Althouse on Sociologists, Pedestals and Those Who Put Them There

Just read the whole thing. That’s ok, I’ll wait.

Now, this is a classic examine of leftist projectile brain-spew. The officers of this American Sociological Association declare that lofty debate is admirable, yyyyyeeeeessss, my precious, yyyyeesss, indeed, but should only be allowed between those “capable” of such lofty debate. Only those examined and stamped with approval by the very same band of merry socialists sociologists, who gleefully lick the wrinkled old toes of the self-proclaimed radical, Frances Fox Piven.

Ministry of Truth, meet your new inductees.

Ick. I need a bath.

(P.S. Stacy was bashing her back when Beck was just getting started at CNN. Poor fella, he never gets any respect.)

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