The Loaf Endorses John Oxendine, Sorta

For those not of/in the Peach State, we have a heated gubernatorial race playing out in the airwaves, newspapers and nightly talleys of snatched yard signs.

Atlanta’s largest alternative newspaper, Creative Loafing, has endorsed the Republican candidate John Oxendine. To paraphrase Icarus of Peach Pundit, I’m not sure its an endorsement he’ll be proud of.

…this walking ethics complaint, this hot suburban mess of a gubernatorial hopeful deserves to be propelled to his rightful destiny — imploding into a supernova of questionable fundraising, hyper-inflated ego and holier-than-thou grandstanding. If Oxendine wins the GOP primary, we promise that the months leading up to the Nov. 2 general election will be amazing to behold — especially when contrasted to the courtly eloquence and veteran’s savvy of the all-but-certain Democratic candidate, former Gov. Roy “Comeback Kid” Barnes.

Wow. With that kind of praise, Oxendine may shoot for an even higher office.

Read the whole thing. It’s quite funny.

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