Citizen’s Arrest! Citizen’s Arrest!

(delinked) Ahmadinejad dares to show his face in the same city where his Islamothug pals murdered thousands of innocent people. He must feel very smug – walking freely on our treasured soil. Look at him smiling for the cameras. So protected by the dark spirits that surround him; nurturing him, educating him until his “appointed” time. Praying to the REAL He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named for guidance. Smile again for the cameras. That’s a good boy. Isn’t there some way this goon can be arrested while he is within our borders? If Khatami can be served a summons for a lawsuit while he’s here in the US, why can’t Ahmadinejad be detained?

In Iran, media outlets are being shut down. Schools are getting “Youth Police” (via ATB). Can you say “Hitler Youth”? (delinked) Oppression. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Look to history for how this unfolds.

Now we are to understand that Friday is going to be a “Muslim Day of Rage“. I thought that was every day. They are always mad about something – killing, burning, looting, bombing, raping, beheading the unfortunately convenient innocent infidel. Thank you for giving us NOTICE of your next tantrum. I’ll get the time-out chair ready. In fact, that is a great analogy. For quite a while, I’ve thought that radical Muslim reactionary behavior reminded me of something. Now I know what – the Terrible Two’s.

Siggy says Islam has become so inflexible, that it is brittle. Maybe it will just explode like the Ice Queen. We can only hope.

The Anchoress (who is moving up in the blogworld) has an excellent piece on PoliticsCentral relating to the Pope’s outstanding address in Germany last week and the Typical Islamic Hyperventilation.

It is worth wondering if what we are witnessing here is a cosmic chess game, in which Benedict has seen a few moves ahead. Perhaps. More likely though, given Benedict’s apparent surprise at the vehement reaction of the “Muslim street,” and at the inability of so many to take his words in context, what we are seeing is a spiritual surgeon’s delicate probing of a supernatural psyche, one which perceives the examination as a finger being thrust into a wound. Benedict’s careful probe may well prove to be the catalyst which shames Islam (currently finding itself unable to murmur “I forgive, I forgive,” about anything at all) into finally putting down its swords.

Also: The truth is, by believing he could engage Islam in dialogue, in speaking to Muslims the way a professor might, in scholarly fashion, Benedict was treating Islam with a great deal of respect – he was saying, “you are intelligent enough to discuss this with humanity.”

So many bloggers say the Pope has a dilemma. That he must apologize. I couldn’t disagree more. He said what needed to be said – He’s on God’s timetable. Sister Leonella understood that.

Siggy also discusses how a people so ingrained with hate CAN change. For the better.

Indeed, the hand of God can be witnessed.

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