The Big, Fluffy Pile-On

Tuesday rolls around again and my malaise lingers. Dragging my way into work, the radio blared the news, “President Obama nominates Sotomayer for SCOTUS!!! Bring out the multi-culti-government-approved-CPSIA-compliant-pinata for the Rose Garden press conference!!! Dance in the streets!!!”

Oh, gag me with a spoon. Can’t anybody at least pretend to work for the coveted “Useful Idiot” of Useful Idiot Tuesday anymore? Today I’m making them share it, simply because President Sta-Puff can’t hog the award every week, like all those Newsweek covers. It’s incredible though, that President Lightweight manages to find one lawyer even fluffier than he. I echo The Anchoress:


Howard Kurtz just annoyed me on twitter by passing on the news that the Mainstream Media will be pressing forward on Sotomayer’s “compelling life story,” and he suggests the press will be wondering if the GOP (given that several Republican senators voted for Sotomayer in the lower court) would dare to oppose this “First Puerto Rican” SCOTUS nominee. Specifically Puerto Rican, mind you, not simply “Latina.”

I wasn’t annoyed at Kurtz personally, but at the press’ immediate willingness to play a race card on behalf of the Democrats. When President Bush nominated Miquel Estrada to the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, I don’t recall the press wondering if the Dems should dare commence with their successful filibuster because of race.

Moreover I find the posy-bearing “compelling life story” idea to be gag-inducing. Aside from making news reporters sound like they’re narrating programming for the LifeStyle network (“…in a moment, a very special story…”) it seems manipulative and dishonest, to me. Good heavens, if anyone on the Supreme Court has a “compelling life story” it is Clarence Thomas, but the press didn’t feel the need to gush over his rise from dirt-poverty. And if a “compelling life story” is all it takes to be a Justice, then let’s just haul Susan Boyle over here and be done with it!

With Sotomayor’s nomination we’ll see both race and gender card be played. If you don’t like her, you’re a racist misogynist.

So “compelling” a life, in fact, that during her introduction she couldn’t stop talking about the South Bronx. Good heavens, is she auditioning for Frenchie in Grease? Channeling Carmela Soprano? Exactly how does a tough street cred help her through the nomination process? Wouldn’t an exhibition of her knowledge of law be more appropriate? Stacy nails the “puttin’ on airs:”

…why are we always hearing about people being from the South Bronx? Never in my life have I heard anybody even mention the North Bronx.

What’s up with that? My guess is that while the South Bronx is all gritty and mean streets with graffiti and gang bangers and pimps and all that, the North Bronx probably must be like a vanilla bland suburban scene, with Ikea stores and stuff.

So nobody wants to admit they’re from boring, bourgeois North Bronx, which is uncool, like being from Connecticut or Long Island. Kids in North Bronx, with their safe neighborhoods and shopping malls, probably lie and say they’re South Bronx, because otherwise people would think they were wimps and beat them up.

This government is becoming so Lightweight – it may begin to float off on its own! More to come, as I search for synonyms for vacuous….

Update: Welcome American Issues Project readers! Pull up a chair and set a spell. Hope you’re hungry… Just search on Obama or Pelosi, you’ll have plenty to read and time to stay for pie.

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  1. May 28, 2009 at 9:14 am

    […] that what will inevitabley happen when the prime selling point of a potential judge is their "compelling life story" and their empathy. Posted 05-28-2009 9:17 AM by Jimmie Bise var […]


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