Various and Sundry Post-CPAC Stuff

Stacy lists the reasons why he’s not been asked to speak at CPAC yet.

Jimmie worked on his “beads” collection.

Nice Deb is so…well…nice.

I wonder if Vanderleun’s ears were burning Friday night…

Fausta gets right back to work with her Latin American/Caribbean Carnival.

John Hawkins has an exhaustive round-up (three, actually) and still managed to make the trip with car trouble.

I scored some books from Sean. Now I just need the time to read them.

Tom McLaughlin has a great camera. Check out his photos, starting with this post and work your way back.

Leon at RedState could feel the love; 1994 was in the air.

I had to soak my feet, too, Val.

And in closing, DaTechGuy’s thoughts of a Free Cuba brings tears to even my eyes. We’ll all head down to Miami with boxes of Kleenex to dance a gig with Val.

“If you don’t leave liberals sputtering with rage, you’re not doing it right.”

Coulter rocks CPAC.

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