Fridays Can Be Fun, or NOT

Quitters never win. However, I will take Neal to task on “Soccer is the athletic refuge for mommies and daddies who don’t want their precious little children to play a sport where they might get hurt!” Come to one of my son’s games, Neal. At the level he plays, it’s like hockey, but no pads. They’re big, they’re strong, they’re pissed off at the world, and they can and will break your arm or leg in the blink of an eye.

W came to Bama yesterday and kicked sand in the Democrat’s faces.

Today’s geography lesson.

The Manolo (who doesn’t love Manolo?) has a “highly-styled” post at PJM on Presidential Hair.

Hilarious. Sad. But still hilarious.

We all feel The Ringing of the Bell sometime in our life.

I [MaxedOutMama] will explain faith this way. Faith is not an answer, but it changes the nature of your questions. An answer would stop your growth, but the new questions fuel your growth. Faith turns your focus away from your own pain, frustration, worries, limitations and fears. Faith turns you toward the wider world, where you have the chance to experience the joy that reverberates through each day in our world like the ringing of a great bell.

This week, Michelle Malkin, another mother of a daughter, wrote a great article for the Jewish World Review. Like all moms, she worries about what the WORLD is teaching her precious child. Sweet little girl. Charlotte Church used to be just such a girl. Now look at her. It’s a shame. Michelle has no idea what’s down the road. 🙂 (If anyone can find the one about “The Sweater” – please send it!)

And while she’s working and momming and trying to save the world (or at least what’s left of our country), morons like this continue to stalk her. Obviously, the picture is a lousy job of photoshopping – even I can see the face is completely out of proportion with “the rest”. Email UNC Law Faculty Dean, John Boger, here, letting him know one of his professors is cyber-terrorizing a journalist.

Read about the latest smudge on Gerard Van der Leun’s Permanent Record.

Dr. Sanity discusses Parallel Universes, with extra input by Gagdad Bob. Fascinating.

Al Gore, inventor of the Internet, now claims that cigarette smoke is a big contributor to global warming. Riiiigggghhhttt… (h/t Drudge).  I think the Fug girls need to put out an all-points Bloat Alert on ol’ Al there.

Have a safe and unafraid weekend.

365 is a magic number

The Sundries Shack has an excellent post on Committment (or really the lack thereof). Read the whole thing [sic]!

Perhaps what drives Muslims rage in parge part is our willingness to only talk a good game. We are full of speeches and chest-puffery about our freedom and liberty. We’re also very eager to shrug off any commitment those freedoms bring. Heck, “no commitment” might as well be our national motto today. From marriage to pregnancy to schooling children to picking a cellphone plan, we readily pick the option that makes us the least responsible for our actions. Muslims see that as weakness – a moral failing – and in that they are exactly correct. We are weak. We are immoral.

We have forgotten how to finish the jobs we start, whether we voluntarily started them or not. That is the source of our fear. Hollywood, the MSM, a goodly number of our politicians, none of them can look Islam directly in the eyes because they know, deep in their hearts, that Islam has the will to fight for what it wants and they simply do not. They lost that about the time they, in a marijuana-addled counterculture haze decided that fighting for our high morals was no longer somthing we should actually do but something we could talk about and still reap rewards. They decided that they could simply reward themselves for talking tough about freedom and liberty and peace without actually having to commit to them. They then turned the word “commitment” itself into a jingoistic slogan trotted out to fool the rubes. They replaced courage and conviction with cynicism and “cool” mockery of the very things we need to remain free.

Rev. John Kreson (also quoted in the post) says

We hold the high ground – we believe in individual liberty, we believe in religious tolerance, we believe in women’s rights, we believe in a narrow window for the just use of war – and we should not be afraid to stand tall and to express our outrage at the insane reactions we are seeing across the Muslim world. In fact their actions prove the point made previously in Danish cartoons and the quote from Pope Benedict. It is all well and good to be sensitive but it is quite another thing when Muslims actually manifest what we criticize. It is quite another thing when there is lack of reciprocity in Muslim treatment of Jews and Christians. They have yet to practice what they preach – except for the spread of Islam by the sword and the convert or be killed part.

The groundswelling blog movement is spreading the word to “the rest” of America (you know, the people that MSM/celebrities/politicians believe don’t count). The ones that are now somewhat puzzled and increasingly pissed off that things have gotten this bad. Many, like me, see the parallels to a previous, more naive era (Germany, 1938). Seeing the same mistakes, the same appeasing actions. Many are waking up to recognize the evil that has reinvented itself to threaten the light once again. And we will stand against it, one word at a time.

As always, the best advice is from God. “Do not fear” appears in the Bible 365 times. That’s one for every day. One for every day we fight the evilness in this world.

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