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(Adapted from those seen at The Anchoress and used with her permission.)

Opinions in the comments section do not necessarily reflect those of the Blog Administrator. The Blog Administrator is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR COMMENTARY CONTENT.

1) No referring to Presidents, ex-presidents, or others by disgusting or vulgar nicknames. I don’t do it myself – out of respect for the office, and also because it is simply infantile – and I would prefer it not be done on my site. A simple last name is sufficient. And since we’re all about keeping it civil, if you are truly civil, you won’t want to defame or slander anyone, anyway. If I suspect it is slander, I’ll delete it immediately.

2) No carrying on about what people look like. I never comment on people’s looks or weight (unless I can do so positively) because there is enough of that in the world, and deriding people for their looks is – again – infantile. I will comment about grooming, though, as in “please wash your freaking hair,” or whatever, but overall, people’s appearances are not fodder for this site. I’d appreciate it if commenters did not refer to other people – even public figures, who are considered “fair game” for a lot of scorn – as “fat pigs” or “bubble-eyed” or whatever, just as I’d rather they didn’t waste their time attacking other commenters. It’s just about being civil and acting like adults. That sort of writing betrays one’s interior noise and adds nothing to one’s argument.

3) I have no problem with hell, damn, balls, cojones, or crap, nor “bitch” when it is used as a verb or you are quoting Designing Women. Asshat is sometimes an absolutely necessary word in the English language. Beyond that, don’t tempt me. If you are inclined to the F-word, “freaking” will do quite nicely, and as stated before, both C-words (male and female) will get you banned until you grovel as you have never grovelled before.

4) No taking the name of the Lord in vain. I don’t care whether He’s your Lord or not, I’d ask you to respect my sensibilities, here. If that offends you, think of compliance with my wishes as being multi-culti tolerant, then it should sit better.

5) Don’t use a fake email address. I’m not interested in emailing you, but if you’re going to register with the email address “”, well, obviously, I’m not going to welcome you. I mean, I’m a tolerant sort of gal, but if you’re going to wish death on me or those I love or to our elected officials/their families, go do it somewhere else.

6) Please try to stick to the topic at hand. I know debates can meander, but when things devolve into unruliness and name-calling, I will close a discussion. I’m just not into that crap.

See? That wasn’t hard, was it? In other words, be respectable or be banned. Now for those that need PICTURES, Dr. Sanity had an excellent illustration the other day….

How to Disagree

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  1. October 15, 2008 at 7:04 am

    […] October 15, 2008 at 7:04 am (Blogs and Blogging, Helpful Things, It’s all about me Me ME, What Would WFB Have Said?) After digging through the barrage of vulgar comments and bogus email addresses over the last few weeks, I would encourage commenters to READ and COMPREHEND my comment policy. […]


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