Oh My, What a Smell of Sulfur

Glinda the Good said, as the Wicked Witch of the West made her loud and smelly departure from MUNchkinland.

Flying monkeys aside, the show known as World Politics this week has been both entertaining and disturbing. Beside President Bush’s speech (which I thought was good), both of the manic morons that followed sounded like they found a crumpled stray memo of Howard Dean’s talking points.

Ahmadinejad followed the Yellow Brick Road to MUNchkinland this week, but forgot to bring his halo projector. Claudia Rosset of the Rosett Report said if the Grand Poobah Nutjob wants the UN that bad, he can have it.

From the United Nations press balcony, with its view across the vast chamber of the General Assembly, there was a particularly good view of Ahmadinejad’s transmogrification during this performance from a scruffy little man in a sports jacket to Big Brother gloating over his nuclear racket. Standing in front of the dais manned by high UN officials, the whole scene set against the stage’s sweeping golden backdrop and UN emblem, he began speaking in a soft voice. He quickly got louder and louder, declaiming, ranting, and finally almost chanting, shaking his finger, slicing his hands through the air, delivering a speech packed with “truth,” “peace” “virtue” “justice” — but inverted, twisted, indifferent to facts and emptied of meaning. He lied his head off about Iran’s nuclear bomb program, he rewrote history in his continuing campaign to erase the state of Israel, he blamed on others the terrorist atrocities underwritten by his own regime. He told us that together we can “pave the road for human perfection,” and that peace and justice — as he imagines it for all of us — will sooner or later prevail, “whether we like it or not.”

did you hear the one about....Chavez started his book club, amid a tirade against all things American. LGF has pictures of UN General Assembly president Sheikha Haya Rashed Al Khalifa of Bahrain (delinked) LAUGHING during Chavez’s performance. Gateway Pundit has video.

The Anchoress, like any good mom, watched the body language of the other kids at the play date for signs of trouble

What I noticed was the body language of the UN assembly. They looked at Bush; they listened. Ahmadinejad had them squirming and darting their eyes.

while Hugh Hewitt of Townhall fame rued the applause. Applause = Bravo. He summed it up in one word – Chilling.

Siggy actually beats the thugs to the backtracking punch – blaming the West, Jews, America, the kitchen sink – for Ahmadinejad’s inflamed state of mind and resulting remarks. It’s always THEIR fault. Projectile Projecting, at it’s best.

The NYSun has the same idea I wrote about Tuesday….Arrest him.

UPDATED: The Anchoress touches on this theme again this morning, also noting

Yeah, that’s probably why the press has gone missing on a rather big story. They seem distracted, those “mediating intelligences,” and perhaps that’s why they missed the 35,000 people protesting Ahmadinejad’s visit to the UN, a protest which included speakers such as John Bolton, Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, New York Gov. George Pataki and Alan Dershowitz. That’s a pretty luminous bunch of speakers and a lot of people, but the intelligent ones mediated that we did not need to know about it. Meryl Yourish points out that the only paper to mention this large protest was the NY Sun.

The ummm…approximately 2,000, who showed up to protest President Bush and the Increasingly Popular Iraq War, though, they got plenty of headlines. Note that all of those headlines read “thousands,”of protesters, not “only 2,000.”

UPDATED II: Hell freezes over. Really. NOT. She, along with a hoard of other DhimmiCrats, will be decrying Chavez’s words, painting themselves as defenders of Bush (after YEARS of throwing the same insults at him) because they see the potential back-lash of public opinion less than 50 days out of the election. For them, it’s business as usual.

Perverse Self-Promotion

McGreevy’s perverse self-promotion at the alter of Oprah is enough to make even the most liberal bleeding heart squeamish. I can only imagine the agony felt by what’s left of his broken family. Depraved sicko.

If this is all the world perceives as “The American Way” as they see it praised and trotted out for admiration by our media, it’s no small wonder the world hates us. What about the REST of America? The hard-working, flag-waving, baseball-football loving, sacrificing so their kids can go to college, soccer-coaching, trying to raise a family in this frightening world, church-going, burger-grilling, old car driving (see the sacrifice for college), coupon-cutting (see the sacrifice for college), school-volunteering, pta-attending, aging parents-caring, tax-paying Americans? What about them? I guess stories about good, honest people who love their countries and their families – who are trying to stay that way just doesn’t SELL.

While we’re on the subject of MSM prostituting itself, the AP is taking on Michelle Malkin. Anybody want to start a pool? I’ll put my money on Michelle, any day.

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