Angelo Codevilla; Wow

(Via The Other McCain)

Angelo M. Codevilla, Professor Emeritus of International Relations at Boston University, has written an excellent article over American Spectator on the “new class” warfare in America, how we got there and what to expect in the days to come.

As over-leveraged investment houses began to fail in September 2008, the leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties, of major corporations, and opinion leaders stretching from the National Review magazine (and the Wall Street Journal) on the right to the Nation magazine on the left, agreed that spending some $700 billion to buy the investors’ “toxic assets” was the only alternative to the U.S. economy’s “systemic collapse.” In this, President George W. Bush and his would-be Republican successor John McCain agreed with the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama. Many, if not most, people around them also agreed upon the eventual commitment of some 10 trillion nonexistent dollars in ways unprecedented in America. They explained neither the difference between the assets’ nominal and real values, nor precisely why letting the market find the latter would collapse America. The public objected immediately, by margins of three or four to one.

When this majority discovered that virtually no one in a position of power in either party or with a national voice would take their objections seriously, that decisions about their money were being made in bipartisan backroom deals with interested parties, and that the laws on these matters were being voted by people who had not read them, the term “political class” came into use. Then, after those in power changed their plans from buying toxic assets to buying up equity in banks and major industries but refused to explain why, when they reasserted their right to decide ad hoc on these and so many other matters, supposing them to be beyond the general public’s understanding, the American people started referring to those in and around government as the “ruling class.” And in fact Republican and Democratic office holders and their retinues show a similar presumption to dominate and fewer differences in tastes, habits, opinions, and sources of income among one another than between both and the rest of the country. They think, look, and act as a class.

I know it’s long, and there are no pictures, but you will be better for it. Off with ya!

There will be a test. In November. Plan accordingly.

P.S. Perfect:

If, for example, you are Laurence Tribe in 1984, Harvard professor of law, leftist pillar of the establishment, you can “write” your magnum opus by using the products of your student assistant, Ron Klain. A decade later, after Klain admits to having written some parts of the book, and the other parts are found to be verbatim or paraphrases of a book published in 1974, you can claim (perhaps correctly) that your plagiarism was “inadvertent,” and you can count on the Law School’s dean, Elena Kagan, to appoint a committee including former and future Harvard president Derek Bok that issues a secret report that “closes” the incident. Incidentally, Kagan ends up a justice of the Supreme Court. Not one of these people did their jobs: the professor did not write the book himself, the assistant plagiarized instead of researching, the dean and the committee did not hold the professor accountable, and all ended up rewarded. By contrast, for example, learned papers and distinguished careers in climatology at MIT (Richard Lindzen) or UVA (S. Fred Singer) are not enough for their questions about “global warming” to be taken seriously. For our ruling class, identity always trumps.

Your Assignment Today, Should You Choose to Accept It

…is to get David Letterman fired. Yep, folks, it’s Tuesday and you know what that means. Useful Idiot Day at the praxeum. Surprisingly, the shy and retiring President Cupcake has been dethroned this week by the world’s dirtiest old man. Mama is mad, really mad, at this fella for joking about raping young girls, so watch out! Sir, is this the way you want to raise your son? Good thing you don’t have any daughters.

Cynthia Yockey is on a one-woman mission to deliver his pink slip. Join her (and me) in contacting CBS and their sponsors imploring to rid the airwaves of this pestilence – (info from

CBS Television / Main number: 212-975-4321
Les Moonves, President and CEO, CBS, 212-975-4545,
Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment, 323-575-2747,
Mike Nelson, VP Communications, 818-655-2156,

CBS Television Studios
Lauri Metrose, VP Communications, 818-655-7223, Jennifer Solari, Executive Director Communications, 818-655-7222,
Kim Sartori, Director Communications, 818-655-7221,

Major Advertisers:
Johnson & Johnson (Listerine and KY Brand)
Main Number: 1-888-222-0182 (Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products)
Kristina Chang, Public Relations, 973-385-4370,
Steve Schonberg, Edelman PR, 212-704-4494,

Old Navy (Parent company is Gap Inc)
Main Number: 650-952-4400
Nicole Bender, Public Relations, 415-832-2889,

Kellogg’s (Mini-Wheats)
Main Number: 1-800-962-1413 (Consumer Affairs)
Allison Costello, Ketchum PR, 412-456-3741,

Southwest Airlines
Main Number: 214-792-4847 (Public Relations)
Gary Kelly, CEO, 214-792-4000,
Ginger Hardage, SVP Culture & Communications, 214-792-6924,
Linda Rutherford, VP Communications, 214-792-4625,

Olive Garden
Main Number: 1-800-331-2729 (Guest Relations)
John Caron, Executive VP Marketing,
Grey Advertising (their ad agency), 212-546-2083

Other National Advertisers:
June 11 –Touchstone Pictures (Disney), Samsung, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Chase Bank, Pfizer (Zyrtec), Wyeth (Centrum Vitamins), Ford, Lexus, Mazda and Saturn (in addition to several of the above)

June 10 – DirecTV, MetLife, Amica, AT&T, Samsung, Verizon, Chase Bank, Aventis (Actonel), Merck (Pepcid), Pfizer (Zyrtec), Wyeth (Centrum Vitamins), Honda, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln and Toyota (in addition to several of the above)

His flip attitude about the whole affair is indicative of American’s general decline in values. Anything is permissible, especially if it’s cloaked in raunchy locker-room humor and denigrates an opponent. Even better if the opponent is female. Just look at the example in the White House.

Previously: Letterman the Lecher, Shouldn’t Letterman’s Head be on a Platter by Now?

UPDATE: Cynthia’s Handy-Dandy Fire David Letterman Kit #1 and Handy-Dandy Fire David Letterman Kit #2. Now get on it!

Season’s Greetings

From the mailbag:

To All My Democrat Friends:

Please accept with no obligation, implied or explicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2009, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere. Also, this wish is made without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishee.

To My Republican Friends:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ok, now go read Yaacov’s annual Christmas wish.

Kitsch, Recount/Run-Off Magic and Perfumed Hankies

Back in my Delta days, those halcyon times before children zapped my energy and cash flow, hopping a plane to ski Utah was a favorite pastime. There was this little Mexican joint in SLC, on the way back from the slopes where we’d stop and eat. It was there that I had my first dose of over-the-top, honest to goodness kitsch. The restaurant was festooned with numerous busts and statues, all of Elvis and all draped in a variety of Mardi-Gras beads and other equally charming adornments. Jeremaykova notes the halo glow that swathes Obama is quickly turning into his own brand of kitsch. Hey, think that restaurant out in Salt Lake might update their collection?

New manifesto. Say it again, this time with feeling!

Constitutional debate swirls around Obama. The Birth Certificate Affair. . The Dual Office Grab, Complete with Sidekick. HillO’State – Unconstitutional or Not?

I’m sure I can find some ballots in my car. Or my garage. Or maybe under my bed. All sorts of amazing things magically reappear after months and months of mystery.

Palin drew big crowds in Georgia yesterday, when she was here to support Saxby Chambliss. And why not? Aren’t we just as bitter, and gun-totin’, and clinging to our religion as our long-lost cousins up in PA?

You are who you hang with. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, no?

Hand that man a perfumed hankie, so he can pretend to be the effete French noblesse he thinks he’s channeling.

Never fear, dear reader. Even in the midst of all the treacle, you can still find a real touch of class. SoS Condelezza Rice performs for The Queen.

A palace spokeswoman told AFP that Rice “expressed a wish to play at Buckingham Palace and the queen offered her to play in the music room.”

The lady knows how to go out in style.

Irritating Phrases

Oxford University has compiled a list of irritating phrases.

The researchers who compiled the list monitor the use of phrases in a database called the Oxford University Corpus, which comprises books, papers, magazines, broadcast, the internet and other sources.

The database alerts them to new words and phrases and can tell them which expressions are disappearing. It also shows how words are being misused.

As well as the above expressions, the book’s author Jeremy Butterfield says that many annoyingly over-used expressions actually began as office lingo, such as 24/7 and “synergy”.

Other phrases to irritate people are “literally” and “ironically”, when they are used out of context.

Mr Butterfield said: “We grow tired of anything that is repeated too often – an anecdote, a joke, a mannerism – and the same seems to happen with some language.”

The top ten most irritating phrases:
1 – At the end of the day
2 – Fairly unique
3 – I personally
4 – At this moment in time
5 – With all due respect
6 – Absolutely
7 – It’s a nightmare
8 – Shouldn’t of
9 – 24/7
10 – It’s not rocket science

Oops, they forgot one – Hope and Change.

Swimmin’ with the Sharks

Fausta has a great post going on the LA Time’s refusal to release a video of Obama celebrating with Rashid Khalidi (formerly of the PLO) and another known terrorists.

This is the final weekend before the Presidential election, and the media is intent in hiding any information that might hurt the chances of Obama becoming President of the United States.

You know they are! I wonder what kind of deal the media has made with the Obama camp?? In return for favors to be named later? Frightening to have your Commander in Chief beholden to others, isn’t it? Massive squashing of the blogosphere is first on their list, I’m sure.

It is amazing to me that the media, on it’s death bed of credibility, continue to shill for this empty suit. Even the NYT is willing to deny their previous reporting in order to protect Dear Leader. After all, if you don’t make him glow, then off you go!

Imagine if the tables were turned and the tape contained evidence of McCain with some shady characters with less than America’s best interests at heart. Would the LAT still be sitting on the tape? It would hit the presses like some zombie hot potato!

UPDATE: Debbie Schlussel has more!

Review Time

After digging through the barrage of vulgar comments and bogus email addresses over the last few weeks, I would encourage commenters to READ and COMPREHEND my comment policy.

Civil, spirited debate is encouraged here as well as differing viewpoints.

But if you are going to act like you work at ACORN (i.e., calling me names, dropping f bombs, sending the same comment repeatedly with different email addresses (did you think I wouldn’t catch the ascending numbers??), dissing my faith, etc. etc. etc.), well, you’re just going to have to clean up your act.

And for heaven’s sake, pick up a grammar book.

Who Needs Facts When You Can Corner the Market?

Or perhaps a better title would be “When Scholars Defect” or “Media Virgin Researchers Exposed to the Ethos of The Scoop” or “G. G. Hubbard Spins in Grave; News at Eleven” or …

Read this the other day – an excellent article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed about the “Gospel of Judas” hubbub of 2006 and the back-story that went with it. Sadly, it appears that the National Georgraphic Society has become infected with the same sad parasite that eats away at our national media. See if you can see the parallels here.

What better way to sell, sell, SELL than to scrub up a well-known bad boy for the cameras? Just like some movie-star, fresh out of rehab.

When the Gospel of Judas was unveiled at a news conference in April 2006, it made headlines around the world — with nearly all of those articles touting the new and improved Judas. “In Ancient Document, Judas, Minus the Betrayal,” read the headline in The New York Times. The British paper The Guardian called it “a radical makeover for one of the worst reputations in history.” A documentary that aired a few days later on National Geographic’s cable channel also pushed the Judas-as-hero theme. The premiere attracted four million viewers, making it the second-highest-rated program in the channel’s history, behind only a documentary on September 11.

[…]The announcement was timed so that the documentary, a book containing the translation and critical essays, an accompanying Web site, and an exhibit at National Geographic’s headquarters would all be unveiled more or less simultaneously. By keeping the translation under wraps, National Geographic had cornered the market on Judas, and now it intended to take full advantage of its position.

In all of its materials, the view of Judas as good guy was front and center. In an online video clip, [Marvin] Meyer calls the text’s Judas the “most insightful and the most loyal of all the disciples.” In [Bart] Ehrman’s essay, Judas is “Jesus’ closest friend, the one who understood Jesus better than anyone else, who turned Jesus over to the authorities because Jesus wanted him to do so.” The teaser on the documentary’s DVD case asks, “What if this account turned Jesus’ betrayal on its head, and in it the villain became a hero?” The discovery of an ancient document titled “The Gospel of Judas” is exciting enough. But the twist of a good Judas — well, that’s a great story.

But when other biblical scholars took issue with not only with the translation itself but the way NG managed the project, NG pooh-poohed it as “inevitable” and “irresponsible.”

But almost immediately, other scholars began to take issue with the interpretation of Meyer and the rest of the National Geographic team. They didn’t see a good Judas at all. In fact, this Judas seemed more evil than ever. Those early voices of dissent have since grown into a chorus, some of whom argue that National Geographic’s handling of the project amounts to scholarly malpractice. It’s a perfect example, critics argue, of what can happen when commercial considerations are allowed to ride roughshod over careful research. What’s more, the controversy has strained friendships in this small community of religion scholars — causing some on both sides of the argument to feel, in a word, betrayed.

April DeConick, professor of biblical studies at Rice University and another Coptologist, saw errors within minutes of reading the translation.

As soon as the show ended, she went to her computer and downloaded the English translation from the National Geographic Web site. Almost immediately she began to have concerns. From her reading, even in translation, it seemed obvious that Judas was not turning in Jesus as a friendly gesture, but rather sacrificing him to a demon god named Saklas. This alone would suggest, strongly, that Judas was not acting with Jesus’ best interests in mind — which would undercut the thesis of the National Geographic team. She turned to her husband, Wade, and said: “Oh no. Something is really wrong.”

She started the next day on her own translation of the Coptic transcription, also posted on the National Geographic Web site. That’s when she came across what she considered a major, almost unbelievable error. It had to do with the translation of the word “daimon,” which Jesus uses to address Judas. The National Geographic team translates this as “spirit,” an unusual choice and inconsistent with translations of other early Christian texts, where it is usually rendered as “demon.” In this passage, however, Jesus’ calling Judas a demon would completely alter the meaning. “O 13th spirit, why do you try so hard?” becomes “O 13th demon, why do you try so hard?” A gentle inquiry turns into a vicious rebuke.

Read the whole article – it is fascinating and well-researched. And a testament to the mindset of “marketing trumps the truth.” Where have we heard that before?

Every year, around Christian holidays, these stories crop up. The Devil is still working hard in this world to discredit The Truth. He never rests. And sadly, it seems, especially in the current election cycle, that he has plenty of workers at his beck and call. Truth, any truth at all, is becoming harder to discern because of the incredible amount of noise and distraction being thrown at us from all directions.

John 2:26 “I am writing these things to you about those who are trying to lead you astray.”

Adjective Pairs

Steyn on Ellis and the Polar Express

You know, Debbie Reynolds should sue this fella. Mark takes issue with left-leaning Bob Ellis, a prominent Australian blogger and Obamawannabe. In his article for the ABC (the Australian public broadcast channel) he lambasts Hillary, saying her “frigidity” is the root cause of everything since Bill’s first inauguration. Stunning. Read the whole thing. That’s ok, ‘ll wait.

Ok, now you can pick your teeth up off the floor. Frequent readers here know I try to keep this little blog as PG as possible for a number of reasons. Thanks to media and entertainment mores, MTV and toy manufacturers and the “new” modern society of the world, at times it is a herculean task.

I agree with Mark when he says

Being a supporter of neither Senator Clinton nor Senator Obama, I couldn’t care less about accusations of “unfairness” and “negative campaigning”. But in the matter of whether criticism of Obama is racist and criticism of Hillary is sexist, I think there’s certainly more to the latter charge.

Sure, let’s pick on the female. It will get a few laughs, knowing snickers and wink-wink-nod-nods from the boys and nobody will label you a racist (this century’s most abused and over-used word) and make you quit whatever cush job you currently occupy. Mark continues

As conservative female bloggers know, it’s amazing how quickly “progressive” men reach for the your-problem-is-you-don’t-get-enough stuff. But, even so, it’s remarkable how comfortable leftie guys are deploying the frigid-and-won’t-put-out line against their own.

Bad Form! Bad Form! When a commenter came to her defense, calling Ellis the “Sexist Scum” name he deserved, this was Ellis’ “elevated” response:

I wouldn’t normally have raised this aspect of her private life but Hillary’s failure to ‘keep the dog on the porch’, as the famous Arkansas phrase puts it, had this not then caused, or partly caused Monica, the impeachment, Karl Rove’s ‘morality politics’, Gore’s loss, Bush’s win and, by global warming, the end of the world; like the length of Cleopatra’s nose it’s been, as it turns out, a big factor in everything that followed including a million deaths in Iraq and therefore probably worth noting by historians like me.

Oh PUHHHHLLLLEEEEEZZZZZ. It’s pretty obvious in which camp this bozo belongs. Such an adolescent fascination with the magazine trove under his bed is unhealthy.

Amazing. The mouth that launched a million deaths. Bill was denied, people died.

That Steyn. He has the gift. (You can buy his book at SteynOnline. America Alone will change the way you look at the world forever.)

But that Ellis? He should get his head out of high school and try to FOCUS on the task at hand. Which is NOT the object IN his hand. Sheesh.

Poke Him with a Fork, He’s Done

Too much work and a doctor’s appointment that WASTED my time and INSULTED my intelligence takes up all my band-width today.


baldilocks has the Final Word on Obama. Read the whole thing and jump up with Hallelujahs!

Here’s what I do come to defend, to stand in defense of: Christianity and Christians who are black. Jeremiah Wright defames both and speaks for neither and little obscure me will not let him use either as fig leaf. Yes, our ancestors in this country and our kinsmen across the water fought to be just as Christian as other Christians—as Christian as our brothers who are white. And many of the latter stood for us and side-by-side with us—not because of us primarily but because of the One Who is Primary. Has that particular battle been won? I say yes, though the war continues. But Wright not only continues to fight the battle, he willfully misunderstands the nature of the War and identity of the Enemy. And by doing that, he becomes the tool of the Enemy. That’s his choice, but not mine and not that of those who focus on the Redemption offered by Christ instead of getting upon the Cross themselves.

So there…

We Can Agree to Disagree, Civily

From the beginning, I’ve used the “moderate comments” feature of WP, mostly because I wanted to keep this little blog family-safe and PG-rated, regardless of the topic. And up until a few weeks ago, we were all playing nicely. I won’t say when and who, but since I’ve written some posts about two feuding candidates, the quality of comments took a nosedive.

I’m NOT saying I delete comments that disagree with my position on the issue dujour. In fact, if you take the time to look back through two year’s worth of posts, you’ll see plenty of disagreement. Debate is a healthy thing – our founding fathers thrived on it and those lofty debates are the foundation of our great country. Even then, though, there was an expected code of decorum, especially in public. (The press was a different matter then, and obviously they haven’t learned much!)

What I AM saying is that I delete comments that are profane or highly offensive or inappropriate. And I will continue to do so, no matter how many emails are sent calling me a coward or worse. You can call me names all you want. First of all, it belies a less-than-stellar upbringing. Secondly is a telling sign that the important parts of your brain aren’t firing – if all you can come up with is a couple of nasty names, instead of facts to back up your argument.

I will defend to the death everyone’s RIGHT to speak freely. I can only wish certain commenters would do the same for me.

That being said, what follows below is a “Comments Policy”, adapted from those seen at The Anchoress (and with her permission).

Opinions in the comments section do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog Administrator. The Blog Administrator is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR COMMENTARY CONTENT.

1) No referring to Presidents, ex-presidents, or others by disgusting or vulgar nicknames. I don’t do it myself – out of respect for the office, and also because it is simply infantile – and I would prefer it not be done on my site. A simple last name is sufficient. And since we’re all about keeping it civil, if you are truly civil, you won’t want to defame or slander anyone, anyway. If I suspect it is slander, I’ll delete it immediately.

2) No carrying on about what people look like. I never comment on people’s looks or weight (unless I can do so positively) because there is enough of that in the world, and deriding people for their looks is – again – infantile. I will comment about grooming, though, as in “please wash your freaking hair,” or whatever, but overall, people’s appearances are not fodder for this site. I’d appreciate it if commenters did not refer to other people – even public figures, who are considered “fair game” for a lot of scorn – as “fat pigs” or “bubble-eyed” or whatever, just as I’d rather they didn’t waste their time attacking other commenters. It’s just about being civil and acting like adults. That sort of writing betrays one’s interior noise and adds nothing to one’s argument.

3) I have no problem with hell, damn, balls, cojones, or crap, nor “bitch” when it is used as a verb or you are quoting Designing Women. Asshat is sometimes an absolutely necessary word in the English language. Beyond that, don’t tempt me. If you are inclined to the F-word, “freaking” will do quite nicely, and as stated before, both C-words (male and female) will get you banned until you grovel as you have never grovelled before.

4) No taking the name of the Lord in vain. I don’t care whether He’s your Lord or not, I’d ask you to respect my sensibilities, here. If that offends you, think of compliance with my wishes as being multi-culti tolerant, then it should sit better.

5) Don’t use a fake email address. I’m not interested in emailing you, but if you’re going to register with the email address “”, well, obviously, I’m not going to welcome you. I mean, I’m a tolerant sort of gal, but if you’re going to wish death on me or those I love or to our elected officials/their families, go do it somewhere else.

6) Please try to stick to the topic at hand. I know debates can meander, but when things devolve into unruliness and name-calling, I will close a discussion. I’m just not into that crap.

See? That wasn’t hard, was it? Now for those that need PICTURES, Dr. Sanity had an excellent illustration the other day….

How to Disagree

Observations from the Infirmary

This flu is the pits. Hubby is on Round Two. Luckily, I no longer breathe like a certain Sith Lord. At least today.

Today is one of those weather days in Atlanta that meteorologists only dream about. 3 seasons in one day. The Harmonic Convergence of the Dopplers. After this morning’s excitement – we now have a tornado warning! Joy. Rapture.

Being sick and highly self-medicated; one tends to reflect on a wide-variety of topics. None related to the other – that’s the fun of medication! More fun than adult ADHD – I’m sure Siggy knows whatever the syndrome is called – and guaranteed to be non-fattening!?!?

Steyn on WFB – the ultimate Double-Anti-Epigoli. Mark compares his style to Bill’s

I am a considerably less elegant writer and listening to Bill reading my rough-and-tumble prose in his languid vowels was a bit like hearing Maria Callas sing “Yes, We Have No Bananas”.

IMHO, if anyone inherits the mantle of the Great General, it will be Steyn. It’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Mark may not send you running for the dictionary with each article (unless you happen to own a Canadian one), but he has that same elan that grabs your attention and holds it. Sometimes it pinches.

Also on The Corner (via SteynOnline) is a link to probably the most tasteless advertising I’ve ever seen. Like a slow motion car accident; you just can’t look away.

Campaign spots are just as bad.

Speaking of tastleless, Chris Cuomo should find out what “Expendable” really means.

The 3 a.m. call. Snort.

Chavez hearts FARC and plays RISK with his leeeeetle friends (sorry I’m late Fausta!) Fausta is having a party and I can’t go because College Girl’s recital is the same day. Waaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! I just hate having to choose.

I just don’t get this mindset. Pardon me, ma’am your burqua is buzzin’.

Two down, eight to go. Following the rules, the board, it does not.

Erick at Peach Pundit tells his readers to use their dictonaries. Ob-vious-ly, they didn’t read much of WFB. That is almost as dumb as THIS. Or THIS.

I’m exhausted. Back to the sofa for me!

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