less stalwart, and yet seem poised to make a sorry comeback once again.

[…] Still, I do not despair.

In this last week, remember that desperation breeds strange behavior. Ignore the media – they are in the tank for The One. They believe that the American public is SO stupid that they can say whatever their handlers demand without redress. The polls, too. Their samples are skewed and questions are flawed. The pool of lemmings grows deep and wide. Listen to your favorite music, watch old movies. Crank up the Mozart, Vivaldi, Led Zepplin, Brad Paisley, bagpipes, whatever. Watch the classics. Remember how great it is to be an American.

Liberty can be a messy business. I don’t mind the mess and I certainly don’t want an Obama adminstration to clean it up for me.

As a sidebar, at this morning’s concert, I met Dr. Emir Caner, the new President of Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, GA. I’ve written previously about his brother, Ergun. During his words to the group during lunch, he was comfortable and light on his feet, weaving his ideas for the college’s future in with jokes about his faculty that participated that morning. His vision reminds me of that line of “In Christ Alone,” the closing piece of the concert.

“No Power of Hell, No Scheme of Man, Can Ever Pluck Me from His Hand”

This election is in His hands. I have cast my vote and cast my fears of the future to the foot of the Cross.


Go Dawgs! How sweet it is!

That was a win worth savoring – Mark Richt goes to 28-4 in opponents’ stadiums, an incredible record for an SEC coach and the Dawgs ended a thirty game LSU home winning streak in dominant fashion. That ain’t exactly chopped liver. Sure, Penn State complicated Georgia’s chances to play in the BCS title game and we’ll be rolling our eyes this week over tales of Gator revenge, but that’s all in the future, even if the future is only a day or so away. This was a damned good win. Enjoy it.

Operation Love from Home Christmas Card Project

Operation Love from Home, a local Georgia organization, is in the midst of their Christmas Card campaign and could really use the help of the blogosphere! They have a very ambitious goal this year of 50,000 cards to our troops!

You can click here to send e-cards or send handwritten cards to this address:

Operation Love From Home
P.O. Box 1660
Loganville, GA 30052

Longtime readers will remember this post detailing where I heard first of Kathy Orr and her organization. Through the word of the internetz, they meet their Independence Day goal of 5000 cards! So it’s time to do it again.

Make a difference for a soldier far away from home protecting our most precious natural resource – liberty.

Early Voting in Georgia, So Far

Via PeachPundit.

12% so far. That’s more turnout, with 13 days to go, than many earlier elections. Stay tuned…

The Radio Booth in the Sky

In keeping with the attempt at “no politics” during retreat, today we remember Skip Carey. Skip was the Braves announcer for as long as I can remember. He passed away at his home last Sunday, August 3rd. Yesterday there was a memorial at Christ The King, filled with memories and funny stories. He had such a dry sense of humor. It was an inside joke for all Georgians – Skip got at least a dozen calls during each pre-game show asking him to explain the infield fly rule. Today is a public memorial at Turner Field. (The green lot opens at 9am, the service begins at 10.)

The son of Harry Carey, Hall of Fame announcer for the Chicago Cubs, Skip followed in dad’s very large footsteps. Now Skip’s sons both announce for the Braves. Chip does play-by-play for the Big Braves, and Josh calls the games for the Rome Braves (Class A).

The AJC photos of the funeral is a who’s who of past and present Braves favorites.

Like Larry (beloved Voice of the Georgia Bulldawgs), he had a distinctive style that can never be replaced. Just listen … the Sid Bream slide for the NL championship in ’92 (I was pregnant with Wee Highlander at the time – all that jumping and screaming – he was nearly early!!) … Braves win the World Series in 1995 … there are dozens more. Mark Arum at WSB has a eight-part series of memories. Keep the Kleenex close by.

Sign up here to retire #17 in Skip’s memory.

Summer nights will never be the same.

Yeah, But Were They Man Enough?

According to The Sporting News, Pat Dye has found his pants. “Stylish” pants, in fact. Big blue and green Madras plaid check pants. That he doesn’t remember losing.

Ahhh Pat. Burned in the searing flames of Bulldawg infamy for saying “Georgia’s not man enough to beat Alabama,” the DawgNation is guffawing in glee, not only that you’d actually wear pants whose pattern might provoke a seizure, but that you lost them in a lake. And you don’t remember.

My guess is that since they were found on the shoreline, washed up after 23 years, the only thought that helped them survive all those years underwater was crawling out of that lake and hitching a ride to Athens, as far away from Auburn as possible. Where EVERYBODY’S pants are Man Enough.

(h/t GeorgiaSportsBlog

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