It’s the Little Things

You can’t turn a cruise ship on a dime. But yes, you can turn it around, slowly and carefully to set it on course.

Exhibit A – N:

– Saying the President is “cool” is raaaaacist code.
– You keep saying that word. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.
– Obama’s very bad week.
Florida sues the Fed DHS to get a voter’s database that should belong to them anyway called “Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements” (SAVE). They want to use the database to verify the citizenship, and thus the voter registration, of suspected illegal immigrants in Florida. But the Feds say, “Nooooooooo….”
– Remember when Top Secret meant something? The current administration leaks solely for fun and pleasure...and to skew the political landscape in their favor.
– Americans net worth dropped 40% in the last 3 years. And that inheritance? Fughetaboutit.
– “Just Fine” gaffe now blamed on … wait for it… the media.
NY Dems about to nominate a former Black Panther, anti-Israel race baiter for Congress.
Obama channels his inner Caesar as he decides who lives and who dies. Sic Semper Tyrannis.
Politifact may be not as factual as you think. I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!
– If AG Eric Holder has a ‘Advance to Go, Collect $200’ presidential pardon card in his pocket, this might be the time to use it.
– House Republicans, 85 of ’em, don’t like the idea of their constituents being SWATted.
Navy unmanned drone crashes in eastern Maryland. What was it up to? Surely not looking for a mythical #BrentKimberlin SWATting… Rep. Austin Scott (R-Ga.) wants to ground the drones domestically. Smart guy.
– We will take converts, one at a time. Welcome, Greg.

Round-Ups for Roll-Over RINOS

A round-up is in order, I think, to get this old jalopy running again…

Government’s latest power grab makes us all Catholics now. The church’s own leaders aided and abetted this travesty. And Adrienne, another conservative Catholic sees the parallels to Hitler’s early years that I warned of almost six years ago.

The Rick Santorum/Bob Schieffer interview is just apalling. Santorum holds his own against a vile Voldermort-wannabe who tries to twist every word into something he didn’t mean. Quin Hillyer has some excellent advice on how to proceed, especially since a nervous Obama is looking over his shoulder now.

Newt believes defeating Obama is a matter of national security.

Fifty years ago, John Glenn became the first man to orbit Earth. America will still have the “Right Stuff” for space exploration, but it will come from the private sector now.

Evil Blogger Lady has the Media’s Guide to Protestors.

DHS’ new counterterrorism training doesn’t include any mention of Islam or Muslims. Because they might be offended.

Stacy has the post-CPAC sniffles. Nothing will make him feel better than hitting his tip jar!

Redneck Jedis are the new HAWT. Who knew a little series filmed in and around Atlanta would be such a hit?

Almost As Fun As Holding a Porkchop Over a Piranha Tank

Well, this morning Peach Pundit (see here and here) stirred up the masses in daring to express a little sympathy for Karen Handel, former candidate for Georgia Governor and current VP for Public Policy at Susan G. Komen Foundation. Yes, that Susan G. Komen Foundation… the one that’s been in the news for daring to get out of lockstep with the Planned Parenthood crowd.

It was almost as fun as holding a porkchop over a piranha tank. The feeding frenzy began in earnest, with the usual suspects sniping back and forth over the intertubez, dredging up old campaign slog and muck. The KarenHandelHaters, the AbortionIsAGodGivenRight protestors, the LiberalEntitlementScamsters and the IJustDisagreeToBeDisagreeable lurkers all ganged up on the few who tried to make the point about how shameful is was that the liberal media immediately pointed out that Karen Handel, a (gasp!) Republican woman with strong value beliefs, was in a position of responsibility at the foundation and therefore had to be the prime instigator of the decision to end PP’s funding. The pixel ink was barely dry on the first post reporting the funding change when the witchhunt began in earnest. What an evil woman! She’s a witch! Burn her! Burn her!

One issue at hand is that PP’s umbrella of “women’s health” services includes breast cancers screenings, but they outsource the mammogram portion of the service. Gee, wouldn’t it make better sense for SGK to fund the mammogram providers, not PP? It’s their money, isn’t it?

It doesn’t have anything to do with research for breast cancer, saving lives, women’s health or even the money. The whole bruhaha boils down to deviating from the liberal narrative. If one dares stray, we now have the state-run press to act as Big Brother and blast over the Oceanian loudspeakers your name, rank and serial number.

One big, giant reeking bowl of Osso Buco slime.

But back to our Georgia friend. The biggest shame in this whole spectacle is that a fine woman of good character has been attacked and maligned, in an unwarranted and cruel fashion. She deserves our prayers to withstand the firestorm around her.

God help America. What have we become?

New Friends, Hysterics and Everybody Loves a Pretty Girl

Hide your daughters and and your silverware, the Georgia General Assembly is back in town.

Last night was the first PeachPundit Road Show of 2012, annually falling on the eve of the first legislative gavel.

I made several new acquaintances. It helps to bring a pretty girl along.

One, Mr. BJ Van Gundy, gave me the idea for a great post today about the typical media hysterics that will saturate every particle of existence until November. According to The Green Papers, the Republican Convention will have 2,286 delegate votes. A majority vote (1,144) is required to nominate “the winner” as the Republican candidate for President. Since Iowa is now past, the following votes are pledged, but not committed:

      6 – Romney, Willard “Mitt”
      6 – Santorum, Richard J. “Rick”
      6 – Paul, Ronald E. “Ron”
      4 – Gingrich, Newton Leroy “Newt”
      3 – Perry, James Richard “Rick”

That’s a whopping 25 votes out of 2,286! 1.09%! And the state run media is already ramming their narrative that Romeny is the clear victor when at least 75% of the ordinary folks like me and you don’t want him as the Republican candidate. And there are 11 more months to go. Woohoo! Good Lord help us all.

Also, we were the recipients of one of the famous Morsberger Elephant Ties. After admiring his tie and noting my College Boy, the history major, would really like one, where might I order one, etc., Emory promptly pulled it off his neck and handed it to my daughter and said to send this to your brother. His card has a great quote on the back that my boy will just love:

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly… who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who have never known neither victory nor defeat. — Theodore Roosevelt

Everyone had a great time, including my usually apolitical daughter. She was regaled with facts, opinions, stories and even met the notorious Charlie Harper.

A great night, indeed.

Double-Shot Burn-Out

The day job continues to be a simmering lava pit filled with alligators, sharks and jumping spiders. Who would have thought that a relatively straightforward application could bumfuzzle so many supposedly smart people at such a globally-acclaimed and supposedly super-smart institute of higher learning? Surely I’m surrounded by cylons.

Some random things that managed to spark through the sulfuric fog the past week:

– I have a new second favorite MLB team. The Texas Rangers drafted UGA Diamond Dawg, Johnathan Taylor. Back in March, Taylor was injured in a head-to-head collision with teammate Zach Cone. JT had been scouted for years by the Rangers, and they recognized his efforts with a draft pick. The Dawgs had a great run this season, going all the way to the final game of the NCAA Regionals. What a classy move by the Rangers organization.
Kyle Wingfield/AJC is looking past the usual campaign fuss and bother and seeing some interesting things about Tim Pawlenty.
– General Geekiness: Yesterday was IPv6 Day.
Pinin’ for the fjords.
– The RedState Gathering is open for registration. Be there, be square.
– 9+ minutes of Teh Awesome. Grand Rapids isn’t dead yet, they are feeling better. Thank you very much.
NCAA punk/crook/liar/cheat meets the same at The White House.

Many have asked why I haven’t chimed in on #Weinergate, since I’m such a manners maven. Honestly, if I wanted a dose middle-school boy humor, all I have to do is go home. Go read The Anchoress’ take on this whole debacle. She echos my sentiments. And now we find out his wife is pregnant. What a wonderful black cloud to hang over the announcement of new life. Mortifying, isn’t it?

Breaking Weather Records

I’m not talking about x amount of days of sunshine here.

For those not in Georgia, Kirk Mellish is the meteorologist at WSB Radio. His track record beats most of his peers, in that he’s almost always right. He has a detailed analysis up the storms that hit Georgia Wednesday.

As bad as it was here, our neighbors in Alabama had it worse. To paraphrase Charlie, The National Weather Service deserves a big pat on the back for not only warning early, but accurately. Since the p-rnification of weather shows, we’ve become numbed to weather warnings. While most alerts start out as “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”, the event usually ends up as a little rain, a little wind, nothing to see. On Wednesday the sky did fall in the South. Their timely and precise predictions saved many, many lives.

Please keep the affected families in your prayers.

(Aside: Many thanks for the concern shown for my son, who is a freshman at Shorter University in Rome, GA. Their campus was hit hard just as finals week was starting. The power was restored last night, and after two days, finals resume today. He is safe and has a new-found appreciation for the breathtaking force of weather.)

Brave Public Servants. HartyHarHarHar.

Dick Yarbrough, fellow snarkophile, handed out some awards for this year’s edition of Georgia government. If you can call it that.

The Look-Ma-No-Heads Award is given to the Gang of Eight or Seven or Six — I can never keep up with cabals — who took over leadership (insert joke here) of the Senate and managed to distinguish themselves by doing absolutely nothing but bicker. They even embarrassed the House of Representatives and that’s hard to do.

Read the rest. It’s a pretty funny piece. The sad part is that it’s true, too. Georgia deserves better.

(h/t Charlie at PeachPundit)

Jason Heyward New Georgia Senate Pro-Tem; Leadership Crisis Averted

Yesterday, Jason Heyward lead the Atlanta Braves to an opening Day win against Washington Nationals with a second inning lead-off homer. During the post-game locker room press conference, Jason was informed he’d been appointed by unanimous vote the new President Pro-Tem of the Georgia Senate. Humbled by the honor, he promised to abstain for partisan political sniping, back-room dealing and to have the mountains of languishing legislation reviewed and passed in time for all the Senators to make the first round in Augusta on Thursday.

Jason saves the day again.

Baseball returns and eases our ravaged souls for a time, until the real salve rolls around in the fall.


April Fools! (But you know, you know, it would work better than the yowling blackhole of blithering ineptitude being exhibited by the current occupants.)

Only in Georgia

Call the Waaaahm-bulance. Black leaders in Georgia government are suing to reverse the city charters of Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Milton, Johns Creek, Chattahoochee Hills and the county (re)creation of Milton, saying (wait for it)… they are too white.

The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus and others say the state has illegally created “super-majority white neighborhoods” in several cities in Fulton and DeKalb counties that dilute the black vote in those areas.

The lawsuit, which also includes the Rev. Joseph Lowery, names Gov. Nathan Deal in his capacity as governor and seeks to void the charters of the newly-created cities of Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Milton and Chattahoochee Hills and prevent the creation of Milton County — which they claim “supplanted the fully functional and racially balanced county government.”

Read the whole thing. I’ll wait for you to catch your breath. I don’t know which is funnier, the lawsuit, or that last sentence. Fully functional? Ever try to handle a parking ticket in Fulton County? Heh. Racially balanced? I’m not even going to touch that one.

Let’s see how just how new these “newly-created” offensive enclaves are:
– Dunwoody, 2008
– Sandy Springs, 2005
– Milton, 2006
– Johns Creek, 2006
– Chattahoochee Hills, 2007

The youngest of these “newly-created” cities is 4 years old!

Laughable. The whole idea is frivolous and nothing but a publicity stunt.

Hey, wait, which one of the plaintiffs is running for office next election? There’s your answer.

The Circus that is Georgia Government

Charlie Harper, editor of Peach Pundit, had a great post this week on the need of the Georgia Government being treated to a good soaking in disinfectant. Ethics? Who needs ’em, when the guidelines are so weak my niece could wiggle her way around then in just 10 minutes.

As for me, I’m still waiting on my Excellent European Vacation.

Check out the other postings at Peach Pundit. When you hit a nerve, it means you’re doing your job. Heh.


What’s a snowed-in Jedi do when there is no way out the driveway and the interstates are closed? Pull out the Legos, of course! Luke Thornton has the right idea.

“Hothlanta” is a more appropriate nickname for Atlanta than the tired, old has-been “Hotlanta.” Hotlanta conjures up visions of the BeeGee’s in tight polyester shirts, even tighter pants and platform shoes. Muddled memories of dancing on the speakers at The Limelight and other such activities that shouldn’t be repeated around little ears are all tangled up in the Hotlanta name. It’s best to close that door and embrace our new reality.

Al Gore has bought a condo in Midtown and cursed us all. He collected the discarded silverware at the Wild Hog Supper and plans to use the harvested DNA for his nefarious purposes. He’s building a secret clone army in the basement of the Cheetah.

And, he’s the one who put the english peas in the brunswick stew at the Wild Hog Supper. Oh, the horror!

As you can tell, I have a touch of cabin fevah.

For more geeky Star Wars fun, check out the rest of Luke’s pictures on Facebook.

Impressive. Most impressive.

My First County GOP Meeting

The Douglas County, Georgia GOP held its first meeting of 2011 on Saturday. I attended for the very first time. After the news hit of the massacre in Arizona, I decided this post could wait until Monday.

Important dates for Georgia Republicans:
Precinct Mass Meetings – Feb. 12 & March 12
County Conventions – March 12
District Convention – April 16
State Convention – May 13-15

The Honorable James “Eddie” Barker, Judge of the Douglas County State Court, gave an engaging talk on his background, playing baseball, growing up in Douglas County and his recent appointment to the bench by Governor Sonny Perdue.

During the Q&A period, redistricting was the top concern. While the county is split between two US Representatives, at the state level it is carved up like a Christmas ham. Douglas County’s only state Senator doesn’t live in the county and of the six state representatives for Douglas, only one actually lives in the county. We deserve better.

I’m heeding ColdWarrior’s advice to get involved at the ground level. Do the same in your county!

And So It All Starts Again, or Things I Learned on My “Holiday” Vacation

New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. ~Mark Twain

We all have good intentions, don’t we? In fact, this past week, I intended on seriously focused time to recharge and reconnect. In reality, I managed one trip to a yarn shop, one nice lunch, getting the tree and Santas down and finished one hat. The list of things I didn’t get to is longer than a city block.

This year, when told “Happy Holidays” at whatever store I’d just visited, the obvious recipient’s cringe of “Merry Christmas” was more often than not replaced by a smile, a thank you, and “a Merry Christmas to you as well.” I have no statistics, sexy graphs or smokin’ video to back up my claim. Just simple observation skills. No eggnog was involved in this informal survey.

Lou Holtz is quickly becoming the ESPN version of Ozzy Osbourne. Either he needs his dentures refit or a speech therapist. I wonder how long it will be before he gets his own reality show where he mumbles and stumbles about a mansion filled with dogs and petulant, tattooed teenagers?

No comment on Dick Clark.

Also no comment on the Dawgs.

History does repeat itself.

Really? Really? Just because you’re mad at the mayor, you let people die?

A Georgia Democrat beclowns himself. Then at a press conference where he was not apologizing for his remarks, his “protection” assaulted a Macon Telegraph photographer. Then the “protection,” who may be related to the State Senator, is charged. Calling for at least a statement of some type from the state Democratic machine, progressives turn on each other (Warning: Comments NSFW!). Stay tuned, this is almost as good as Days of Our Lives.

And yes, MOTUS, there is NO shame. None whatsoever. Eye-bleach, please.

Outbound Governor Perdue Announces New Facility in GA

Well Doesn’t This Give You a Big, Warm Fuzzy

45 members of a Mexican drug cartel were arrested in ATLANTA today.

From CNN:

The arrests were made by members of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office and other law enforcement agencies, the DEA said. The investigation, called Operation Choke Hold, started in May 2009.

[…] During the arrests, the DEA said in a release, authorities seized 46 pounds of methamphetamine, a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory, nearly 95 pounds (43 kilograms) of cocaine, 4,120 pounds of marijuana, 20 firearms and $2.349 million [in cash].

According to the AJC, the operation began in Gwinnett County, then moved to Spalding, then finally Clayton. There were also cells in Cobb and Henry counties.

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