9/12 Washington Rally Instant Updates

Vodkapundit is on it.

Twitpic via @brinux:

The ultimate Anti-Big Government rally sign

The ultimate Anti-Big Government rally sign

There’s Rule 5 Cheesecake and Then There’s Mark Harmon

A palette cleanser. Ha. My kids know about my addiction to NCIS. Besides the great stories, complex characters, detailed plots, twists and turns, the big draw is one particular actor. They see a gruff older agent; the terror of his subordinates, the thorn in the side of authority. What they don’t know is that women of a certain age remember him as a younger man, gloriously rugged and independent, the perfect … well, I’ll just keep that part to myself… and appreciate how he’s matured like a fine, fine wine. He was the Illya Kuryakin of the ’80’s.

Mark Harmon. Ahhhh Mark Harmon. We should all age so well.


UPDATE: Hahahah. Steve Burri called my Gibbs and raised me a Ziva.

Georgia vs. South Carolina

Senator Blutarsky has the ULTIMATE UGA vs. USC gameday preview.

Spot-on. No clue as to how he will top this one. Go Dawgs!


UPDATE: Never a dull moment with Spurrier. Despite some monumental mistakes, the Dawgs manage to pull it out. Anybody with a visor count?

Obama’s Latest Squandered Opportunity

911 flags at gt

Yesterday, the eighth anniversary of the murder of 2996 innocent Americans, the unPresidential President had his first real opportunity to patch his sinking ship. An event presented itself, still raw and naked, not related to crippling legislation or unvetted staff or hugging dictators next door; a time and place where he could speak to the nation from his cold and shriveled heart. It is globally known he harbors a consuming hatred of George W. Bush., a distaste so strong that it encourages bad behavior from his followers. But what Obama refuses to see is that even though many Americans despise W for many reasons, his (often private) consolation of the victims and their families in the days (and years) of 9/12 America earned him a place in our collective hearts. He may not have had the right words at the right times, but you could see and feel his grief. And then his anger. His resolve.

Come on, Obama, be the George. Stop looking in the mirror and look out at America. Stop campaigning. Man up; be the Commander in Chief. We the people are still hurt and confused.

In no conflict throughout history were people still confused about the threat eight years after hostilities began. For America, neither WWI nor WWII had lasted half that long. And in those wars we not only achieved victory in that time, but we knew long before that — with crystalline precision — who our foes were and what we had to do to defeat them.

So what did Obama do yesterday? Did he go to church and pray for healing? (Aside: Has he even attended church since he took office?) Did he reiterate the stout American fortitude, focused to track down those responsible for the attacks and dispatch them to their judgment day? Nope, he mumbled some words at the Pentagon (be sure to note the adoration in the linked article, i.e. how the rain stopped just for the Obamas to step outside), then hurried over to paint somebody’s living room. He blew it, again.

What we see clearly now is that Obama is purposefully weakening America. Kryptonite drips from his every word. It’s all part of the plan, stupid.

To Obama, 9/11 has become an inconvenient obstacle to his Castrofication of America.

The PERSONAL horror of that day can fade, as the vivid memory of all pain eventually does – but that DATE and those IMAGES will continue to stand as the very real symbol of why we must remain watchful and to continue to root out and fight evil (no, I don’t shy from that word) wherever it hides, knowing – from very real experience – that to do otherwise will mean pain and death and mourning here at home when that evil next comes to us.

September 11th, 2001 stands as our focus-point for our vigilance, our strength, and our willingness to resist – a symbol paid-for in sacrifice, in loss – a symbol paid for in blood.

UPDATE: Leliks, perfect as always. (h/t Fausta)

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UPDATE II: Howard Portnoy at the GreenRoom agrees… FAIL! Hmmmm…our timestamps were less than an hour apart!

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