Stupid is as Stupid does, redeux

Before the daily rant begins, check this out: (delinked) W – 1, Matt Lauer – 0. Doesn’t he sound like a teenager, arguing about using the car? Or a curfew? When Dad says no, he means NO. Get over it.

One thing that really sticks in my craw today of all days is the audacity of filming a movie about a presidential assassination, lying about it to obtain film footage of a sitting president, marketing it as a “docudrama” and then being confused at attracting alot of attention. Can you believe it?

[Gabriel] Range pointed out that “The Sentinel,” a Hollywood thriller released this spring by 20th Century Fox, features archival footage of the assassination attempt on President Reagan. “I can’t see any justification for that at all, to use real assassination footage purely for entertainment. It completely trivializes a serious event.

So let me get this right – it’s ok to fantasize about killing the CURRENT president, but showing historical footage about another presidential attack is in bad taste? Is that because he didn’t think of it first? Un-freaking-believable! Why does this film get a pass from the MSM and it’s supportive network of moonbats – the same bunch who had a hissy-fit over “The Path to 9-11”? The acronym the film crew used when obtaining permissions for filming was ‘DOAP’ (for “Death of a President”) – how appropriate for the Hooked on Phonics crowd – just say it out loud – “DOPE” (be sure to use your Homer Simpson voice).

(delinked)LGF calls it downright Orwellian:

And as if the assassination scene weren’t bad enough, the rest of the plot may be even worse, because the point of the film is that anti-Arab bigotry in the US then leads authorities to charge the wrong person for the killing—a Syrian Muslim. It’s a sickening Orwellian inversion of reality, a left-wing political statement masquerading as art.

It’s partisan, it’s disrespectful, it’s deranged like most of the left. Shall I go on? Joe Morganstern in says in his piece “Mockumentary Filmmaking” on WSJOp:

Mr. Range’s film is an anguish-generator of enormous intensity.

The Anchoress voices my nauseated objections the best….(emphasis mine)

I’m appalled…not surprised, but appalled, that Ted Kennedy, who knows what it’s like to lose a beloved family member this way, has not spoken out against this film, if for no other reason than out of decent sympathy for Mrs. Bush and Jenna and Barbara, who cannot rest easy about this, or out of respect for the sensibilities of a former president and former first lady. But no, Ted is silent. He doesn’t want the “compassionate” and “tolerant” folks on the left mad at him. No former co-president is speaking out against this, which would be the decent thing to do, because they need the left, and besides they need to see a poll to know whether this is offensive or not. They only speak out when it is politically expedient to do so and can’t see a Sister Souljah moment unless it’s a “safe” one. The Path to 9/11 enraged them so much they tried to get it censored, pulled, yanked – they threatened ABC’s broadcast license, because a docudrama “wasn’t accurate…” But this docudrama, they don’t mind it. This time, the docudrama is “compelling art.” The press, too – silent as sympathizers.

Other objectionable content for today:

  • Bullies plan a play date – When the Middle Eastern nutjob drops by for a visit with his South American evil twin, maybe they can play with the Castro blow up doll.
  • Dr Sanity discusses the moral rot in the heart of the leftist tree and how it enables the Islamic agenda.
  • Put this book in the collection plate along with an empty offering envelope and see what your pastor has to say about it.

Mad yet?

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