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I think I'll... by Ed Ruscha

I think I'll... by Ed Ruscha

What little I know about art is that I know I don’t like modern art. Impressionism, the Dutch masters, yeah, I could look at those for hours. Modern art… well, it reminds me of the dyed macaroni with randomly over-glued polygonish-like masterpieces my kids brought home from kindergarten. So sweet, so touching. “Is this for me? So beautiful! What is it?” Exasperated, they would say, “It’s an elephant in the space station with a peanut butter sandwich. Don’t you see it?” “Oh,” I’d answer, “there he is and what a fine hat he’s wearing.” “Moooommmmmm, it’s not his hat, it’s his tractor – don’t you see it?”

But that’s just me.

The Obama’s have borrowed paintings and other pieces of art for the White House. Their taste is their business, at least when it’s in the Residence. According to Brian Ledbetter at snappedshot, at least one is a fraud, ahem, study. Is that what one artist calls it when he rips off emulates another artist’s work? In wordsmithland, we call that plagiarism. Unless, of course, you’re some big-wig journalist who swipes stories from bloggers. As I said, I don’t get the modern art mindset.

Althouse rues that of all the fine African-American artists out there, the Obama’s pick one that is less than honest. Maybe the same person who vetted Van Jones is doing double-duty in the art department.

Pundit and Pundette zing us all on our complete and total un-coolness:

They really are too hip for the room.

I can just imagine the subliminal message that painting beams into Dear Leader’s brain each day as he heads out to press conferences, jaunts to foreign lands for no apparent reason, campaign stops photo ops, burger runs with Biden, blow a billion here and there, you name it. TOTUS must be sooooo jealous.

The NEA is really doing it’s job influencing the rest of America to the messianic traits belonging to the man that floats in and out of the Oval Office.

Let the mocking commence. And no, screams of raaaaacist (!!!) don’t apply. It’s still a free country, for now, and I’m entitled to my opinion on their choice in art and/or “artists”. Get over collective yourselves.

UPDATE: Oh wait, it’s a response to Matisse’s work. Uh-huh.

UPDATE II: See, that didn’t take long. King Charles the Nutjob spews, right on cue – 3,2,1.

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