In Anticipation of Saturday Evening’s Chicken Feast

Back in the day, there used to be a prophet of the DawgNation, “Ooga”, who would could come forth and pronounce great smack upon the heads of whosoever was the Dawgs’ rival du jour. Then he disappeared, never to be heard from again. At least as “Ooga”. I have high suspicions that Ooga is also SaxonDawg on the dawgvent – their writing styles are so similar. See for yourself in “Spurrier, Master of the Grand Gesture”:

We can’t blame our chickenly chuckleheads for crowing about having the anit-holtz. Must be refreshing to have a guy who talks trash instead of whines; who instead of giving motivational talks, tell you how excellent HE is.

[…] Cock n’ Fire–very cute, but it has that sound of a coach who is dabbling, who isn’t really serious, and who has become a caricature of himself. He’s got to know that name will quickly give way to Cluck n’ Duck, and it will seem a ludicrious appelation for an offense for which he currently lacks the big roosters.

But I guess we’ll never really know, will we?

Ooga return! We beseech thee! The Davids have graduated, both lines are full of newbies! Richt the Righteous can only work so many miracles in a day!

With only two days left before the Dawgs devour the Chickens, I can no longer contain myself. Ooga, wherever you are, here are some of your more outstanding verbal parodies of that dastardly, whiney, weaselly, visor-throwing Spurrier and his sorry excuse for a football team. Ahem.

“Spurrier the Spurious”

“The Visored Vizier”

“Spurrier the Sputterer”

“For he was the visored viper, the Evil Genius, yea, even Spurrier the Spurious; and he was well pleased with all manner of aspects of himself. And he summoned forth evil minions, and the Garden became a reeking place, and the roses wilted, and lo, life was not good.”

[SC Fans are …] “Mulleted Minions of the Unspurritized”

And my all-time personal favorite: (drumroll, puuulleeze) “The Kaiser of the Visor”

Go Dawgs!

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UPDATED:  How’s 18-zip, there Stevie-Boy?

Spurrier the Spurned…

Spurrier the Spanked…

Spurrier the Skunked….

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