Rainy Friday Linkapalooza

If you don’t read anything else today, read this.

Campaign worker attacked. Or was she? “Well, this story is bad if it’s true and it’s even worse if it’s a hoax.”

UPDATE: Well, there you go. She admits to making up the story. Sad. So sad. If she wanted some attention, this was the WRONG way to go about it. End Update.

The Fred speaks.

Words of wisdom from the candidate who says the race isn’t about race, unless he’s the one playing the race card.

Many have said that the Senate race in Georgia will tip the Congress to a super-majority if the incumbent Chambliss loses.

Now imagine, for a second, what might happen if the Democrats’ filibuster-proof U.S. Senate hinges on Jim Martin winning a December run-off. I suspect that money would begin pouring in from across the nation and you’d see high-profile surrogates such as Max Cleland, Virginia Senator Jim Webb and other moderate-to-conservative Democrats hitting the campaign trail in Georgia.

Andre was right. Here comes the out-of-state funding.

Grabby Democrats want to nationalize what is left of your retirement. Welcome to the gulag – where you get to work until you die.

Bill Ayers is just swell, according to some Georgia profs.

Biden’s Freudian slip – John McCain as John McLane. NSFW(!) but way cool. And yeah, Joe, you wouldn’t stand a chance!

You wanna a piece of me?

Oh yeah! You wanna a piece of me?

P.S. Don’t forget to support Operation Love from Home!

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