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From Carol:

On Monday, October 19th, a new website will be launched. It is called the 9/12 Mom’s Network. Please consider joining a movement sparked by a sisterhood of patriot moms.

Sign up. I did.

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

Autumn, ahh autumn. My favorite time of year. Crunchy leaves under your feet, trips to the pumpkin farms, tailgate parties, pulling out the warm sweaters, the run-up to Thanksgiving. And politicians behaving badly.

The NY-23 race has become quite entertaining. The Conservative Party candidate for the district, Doug Hoffman, will shortly request federal oversight from the DOJ because he fully expects voter fraud on election day.

Cheating? Really? Do they really think THIS ADMINISTRATION won’t aid and abet will help ensure a fair election? Hmmmm… The same White House who is trying to exert such extreme control over the news cycle that they believe they decide who is a legitimate news organ and who is not?

…if ABC’s on it too, that becomes impossible and the story becomes “legitimate.” From now on, think of Tapper as the swing vote in the press pool, I guess.

…That last part is truer now than it was then, before the ACORN story broke big and Beck’s ratings soared even higher. The White House must be panicking at the thought that the “legitimate” media will only ignore these stories for so long before the lure of bigger, Foxier ratings finally proves too much. Ideological solidarity only goes so far; as Axelrod himself acknowledged about FNC, ultimately the news nets are in business to make money. So here he and Emanuel are, leaning on them not only to ignore Fox but to ignore stories that Fox covers, as if the underlying facts are somehow tainted by association (“Let’s make sure that we keep perspective on what are the most important stories”). Creepy.

Jake Tapper is to be commended for not drinking the KoolAid.

RINO Dede Scozzafava, another candidate for NY-23, has really stepped in it. She called the police on reporter John McCormick of The Weekly Standard after a speaking engagement in Lewis County, New York. Desperate campaigns will do anything, I suppose. Interestingly enough, just a few days before he received an unmannerly phone call from Matt Burns (Scozzafava’s campaign spokesman)

…who didn’t like something John had reported, and started yelling abusively at him the moment he answered the phone. We could hear Mr. Burns ten feet away.

Wow. Where these people raised by wolves or something? How is this behavior going to help his candidate?

Moe Lane and Pamela Geller have more on the NY-23 fiasco, the Working Families Party and the (surprise!) ACORN fraud that goes along with it. No wonder Doug Hoffman is concerned. Every red-blooded American should be outraged. How many other elections were tipped to their pre-selected candidates (Democrats)? Will we ever know?

Doug Hoffman’s spokesman, Rob Ryan has the last word:

“The only thing the police need to investigate in this race is if Dede Scozzafava is impersonating a Republican.”


Oh, and DumpDede.

UPDATE: More from Michelle. Seems Dede either has a heightened sense of hyperbole or she’s a bald-faced liar.

UPDATE II: Jim Geraghty says, “It’s Time for the RNC and NRCC to Ask for Their Money Back.” (h/t Moe Lane)

This goes well beyond any reasonable difference on policy. There’s room in the party for pro-choice Republicans and pro-gay marriage Republicans and maybe even the odd pro-card-check Republican. But not this kind of arrogance, this kind of clumsy dishonesty, this kind of reckless hostility to a reporter and a publication that need not be an enemy.

The RNC and NRCC are better than the Scozzafava campaign; it’s time for them to demonstrate that they know how a candidate and her staff are supposed to react when asked a question, and show that Scozzafava’s team’s behavior is just not acceptable.

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