The Mega Non-Mud Related Roundup

Slowly digging out and drying out here on the sunny westside. Clean water has been restored! For once an upside to living closer to school – while the Not-So-Wee Highlander had his usual 5 minute commute, students and staff at Chapel Hill High School were not so lucky. Considering all roads that lead to CHHS were washed out except one, they averaged a 2.5 hour commute for approximately 5-8 miles. Hormones and road rage – hopefully the administration was understanding. And there are at least three other schools on that road, to boot! Might be time to buy an off-road four-wheelie something just to make it to school everyday.

Chain saws and hammers are the music of the day. So hoping for a few laughs to lighten our mood (and some linky-love as well) – here’s a round-up of “unusual” items and insights from the last few days.

(Fake) Steve (Jobs) pretends to be (Evil) Larry (Ellison) when he meets (Clueless, but with hair plugs) Joe Biden, but it all sounds like a scary geeky fantasy to me.

Bubba is tilting at windmills again.

I didn’t know you could put nitrous in a KIA. Or maybe it’s the sound of banjo music floatin’ down the holler that makes Stacy drive so fast.

Lance grew up on Mars, or somewhere. He never got his three-hour tour. Poor, abused child.

I guess now that Michigan is done cleaning up prostitution, meth-labs and gangs running wild, they can concentrate on the really tough crime out there. Like outlaw baby-sitters.

The Cardboard Cutout Commander in Chief – Is he a Mechanical Turk?
Interior Decorator? Altogether neutered?

Is Obama just another iteration of the Bad Boyfriend? Exhibit A: Told so many lies he can’t keep them straight anymore? Exhibit B:Told the opposite story and now backtracks to the lie before the other lie?

Who writes those ponderously verbose and narcissistic speeches for him, anyway?

Keith’s unrequited love
for Sarah continues, unabated.

And in closing, on a sad note, Douglas County officials believe they may have found the last missing person washed away during the massive rains Sunday evening. She died on her birthday, on her way home from a friend’s. Pray for her family and friends to find peace and understanding.

Some People Have to Pay Good Money for a Mudbath

But here in sunny Lithia Springs, you just have to walk out into the backyard. All the mud you want, for free.

lithia springs satellite 0909

And that was AFTER the waters were receding…

Currently, the estimate of damage statewide is around $250 MILLION. Dozens of roads are closed/damaged/GONE within a 5 mile radius of our home. There are hundreds statewide.

Pray for Georgia.

UPDATE: Welcome The Other McCain readers! I posted our status earlier in the week. We have water service, but it has to be boiled. Power/internet/etc. is up and stable. The destruction in unbelievable. I’ll post more pictures over the weekend. In the meantime, you can also check out my latest rant on Blogospheric Etiquette or Jedi Wannabees. And if that doesn’t work for you, then you can always ponder upon The Harmon.

Dear Jesus, thank you for the rain. You can stop now.

This morning, managed a quick post (really a veiled plea for an Ark) over at Atlanta Politics Online before the internet, etc. went AWOL for the day. Power and cable made random appearances until around 2 p.m., when they came back up to stay. Internet finally raised it head after supper.

For those not from ’round these parts, we’ve been getting a bit of rain. The drought is over. MY county has received upwards of 20″ of rain since Thursday. Four deaths in Douglas (be sure to watch the video – the force of the water is frightening.) There are 43 roads closed in our county alone – there are about 100 closed in Cobb County, just a few miles north. All of Atlanta is nearly underwater. Douglas is one of 17 counties in a declared state of emergency.

Hwy 92 just north of Douglas-Paulding line

As of suppertime, here’s our current status:

–The basement is vacuumed out and drying (go fans! go fans!)
–The backyard has flooded several times in the last 24 hours and the trusty old drainage ditch between us and our back neighbors has evolved its course, not in a good direction.
–There is a water mark on our garage doors at about 6”. Our driveway fades in a slight decline to a drain grate on the property line. At 4 a.m., I estimated the water depth at it’s deepest to be about 2.5 feet between our house and the house next door. From the news pictures I’ve seen today, I’m thankful it wasn’t any higher.
–We are under a “boil water” advisory.
–Managed to get one load of laundry done.
–We have no water pressure at all now – so no showers, washed dishes or flushes in the near future. According to the Water Authority folks and their helpful message, it could be several days before water service is restored. The greenies would be so proud.
–School is out until Thursday.
–I am exhausted.
–Mud is not my friend.

The mess in my backyard

The mess in my backyard

But… my thoughts and prayers are for those not as lucky as we. Those who have lost their loved ones, their homes, their belongings, their cars, their pets, their jobs, their businesses, those who couldn’t make it home, those who couldn’t make it to work, the panicked parents of the flooded elementary school who found their precious children safe and sound at the middle school down the road, so many touched by this disaster. This flood has harmed Georgians statewide. And there is more rain forecast for tonight.

Pray for us!

Go Dawgs, Beat Hawgs

Dawn brought a very gloomy Saturday. Bernie talks about Joe Cox:

Cox may not have the sexy arm that Stafford brought ‘tween the hedges. But he’s got moxie that oozes out his earholes. He’s not as media savvy and polished (thank God). And he’s only leading up to his fourth career start.

But you can already feel the JC groove, or The Ginger Assassin as Stuff of Legend refers to him. He may not be solid as a rock in the pocket, but he’s always ready to roll. He’s a little less manicured lawn and a little more junkyard.

There ya go – Junk-YARRRRRRD!

And it that don’t getcha going, then this one always works: Dimples gets his interception

Go Dawgs! Beat Hawgs!

The Force Is NOT Strong In This One

Jim Treacher at his absolute, monitor-ruining best. (h/t VodkaPundit)

Delinking Is So Hard To Do

Not really. It had been over a year since I’d even been over or linked to Little Green Footballs. When he started attacking fellow bloggers, for some pretty petty and imagined slights, I just took my business elsewhere. But then he came after Stacy. Robert Stacy McCain – loud of mouth but big of heart. Poor, delusional Charles had slid so far to the left, he was sounding like Keith Olbermann and playing by the (gasp!) liberal playbook. In other words, if you disagreed with him, you were out. Smeared, labeled, libeled, cherry-picked, drug behind the king’s chariot and left for the dogs. So much for (ahem) civilized discourse.

So I delinked him. In the meantime, Hot Air keeps him in their blogroll, but in a more appropriate category.

Super Duper King of the Lefties Little Green Footballs

UPDATE: Perhaps I should explain: LGF was removed from the blogroll here over a year ago. By delinking, I mean I went through my posts and removed the links back. The trend I saw was interesting…as a beginner blogger, I linked there quite a bit. His reports on Islamic cruelty to women were compelling. He had strong opinions on the American ostrich politics regarding the tsunami of Islamic danger heading America’s way. Over the months I linked less; either I felt more comfortable with my own voice or his had changed it’s tune. Then he started attacking other bloggers. You know the rest of the story.

Carol of No Sheeples Here says, “…good riddance.”

UPDATE II: Linked by The Other McCain, who outlines the root cause of the “Little Green Meltdown.”

Don’t Get Your Knickers In a Twist, Johann

Lovingly swiped from The Anchoress, the perfect parody for a gloomy Friday or any day for that matter…

The Baron bon Bloginsky Turn of a Word

Awaiting the kick-off of the Trade School Trouncing, the Baron bon Bloginsky weaves some magical words. (Yikes, the Shar-Pei just picked Tech to win. Does the Shar-Pei ever shut up?)

…embrace the healing power of ‘and?’

Michael [Moore] packs significant inertia, and it fills the screen, toppling the flat panel from the TV stand to lie there, in a pose nearly useless enough to resemble one of Moore’s films.

Is Pelosi cracking…

…it would force him to deal with blow hard university presidents hell bent on their own view of every issue. He would essentially have to win over people like himself.

…the President says it belongs to him…

…throw ol’ Trog a bone…

Emory is arguing that there is no “need” for Gwinnett County to have open heart services because heart attack victims can drive to downtown Atlanta or Decatur…

Who needs health care close by when you can drive almost an hour to sit in more traffic on the connector? What happens if you have a heart attack in Dacula on Halloween at 3:30 pm (traditionally the absolutely WORST traffic day of the year in Atlanta)? Will the heart attack be understanding and pace itself like the stupid new, ‘metered’ entrance ramp lights? Yeah, I thought so.

Health care patriots, unite!

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Lessons From Our Betters

“Ahem. Class, settle down. Is this thing on…? Let’s continue in our daily reading from The Constitution of the United States.

The Bill of Rights. Amendment I.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion , or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Akhil Reed Amar, in his excellent America’s Constitution, A Biography, notes

…the mere fact that the First Amendment enumerated free-speech and free-exercise rights against Congress did not mean that Americans lacked similar rights against the president and federal courts, if those rights could indeed be properly inferred from the Constitution as a while or from the siprit of the First Amendment itself.

The House Resolution condemning Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) for shouting out during President Obama’s speech (ad nauseaum) on healthcare last week was passed by typically partisan lines. Citing the House rules for decorum (funny, can’t find those online – perhaps a “constitutional scholar” can help me out?), Democrats have refused to accept his personal apology to Obama (after all, he accepted it and he was the fellow who was interrupted, was he not?) and have signed him up for I.S.S.

Even better, now this Congress, surely the finest and most upstanding Congress evah elected in this fine nation, has given us a playbook to help navigate the sometimes murky waters of Congressional discourse whilst in the presence of the Anointed One.

Especially useful: The section on how to properly insult the executive branch in the in the chamber.

“Disgrace” and “nitwits” — okay.

“Liar” or “sexual misconduct” — ixnay.

Under section 370 of the House Rules and Manual it has been held that a Member could:
• refer to the government as “something hated, something oppressive.”
• refer to the President as “using legislative or judicial pork.”
• refer to a Presidential message as a “disgrace to the country.”
• refer to unnamed officials as “our half-baked nitwits handling foreign affairs.”

Likewise, it has been held that a member could not:
• call the President a “liar.”
• call the President a “hypocrite.”
• describe the President’s veto of a bill as “cowardly.”
• charge that the President has been “intellectually dishonest.”
• refer to the President as “giving aid and comfort to the enemy.”
• refer to alleged “sexual misconduct on the President’s part.”

I kid you not. There is now a list of what you can and cannot say on the floor of the House of Representatives, the House of the PEOPLE, of the United States. Did they include the most important word of all – fascist?

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), the man who replaced Cynthia McKinney has suddenly filled her shoes and then some.

[Rep. Pete] Stark calls Bush a liar: no problem. Wilson calls Obama a liar: it simply MUST be racism! 10-4, good buddy.

Can someone please explain to me why simply disagreeing with a person of a different race than yourself automatically smears you as a raaaaaist?

Isn’t targeting another person based on their race considered real racism? Or does the Ministry of Truth now consider it social justice? Don’t expect this to get national attention, because, well, it doesn’t fit the media template. Seems the true definitions are becoming more blurred by the day.

To make matters worse, now Joe Wilson’s son, Alan is coming under fire simply for the preceived “sins” of his father. He is running for Attorney General in South Carolina.

Shortly after the revolution, colonials would abuse and often punish the sons of tories, those who had supported King George. When the Constitution was written, the Founders prohibited punishment in treason that would “work Corruption of Blood,” or punishment extended to descendants.

It is a natural tendency in the corruption of man to punish the children of those who did things wrong or perceived to have done things wrong. It’s like my neighbor heckling my 3 year old solely because she is related to me. It is part of the baser parts of human nature. And it is not right.

Was myopic on the good words or bad words list? Just askin’…

Always looking for the silver lining – we can look forward to uncrowded beaches in South Carolina, just in time for spring break.

“Class dismissed.”

Cross-posted at RedState.

Clayton News

Check out my latest post on Clayton County at Atlanta Politics Online.

9/12 Washington Rally Instant Updates

Vodkapundit is on it.

Twitpic via @brinux:

The ultimate Anti-Big Government rally sign

The ultimate Anti-Big Government rally sign

There’s Rule 5 Cheesecake and Then There’s Mark Harmon

A palette cleanser. Ha. My kids know about my addiction to NCIS. Besides the great stories, complex characters, detailed plots, twists and turns, the big draw is one particular actor. They see a gruff older agent; the terror of his subordinates, the thorn in the side of authority. What they don’t know is that women of a certain age remember him as a younger man, gloriously rugged and independent, the perfect … well, I’ll just keep that part to myself… and appreciate how he’s matured like a fine, fine wine. He was the Illya Kuryakin of the ’80’s.

Mark Harmon. Ahhhh Mark Harmon. We should all age so well.


UPDATE: Hahahah. Steve Burri called my Gibbs and raised me a Ziva.

Georgia vs. South Carolina

Senator Blutarsky has the ULTIMATE UGA vs. USC gameday preview.

Spot-on. No clue as to how he will top this one. Go Dawgs!


UPDATE: Never a dull moment with Spurrier. Despite some monumental mistakes, the Dawgs manage to pull it out. Anybody with a visor count?

Obama’s Latest Squandered Opportunity

911 flags at gt

Yesterday, the eighth anniversary of the murder of 2996 innocent Americans, the unPresidential President had his first real opportunity to patch his sinking ship. An event presented itself, still raw and naked, not related to crippling legislation or unvetted staff or hugging dictators next door; a time and place where he could speak to the nation from his cold and shriveled heart. It is globally known he harbors a consuming hatred of George W. Bush., a distaste so strong that it encourages bad behavior from his followers. But what Obama refuses to see is that even though many Americans despise W for many reasons, his (often private) consolation of the victims and their families in the days (and years) of 9/12 America earned him a place in our collective hearts. He may not have had the right words at the right times, but you could see and feel his grief. And then his anger. His resolve.

Come on, Obama, be the George. Stop looking in the mirror and look out at America. Stop campaigning. Man up; be the Commander in Chief. We the people are still hurt and confused.

In no conflict throughout history were people still confused about the threat eight years after hostilities began. For America, neither WWI nor WWII had lasted half that long. And in those wars we not only achieved victory in that time, but we knew long before that — with crystalline precision — who our foes were and what we had to do to defeat them.

So what did Obama do yesterday? Did he go to church and pray for healing? (Aside: Has he even attended church since he took office?) Did he reiterate the stout American fortitude, focused to track down those responsible for the attacks and dispatch them to their judgment day? Nope, he mumbled some words at the Pentagon (be sure to note the adoration in the linked article, i.e. how the rain stopped just for the Obamas to step outside), then hurried over to paint somebody’s living room. He blew it, again.

What we see clearly now is that Obama is purposefully weakening America. Kryptonite drips from his every word. It’s all part of the plan, stupid.

To Obama, 9/11 has become an inconvenient obstacle to his Castrofication of America.

The PERSONAL horror of that day can fade, as the vivid memory of all pain eventually does – but that DATE and those IMAGES will continue to stand as the very real symbol of why we must remain watchful and to continue to root out and fight evil (no, I don’t shy from that word) wherever it hides, knowing – from very real experience – that to do otherwise will mean pain and death and mourning here at home when that evil next comes to us.

September 11th, 2001 stands as our focus-point for our vigilance, our strength, and our willingness to resist – a symbol paid-for in sacrifice, in loss – a symbol paid for in blood.

UPDATE: Leliks, perfect as always. (h/t Fausta)

Cross-posted at RedState.

UPDATE II: Howard Portnoy at the GreenRoom agrees… FAIL! Hmmmm…our timestamps were less than an hour apart!

God Bless America

“Remembrance is worthless without resolve. Resolve is useless without action.” Michelle Malkin, patriot.

I was too young to remember what I was doing when Kennedy was assassinated, but I can tell you what I was doing this morning eight years ago. So can others.

Never Forget. The Blood of Heroes.

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