SHUT UP, Already

Ya know, I’ve set back and watched/listened to all this baloney about the “Path to 9/11.” What surprised and then delighted me is the liberal/Democrat reaction and subsequent tantrum over the whole thing. The Anchoress calls it “Textbook Projection.” I call it “Projectile Projecting.”

See, when I read what the Democrats said three years ago, predicting the GOP would go after broadcast licenses, and then see what they’re doing now, you know what I see? CLASSIC, TEXTBOOK PROJECTION. Three years ago they fretted about what conservatives might do because it was -they have now proved – exactly what they would do i, if they’d had the chance.
And never forget…these are the folks who gave standing ovations to Michael Moore’s Farenheit 9/11, which was sold as fact, not “docudrama” and which was anything but factual.

Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters says…

If the Democrats do not like what ABC wants to broadcast, they have every right to protest it — and in this case, they had a point. They can organize protests and boycotts, letter-writing campaigns and so on. What they cannot do is to threaten a broadcast license for political differences, regardless of the situation. It violates the spirit of free speech and makes the Democrats look like Big Brother.

[…] Welcome to the Enforced Perspective Party. It’s a staggeringly dumb political mistake, and if it’s not withdrawn quickly, will do real damage to the Democrats for years.

Doesn’t “Enforced Perspective Party” sound alot like the “Forced Conversion Process”?

With less than 60 days until the mid-term elections, I have been hoping for the Dems to do something incredibly stupid, involving alot of posturing and bluster and slimy political double-speak. This is outstanding! They have shot such a big hole in their own foot, they have effectively crippled their reputations with conservative American voters. There is going to be so much egg on their faces, they will qualify for poster children in Dairy industry commercials!

All Things Beautiful says it so eloquently!

I repeat, this episode is yet again exposing how militant liberals increasingly treat free speech, civil liberties and all the rest with utter contempt, for they view these constitutional cornerstones of our society as nothing more than useful tools to further their ideologies; but only as long as they conform neatly with Liberal party doctrine. Any deviation, even the rumor of it, unleashes the militant left into overdrive, mobilizing a systematic efforts to suppress and censor such political diversity.

In their own words, they explain why it is so important to prevent any diversion away from liberal doctrine:

The reason this matters so much, and why Democrats are so apoplectic at the way ABC has handled this material, is that popular culture has a way of inculcating certain concepts into people’s minds, especially young minds, far more effectively than talking head programs or earnest debates among political bloggers and columnists. This is the kind of thing that could taint the debate for generations if it takes hold. end box

But one last word to the Media – THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU! Stop trying to make the news about yourselves…just please SHUT UP. You should really work on that credibility problem you have….




Erk Russell, Damn Good Dog

Erk as GSU coach

He will be missed. He was the defensive coordinator at UGA during my student years there. He wasn’t happy unless there was blood on his head from firing up his boys. He was tough as nails. He went on to build up the Georgia Southern program to national contenders.

It’s a sad, sad day for the BullDawg Nation.

UPDATE: That’s right, folks, I was there when they named the defense the Junkyard Dawgs (from the Jim Croce song, “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”). Hey-yeh!

Georgia Scout. And again.

AJC now has some info up. Including a place to leave tributes.

What they’re saying about former Georgia Southern football coach Erk Russell, who died this morning after a one-car accident in Statesboro:

Larry Munson, voice of the Bulldogs: “He was a threatening personality up close — you know, he might have invented the head butt. He meant an awful lot to this school’s program and he’ll be missed.”

Bill Harper, longtime Georgia fan: “Coach Russell was Georgia defense. He’s the one who coined the term ‘Junkyard Dawgs.’ Whenever you saw Erk, he would always ask you how your family was doing. He was awesome. This just makes me want to cry.”

Frank Ros, captain of Georgia’s 1980 national championship team: “There’s so many quotes that he he used to use that we — me and other former players — find ourselves using to our kids and not even knowing it. Things like: ‘Men, it’s another day in which to excel.’ ”

Danny Ford, former Clemson coach: “I can still remember looking across the sideline at that old bad head that was bleeding and thinking, ‘Boy, I hope he ain’t playing.’ I really feel bad today for all the Georgia people. I know this is going to hit them hard.”

Hugh Nall, Auburn assistant coach and former Georgia player: “People will never completely understand what Coach Russell meant to the whole world of football. He was a great coach and a great man. There will never be another like him.”

Pat Dye, former Auburn coach and former Georgia player: “He was one of the all-time greats. Coach Russell’s players loved him as much as any coach I have ever seen. He had a lot to do with Georgia’s success for all those years and what he did at Georgia Southern speaks for itself. This is a sad day.”

Mac McWhorter, Texas offensive line coach and All-SEC guard at Georgia in 1973: “My parents still have a framed letter in their house that Coach Russell wrote to them when I left Georgia. It didn’t matter that I played offense. Coach Russell loved and cared about every player on that team. This is a tough one. This one is hard to take.”

UPDATE II: Now reports are saying he might died of a stroke. This is my Erk, circa 1979. I was a senior that fall. That day.

My Erk


Athens Banner-Herald.

Red and Black.

Macon Telegraph.

WSB-TV. This article mentions another good ol’ dawg that probably met Erk at the red and black gates of that Junkyard In The Sky – Lewis Grizzard.

Lewis Grizzard said of Russell in 1991, “Only Erk could transform a rainwater gulley alongside Georgia Southern’s practice field into the “miracle water of Eagle Creek,” and only Erk could have transformed a dormant program into a national championship.”

Columbus Ledger-Inquirer.

UPDATE III:   Funeral coverage.

“Our grief, our tears, our hurt and our shock is because he was taken from us so suddenly, without warning,” said the Rev. Claude McBride, chaplain for the Georgia Bulldogs during Russell’s tenure. “We thought he was invincible. No one is.”

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